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weak is not wrong, just too plump


here is a little vulgar people doubt, what is the head determines the ass, or decided to head butt? In the past ten years, ass can decide a person sitting head, what position, often determines his viewpoint and scope. And now, Chinese Internet has entered into a "head ass" era: the slow man does not leave you determine your position to start thinking. This summary may be "rough", but the science is so.

want to live, the first thing to do is to "recognize" the conditions of their own, perhaps what I can do, but not what the superhuman powers have to be perfect, otherwise it is Superman, the fact that the world is not superman.

for the website is the same, at present to do something, then it as a long-term strategy, the site should also observe calmly to the final act. Maybe you do, range is not large, but it will be a project development to the extreme, a product do.

in the past 2016, the number of enterprises announced the closure of many sites, from the Internet market, what is the reason? I think after all or "monopoly capital" in 5 years ago, the output of network information is mainly composed of numerous "stationmaster" form, and is rapidly being replaced by "enterprise", "set: edit technology, marketing, operations, design" as a "stationmaster" already turned into a large and small enterprise consortium". At the same time, in all human when fighting for a piece of food, weak capital enterprises will be eliminated once again, that is to say here "capital monopoly", since you are weak, then you stand aside!

Deng Xiaoping proposed in 1991 the "20 word guideline" namely: calm observation, solidity, composure, keeping a low profile, make a difference, after 20 years, you become the basic framework of China diplomacy. 20 years later, China diplomatic strategy from strength to active as. Just imagine, if only a radical, repeated consumption, there will be today? In 20 years, the development of our economy, strong military, is the highest voice.

some time ago I was asked to make Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, only a small team of three people, the hands of the website every day 1000IP, but want to do 50WIP, I said to do, he said, then one hundred thousand IP okay? I said to do, then there will be no later, otherwise it is kengmeng a kidnapping. The stomach is much, decide how much to eat meal, to eat, even nearly in front of the mouth is hard to swallow. To do a lot of personal website, enterprise, has the ideal fullness, thinking I was going to marry Liu Yifei as beautiful daughter-in-law, thinking of learning greatly as married men of God, but their own conditions do not always see. Do not recognize their own shortcomings, just want the best, where is the round to get you


makes a step, not fear and shrink

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