The six aspect, talk about why the webmaster to write blog, hold Yu Heng significance

July 24, 2017 | | Post a Comment

is a chance to see Liu Weipeng blog "why should you (from now on) blog", a feeling, I write all the doubts of the basic blog before you can find the answer from this article, thanks to Liu Weipeng, see his article great inspiration, but also to have a friend recommended this blog article. Blogging is not a show and not nagging, is your own ideas in the form of continuous basis after finishing the formation of system thinking, writing is not good, not afraid of being criticized or thought is not mature, it is the expert advice to progress. Every finished article is a process of thought lifting, and you will find that in the process, the outline of something or someone in your mind will become clearer. I personally understand that blogging helps you gain the following points.

one, initiative, high degree of concentration.

is due to spontaneous writing, there is no superior or other external pressure, in the process of writing does not have much interference, the type, style is decided by yourself, if you are engaged in network marketing is designed to write this article, if you are engaged in tourism attractions or introduce more. Seize an area to attack, and then have the opportunity to become a leader in this field. But there is one thing to note is that must want to clear their own theme, don’t digress, write the time to try to stand in the reader’s view to think. A mature article is shaped by many modifications. I have a deeper experience, every article I will go to the A5 and other high quality website submission, as long as I carefully finished a blog, was collected chance is almost above 90%, if careless or value is not high, the 100% was returned. After several tests, I come to experience is rather slow to update, also patient.

two, effectively expanding your social circle

the majority of users are keen to feel the sun on the social network platform on the sun of happiness, but the information characteristics of these SNS platform is fragmented, with also stages, it is difficult to form an overall understanding of the long-term. Especially micro-blog, can carry only 140 words, no overall interpretation of the whole article, and sometimes even misleading blog can interpret out of context, long-term complete records of one’s thoughts. Perhaps the best thing to do in a personal blogosphere is Comrade Lu Songsong. The blog is very easy to find a lot of friends, I just met a lot through the blog in the Internet marketing circle of friends, Deputy Secretary General of Hainan Electronic Commerce Association chairman Zhang Tianyi, Hainan high, Hainan Marketing Association total network marketing forum Li Jianlong, Hal Dong Qing, Gome ETS road car, micro-blog sold Hainan Xiao Zhou tonic expert Li Huiji and so on, more than 100 like-minded friends and all over the country. These friends keep me wondering and pleasantly surprised. Every new friend is a door. Before it opens, it’s a surprise, a surprise when it opens.

three, motivating continuous learning, helps to broaden thinking,


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