And concentrated Italy ice cream hot market – a of agents

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hot items, hot market, to choose to join the Italy ice cream? Today, the advent of summer, the cause of ice cream will rise. This is a small venture blessed, to join the selection of excellent Italy ice cream project, opened a good Italy ice cream shop, no doubt, is very wise, very choice of business opportunities!

8000 can do what business? No store like shop 8000 yuan can do what business advantages? Thick Italy ice cream to join the project according to the seasons and consumption tastes, continuous innovation and development of new products, make the products lead the industry trend, by the end consumer’s favor, the terminal stores bring sustained profit growth. Italy excellent concentrated ice cream brand with Italy flavor of ice cream, pearl milk tea, brewed yogurt, ice, ice sand series, Fresh Juice, fried chicken, Taiwan chicken, roast chicken wings, different category, variety, choose, taste cool, popular with young consumers.

8000 can do what business? And concentrated by concentrated technology, a small amount of Italy ice cream packaging the most advanced in the world, to ensure that the addition of a little amount of proportion can achieve a rich taste, can effectively reduce production costs, increase sales profit. More importantly, the chain stores around the world in order to order a variety of different flavors of raw materials, small packaging design can avoid unnecessary capital occupation. To bring you more and better protection.

headquarters according to the contract amount of 15%-30% rebate to agents; have the right to collect the local store brand management fee.

agents in accordance with the purchase price of raw materials agents to enjoy the exclusive right to operate in the region, can be long-term supply of operating profit (less than the franchisee price 10%-20%). Agents of the development of its stores rebate and incentives from the agent after the statistics, returned to the headquarters by the franchisee.

cumulative cumulative purchase of more than 100 thousand yuan of material distribution, the headquarters returned to 10%. The advertising resources are shared by agents and franchisees. Advertising agency area only.

with the city’s brand to join the project selection, has been a very good choice. How do you choose to join the Italy ice cream? Of course, is a very good business opportunities. If you join the Italy ice cream project, is also very exciting. Hurry up and move on!

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