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love Shanghai has a detection method of their own, under this detection method, love Shanghai know audit by countless webmaster friends boast is strict, under this set of audit methods, many webmaster have abandoned the love Shanghai know, love Shanghai know is a variable from the novice veteran, is pay attention to the use of multiple accounts in the credit accumulation when the novice, but also in time for a

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3, pseudo original tools repeatedly pseudo original. Now there are still some pseudo original software is good, of course better paid, the main function is to replace some phrases, suggested that if you use this method you can pseudo original several times, and then change the line. 2, English the feasibility is not high. As we all know, the domestic industry, and some other countries, there are many webmaster website,

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, a forum signature post reference requirements: 5-10 forum wide degree, 50 topic post reply type valid signature Why + sofaThe said URL address and reply, recognized as the industry is the anchor text chain of keywords ranking the most effective? Careful Shanghai dragon may have found the current mainstream blog for reply link tag by NOFOLLOW, although there are a lot of people in a direct weight criticism NOFOLLOW

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is different from the first two, because it has no hidden words in the article, just like the other color set to the color of the text, like normal text, do not put up the mouse is very difficult to find a link. in the forum you will sometimes see a final article or other places, there are some very small dots, when put up the mouse will find this

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business is not only the need to also need appropriate to go out, especially can go out to find the experience, to some economically developed areas recently, the third session of the Jiangsu science and technology entrepreneurship competition overseas game held in the United states.

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mentioned word of mouth promotion, most people think it is more mysterious than SEO, in fact, any kind of promotion means are regular and circulation, and today share with you part of the website reputation promotion experience. word of mouth promotion first step: let users remember your website if you want users to remember your website, you need to do the following: 1, website should have characteristics, including positioning, content,

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small adorn article although the price is not expensive, but the demand is large, the profit space is broad, so open a small jewelry store is also good. If you intend to start a business, you can consider opening a small jewelry store, master the skills to shop, you can easily get started. want in the shortest time to guarantee their mastery of profit situation in the small jewelry market,

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is a chance to see Liu Weipeng blog "why should you (from now on) blog", a feeling, I write all the doubts of the basic blog before you can find the answer from this article, thanks to Liu Weipeng, see his article great inspiration, but also to have a friend recommended this blog article. Blogging is not a show and not nagging, is your own ideas in the form of

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just got a friend in the Internet business start-up news, his project funding strand breaks, want to sell has come in no hurry, and ultimately the company bankruptcy. Internet industry which may be the risk of all normal industry’s largest bank, so most people still want to get some official appointment in Baidu, Sina such big portal, change to ancient times, that is in the court effect. But the natural

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With the development of network in twenty-first Century situation, the advertising of every hue continue to recommend the use of network to make money on the Internet to see that, easily won high returns and looks vivid, some netizens wrote network to actual operation and to describe the network business keenly aware of the good, but also for the heart. so I opened a small shop on my own, named