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cheating technology, such as the black chain, the chain chain, buy a lot of garbage; ;   Keywords for the majority of the Shanghai dragon er who believe that you would have had this experience, to optimize the one or two months or even longer in the site, dedicated to the broken heart, while the keyword ranking is not moving, let people feel puzzled and frustrated at the same time,

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weak is not wrong, just too plump ideal here is a little vulgar people doubt, what is the head determines the ass, or decided to head butt? In the past ten years, ass can decide a person sitting head, what position, often determines his viewpoint and scope. And now, Chinese Internet has entered into a "head ass" era: the slow man does not leave you determine your position to start

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today, search engine optimization has been known and popular. Do SEO people but they are too many to count, specializes in these the total number of Shanghai dragon in Er field are also different, some are good at optimizing the enterprise station, some good at optimization of information stations, and even some good optimization of B2B/B2C and other large web site. Although the optimization based on them are almost the

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in late April, Shanghai once adjusted the judgment standard of love of the chain, so that tens of thousands of individual stationmaster a surprise. At the same time many webmaster forum portal also began to adjust the original strategy, the phasing out of the forum signature, finally the chain front this move more let the webmaster to suddenly collapse. So many webmaster especially personal AdSense for a time at Shanghai

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these days just took over optimal medical site, domain name is this: 97fck com, when I took a snapshot of a suck, is No. 26, yesterday became the 28 update, snapshot date is quite slow, the website now has dedicated a day to update the article, but I have these days also in the release link bait, shielding the links exist, believe that the snapshot date can not return to

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choose a huge number of search keywords, it is better to choose a high conversion rate less search keywords, especially on the product website, so a lot of artificial customer service can save the expenditure, can make the website more efficient division of Shanghai Longfeng , how to select the optimal !The importance of home key number of the best control in three to three below, this weight can focus

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      to say this by VOGATE macro propagation was first introduced in the domestic advertising market in text advertising is not very complex, it is the key link and browsing mobile mouse to trigger advertising exposure effect. Because it is added in the content of the article, the process of reading activities in Internet users, the exposure rate unexpectedly high, but it is not based on the amount

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3 requires some security chain skills. 2 forum publicity skills, raiders. this site looks wonderful and tiring, but it’s really nothing. Besides, making money isn’t recognized by the major engines. It’s a rather marginal thing. But it has a bright side, too. 2 web site is easy to be popularized, more netizens love pictures website, in addition to the image watermark, are easy to spread on the map.    

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webmaster friends know, Google in technology and character are far more than Baidu, but why Google in China has been playing Baidu, but many people want to say, is Google don’t understand chinese. That’s just Baidu’s bluff. "We know Chinese better. Don’t take it seriously.". said that if Google does not understand marketing (Marketing China) almost every day in Shanghai, how many companies will be Baidu phone harassment, a decoration

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What is the to retain the user need most? The right positioning, good attitude, excellent user experience, aesthetic and practical web page, SEO promotion and reasonable and effective, the full range of targeted promotion and so on can improve website traffic and user stickiness, allowing users to choose your website. However, these are not the key factors to retain users, some web page may be very beautiful, powerful function, user