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first IT Webmaster:


Webmaster Station, figure Wang webmaster, a generation of old timers, you may not know, now the information is publicity, big bird is doing. To the webmaster and rookie a lot of teaching, the main Adsense article, gold content is good, hit 8.5 points. Rookie can see, but can not believe all, do not believe in books as good as no books. The forums are great, but there are too many cheats.


Adsense tribe.. It’s also from a generation older generation. Now the chief information officer Linghu solitary do, also have a lot of information and the webmaster, but the gas source and it seems better to download. Novice can find several programs to play under. Hit 8.3 points. But their forum to invite yards, very troublesome, novice can not go. read more

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has been working since 2006 March, and almost every site has not been successful. Last year founded 5 star composition net (www.5xzww.com) (for website development, have to AD. I hope the editor will keep it. Thank you!) to the present, let Baidu bully. The flow is not as good as before. In contrast, income is definitely reduced. Although I tried to save it, it didn’t work at one thirty. So I came up with the idea of starting a local website.

searches the Baoding 123 from the net this key word. The results of the web search are zero. Go to the website about Baoding. Smile, my chance has come. After careful investigation and research. Found the site of the site and shortcomings, find information like look for a needle in the ocean. Then let’s be a really strong web site with strong information. However, before I did it, I went back to the Baidu bar to check it out. Found that where the content updates too fast, if the release of a message, no one top, then a little time disappeared. Learn the way Baidu paste it. Get rid of the disadvantages of Baidu paste. Thus, the emergence of the Baoding 123 on the property, supply and demand, recruitment, friends and these columns. It is OK to publish the corresponding content in these columns. Each content can only be viewed and cannot be answered. This avoids malicious irrigation. Make each relevant information very clearly displayed before every friend who comes here. read more

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"one of those things" interaction design is finished, thank you all for your care and support, is a lot of forwards in the micro-blog era and share, also let me get some emails, I asked the why not? Please forgive my laziness, every weekend to find a lot of excuses dragged again last weekend in home keep two days of disease – to remind friends, change garments according to the season, drink water more, rest more, less sick.

1. Theoretical premise

1. theory of human-computer interaction and human information processing mechanism read more

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just got a friend in the Internet business start-up news, his project funding strand breaks, want to sell has come in no hurry, and ultimately the company bankruptcy.

Internet industry which may be the risk of all normal industry’s largest bank, so most people still want to get some official appointment in Baidu, Sina such big portal, change to ancient times, that is in the court effect. But the natural portal is one of the few, even in this life to life, also most of the underlying index, senior positions in a few? So natural talent, smug people reflects the rivers and lakes, to start their own businesses, and big door to dry, Jiangshan separatist attempt. Then the other side after all it is financially strong, many generals and ample soldiers, several grassroots with the. read more

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the last time in the domain name and the weights of the Baidu practice report mentioned in this article the April 23rd server maintenance stop service day on several websites, but these effects in second days back, followed by 28 in the morning and attacked by the DDoS server, stop the service 3 hours or so, the impact than the first stop 24 hours more serious. Stack penalties that may be caused by unstable server operations.

the author has been observing the situation of these websites, below explain in detail the service that stops two times continuously, the different influence that has to different website. Here only the description and simple analysis, for your thinking, dare to act under what conclusion. read more

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we can see that many websites now have content scores, whether e-commerce, information sharing, or content downloads. The content of the score is mainly divided into two categories, one is the user to the content of the score, mainly for the use of user experience, such as electronic commerce website commodity score, content sharing website content score, this is currently the most common scoring models, and calculate the comprehensive score of the content is relatively simple, mostly mean score of all users; another way is to score score on the content of the site itself, mainly for the history of user behavior data, such as access by user evaluation of the content of the popular degree etc.. read more

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is now in the network often see a lot of the title of the site is a lot of words, if someone asks you what is this station, you took from his title that his website should be called what name; and some website title is very simple, simple to learn from the title of this website is to do what even the title, and website content not related, this is not desirable, to the user experience is not enough, good practice should be the key words into the title, at the same time, with its own features of the site name. read more

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the first thing I want to say is that I don’t understand SEO.. These conclusions are all my last two years’ experience,

I am

from the beginning of 2007 the first station built on its own, and also embarked on a grassroots way. I am a completely ordinary rookie network, in two years the station career got the experience. This article mainly aims at " inexperienced webmaster.


just opened the web site, I do not even know what CMS, and will not care about what SEO, what is outside. But these are the basic source of site traffic. read more

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has been out of business recently. There’s not much business in the company and nothing in the evening, because I’m from Hefei. Check out the site in Hefei, or start with a large website,

opens Google, enters Anhui, Hefei, and comes out a lot of websites. Take software test directly,

as shown in Fig.

ha ha… Still quite a few, it is a few big websites, join a room net, Anhui first flow type network has a loophole. I can’t imagine it,


, look at the house again, read more

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What is the

to retain the user need most? The right positioning, good attitude, excellent user experience, aesthetic and practical web page, SEO promotion and reasonable and effective, the full range of targeted promotion and so on can improve website traffic and user stickiness, allowing users to choose your website. However, these are not the key factors to retain users, some web page may be very beautiful, powerful function, user experience, SEO promotion also do good, traffic is also up, but the income of the site has not improved. And some web pages is very simple, may be everywhere can see the program source code, simple build, SEO, all kinds of promotion also did not spend too much energy to do, but the site is profitable. Why is this? Stationmaster net admin5.com satisfied think some websites regardless of page optimization or the promotion of SEO are doing well, but can not meet the needs of users to provide products and services that come through promotion and search engine traffic more, but can not meet their needs, users will be less compared to the conversion rate of flow the poor. read more

