Xining efforts to build good experts and grassroots bridge

March 25, 2017 | | Post a Comment

Xining municipal Party Committee Organization Department and the receiving unit attaches great importance to the work of the expert service team, efforts to build a good bridge with experts and grassroots". Since the "expert services group activities, the city of Xining to service 24, 24 experts successively in four batches to help guide the city, fully manifested in four aspects of science and technology staff, bridges, personnel training, etc. suggestions and give full play to the advantages and the role of.

to further clarify the objectives of the work of experts, and enhance the sense of responsibility and professionalism of the experts, the Organization Department of the provincial Party committee and the provincial units in advance to take the initiative to take the initiative to receive units, communication and coordination, arrangements, build a platform. The receiving unit to organize the relevant departments and professional technical personnel responsible for discussion, carefully combing needed expert help and key issue to solve difficult problems, the development of docking solutions and arrange the work schedule, in advance to the experts at the project, to talk about the problem, and according to experts’ professional expertise and strive to let people post with proper responsibility of experts heart, something on the shoulder. In recent years, the city personnel office has organized 82 professional lectures, 35 industry development forum, to solve the 50 problems, puts forward 48 constructive suggestions, in the fields of environmental protection, landscaping, health, tourism resources development has played an important role. Has played a positive role in promoting.

recently, according to the needs of various regions and units of service, to Ning "expert services group will go to the area to carry out forestry technology promotion, lamb swing disease diagnosis and treatment information network construction, disease treatment and other 6 services project (research project). The experts will be based on the practice, based on the application, based on the results, give full play to their professional expertise, grasp the principle of service, through seminars, technology promotion, technical services, technical guidance, scientific research, project demonstration, decision-making consulting, personnel training and other forms, to provide intellectual support and technical services the economic and social development in Xining. (author: Su Jianping)


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