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advertising optimization: a design on the one hand to avoid advertising and website main content and function of conflict, affect the normal use of the site, such as several large sites covered in the half of advertising, blocking the user to choose directly links and content, not different advertising disappear automatically to normal use. On the other hand should not be set too much advertising, commercial advertising is too strong

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is a form of weight value of the site in the search engine, improve website weight is a major component in the daily optimization. However, as a webmaster, do you really understand what the website weight value? The following you with in-depth analysis of the weights of the website how much value. three: weight offset optimization "negative effect" the higher the weight, the higher the website rankings, which ranked in

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Zi Ming spent two days time, careful analysis of the keywords users demand, the result is nothing, found the main demand of the keyword has been the top 10 web sites to meet, and did it well. The third day, Jimmy began looking for the top 10 websites only to find their shortcomings, do good, to improve and supplement, have the opportunity to enter the top 10. After a day

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however, although did not earn much money, but only from the production site, warning, I still see a new outlook, that is the mobile phone Internet, mobile phone network games, mobile phone video chat, mobile phone, mobile phone, mobile phone conference leisure farm group chat, file transfer, mobile phone mobile phone, mobile phone online pass and shoot a new generation of mobile phone shops and so on, from 2010 will

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A5 ( station network January 14th news, the recent A5 auction, it is a small boutique ah, yesterday A5 auction, there is a group of high quality small boutique boutique 5 domain name, number in the final 21 thousand and 500 of the market price of the transaction, also with the price of 22 thousand nodes is taken, "Shun Zi 65", "81 military" meaning of the domain name

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China’s Internet has experienced and is experiencing a process from elite to public. In the early days of the Internet, its entrepreneurs and practitioners were almost regarded as experts. At that time, even the people on the Internet are all calling for "experts", make a fetish of. But once upon a time, the Internet into the homes of ordinary people, adults, children have become experts online". The mystery of the

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stationery industry is indeed very fierce competition, although the successful operation of a store will involve a lot of skills. However, if you want to open a good shop, naturally also need to have a correct location. So, operating a stationery shop, the site must be accurate, so as to ensure the successful operation of the stationery store. Li Xiaoxi’s seven straight chain stores, there are open in the vicinity

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the number of private cars is increasing, car supplies market sentiment is high, so many investors have aimed at auto accessories industry, the market competition is fierce, how to find the secret of success? Xiaobian to take you to understand.

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Rural Entrepreneurship in fact to some extent has a unique advantage. To ask what the most profitable business in rural areas, chicken farming should be very reliable choice. Let’s take a look at how to do it. cockfighting feeding culture technology and methods

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Society held a number of youth entrepreneurship contest for the majority of entrepreneurs to carry out entrepreneurial activities is very helpful, but also can attract more in some social youths, recently in the second Fujian Province Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship competition at the start. 8 27 to 28, 2009, Fujian youth entrepreneurship promotion conference and the establishment of the Fujian Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship contest held in the city of.