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With the development of

network in twenty-first Century situation, the advertising of every hue continue to recommend the use of network to make money on the Internet to see that, easily won high returns and looks vivid, some netizens wrote network to actual operation and to describe the network business keenly aware of the good, but also for the heart.

so I opened a small shop on my own, named skin care Mall (QQ:86451941, mobile phone: 13763303616), specializing in cosmetics, skin care products, make-up, welcome everyone to patronize, read more

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is a stable and secure website operation environment, website optimization is based, and today we chat, how to protect the site safety, this paper mainly focused on the common web intrusion prevention techniques, if you have good protect website security skills, can leave a message and tell me, constantly updated.

chooses a powerful IDC

webmaster general very hard to make money, so the money is over, but in fact to say, brothers! Just buy space, must choose the strength of IDC, or when you spend the effort to do out the site, flow rise day by day, the space suddenly hung up, let your heart has to die, so don’t cheap, good steel used in the blade, the blade is the purchase of space. read more

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since the shop, basically every day to the Taobao community, but also more exchanges, as a new study, in the course of time, our experience has been that I study, there are many shopkeeper failures also become community friends very precious wealth.

for novice sellers, Taobao search and Taobao community is the main source of new stores, this is believed that we all know. The community is mainly a better interaction with people, also need to learn information, community users are with the shopkeeper from all sides, which lack the crown treasurer, have the same two small sellers and I, but we have a common characteristic, sufficient time for learning exchanges, we also engaged in the store industry is different therefore, there is the first time to learn other dispensers product information or store operation condition, which can cause you to consume, so the community is one of the mining potential consumers. read more

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with the booming social networking sites, most Internet users inevitably integrate themselves into this online social torrent. Although the online social networking is not just to create, transfer itself is also a chain of reality and deformation, but the virtual space is more scalable in this can be in the user’s psychological show some characteristics different from the social reality. The ten is the author in the usual observation or some user psychological phenomenon found in the research process, some of which may not go through a rigorous argument, may represent only a part of the social networking users, hope to share with you to discuss. read more

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since the media is no stranger to the public, because the early blog and personal websites have this aspect of the shadow, as well as the current more fiery WeChat public number, but also can be used as a mirror from the media. Since the emergence of the media is the need of the development of the information age, meet a lot of people "reporters dream", convenient operation and reading, can be done directly to meet and chat through the network to transmit information and the public, once a lot to equivocate do, now only through the media to complete. For anyone can do light, this is a kind of progress by leaps and bounds, since the development of the media has entered the summer amid lush. read more

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China’s Internet has experienced and is experiencing a process from elite to public. In the early days of the Internet, its entrepreneurs and practitioners were almost regarded as experts. At that time, even the people on the Internet are all calling for "experts", make a fetish of. But once upon a time, the Internet into the homes of ordinary people, adults, children have become experts online". The mystery of the Internet has been unveiled. With the popularity of the website of knowledge and a variety of CMS, especially the number of ordinary people through the website business experience and build up the family fortunes fame has been more and more, people do not meet in the Internet "audience", have been eager for a fight, into the ranks of the establishment. At present, China’s land is setting off an unprecedented upsurge of Internet start-ups and gold rush. In this climax, there is a spectacular phenomenon, that is, "site station" of the meteoric rise. read more

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contemporary people is very particular about the low cost and high efficiency, to Confucius saying "why use an ox cleaver a chicken" plus respected, this is not wrong, but if blindly emphasized that "why use an ox cleaver a chicken", "why use an ox cleaver a chicken" into full play, it will be counterproductive.

Master said: "cut the chicken laugh but faintly, why use an". (network pictures)

this is a lot of misunderstanding today China enterprises, they think that "almost on the line, it is important to" low cost and high efficiency, so they seek constantly more alternatives to shrink from the employer, to production of cheap materials. read more

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snack food is a lot of friends like to eat food, then, if you open a snack food stores, how to open a better? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

good snack snack business profit model, the former may be rapid expansion of channels through the franchise, staking. It’s not impossible to do this again, just a little out. Segments, better and more professional.

, of course, is to enter the mature stage, at this time the request to a large. Fashion optimization, good product design. Different styles show different mood, taste and temperament. Just as people don’t wear the same clothes every day. Marketing model optimization. read more

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improve the standard of living, the girls do not keen to buy all kinds of fashion jewelry, and many entrepreneurs targeting the potential to open a fashion jewelry store to start, and the first step is to consider the location problem.

decorations to join the shop location: taking into account the fashion jewelry store customer has a majority of students, so they generally choose the university city or university high school near the young people especially the fashion trend of people in many places, of course, can also be a bustling commercial street, but generally speaking, the bustling commercial street overhead is also great. read more

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today, the development of the textile industry is very fast, people on the daily life of the textile products increased, so the textile sales business is more and more popular, with curtains for example, many people now buy curtains, how to open the curtain successfully open a chain store?

read more