Dewdrop talking about marketing strategy of website through Google event

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event is the China wave higher than the wave, the master is fooled again and again, is Google’s real purpose is to flicker, we do not know, but the methods he used to be we can learn about. Here I will talk about Google event to our webmaster marketing strategy.

one, celebrity blog fueling

the Google incident started with a message from the official blog, saying something rather than something, and letting the imaginative Chinese go to the research and think about it. Do they start Fangchuhualai to choose to leave, I think they started the real purpose is not to leave, if you really want to leave do not good, from entering the China now also has a 1/3 share, may not do so well, China its search engine to do better than Google early, half share is not as good as Google, this is not that Google is thinking enough China do. Now China’s foreign trade website can be described as inseparable from Google, is it a fool at Google’s China headquarters?. It is because there is a large Chinese trade website cannot do without Google, Google came up with a big day joke, let China webmaster to study it.


Art beats nature. power by the media

Google is a big company, big multinational media attention to his course in the minority, such information, the media will pass, the media will also have criticized Google, but also criticism China investment environment. This is Google, that is, to get a good side, when China’s great show of china. Foreign media, of course, is saying that China is not many, saying that Google’s benefits are more. Wouldn’t Google’s headquarters think that this information is a reality and that their company’s stock will be undervalued?. Of course, people at the head of the office will think of it, but what exactly is it? We haven’t seen it yet. From a practical point of view, Google’s stock price is a part, but for such a big company, stocks rise and fall is commonplace for them. To the same year Microsoft to buy Yahoo, Yahoo headquarters did not expect it?. But now it looks like Yahoo didn’t make much of it.

three, Google clever exit, cover the adverse events


Google initially Xuanbu may withdraw from Chinese events, it is Google in the Chinese most unfavorable, and the number of sub library events, and Google is no leader in China. The media immediately cover, transfer the note, this is not a sudden put Google bravely said. However, the foreign media to lead the past, China’s media or practical matters, a yard is a yard.

four, bet China celestial


if it is left, I think he would be the biggest loser, will become the biggest bet, with Shijiyilai refute. Perhaps it is because Google has a 1/3 share in China, knowing that China’s foreign trade network can not be separated from it

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