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In the chain of

the first page in the chain do to meet the needs of the users of

is not said in the chain all layouts are useful, because sometimes we get in the chain we are doing useless work. Because there are a lot of links we have no reasonable distribution. Thus we do.


third website layout to streamline the

why NOKIA have thousands of models and finally to decline? And Apple products do a success? Why is this? It is good to do subtraction. Many times we are looking for an excuse for yourself, why? Because when we do in Shanghai Longfeng are for ranking. When we know. In the chain we can improve our long tail keywords ranking time. We started to do a lot of referral. A large number of such useless links let within the pages of our website to hang. Is the inside pages by K. Only included the home page, in fact most of the time we are doing some useless. How to do subtraction. This is only useful. So in the chain is of value. read more

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Disallow: to intercept ", generally written in front of

well we next today’s theme is robots.txt robots.txt, the first search engine in the file when the site visit to view. When a search spider to visit a site, it will first check whether robots.txt exists, the site root directory if it exists, the robot will search range according to the contents of the file to determine access; if the file does not exist, all search spiders will be able to access all is not password protected web page read more

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in late April, Shanghai once adjusted the judgment standard of love of the chain, so that tens of thousands of individual stationmaster a surprise. At the same time many webmaster forum portal also began to adjust the original strategy, the phasing out of the forum signature, finally the chain front this move more let the webmaster to suddenly collapse. So many webmaster especially personal AdSense for a time at Shanghai dragon, even a cry.

2, to look at the blog

The importance of

as in Shanghai dragon inside the industry chain, adjust the love Shanghai really let many webmaster "loss of eight thousand soldiers, the chain once let many webmaster fascination, even the crazy chase into the number of the chain, the chain is king" also comes from this. As the attachment in Shanghai love algorithm on personal webmaster jingubang, any wind sways grass will adjust their nerves. read more

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some Shanghai dragon often encounter love Shanghai not updated snapshot of the phenomenon, what are the factors that affect love Shanghai snapshot update? Love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, website, website links, increase code modification and many independent factors are likely to affect the website snapshot update love Shanghai. Here we analyze effect of love Shanghai snapshot update 5 factors.

algorithm to adjust the love

, a Shanghai


increase the import link, the most direct and effective way is to buy Links, Links to love Shanghai domain? Obviously not, but why can enhance the love of Shanghai? The reason is that the purchase of the site generally have a higher weight and a new snapshot, and keeps a group of hard-working spider, import link to stimulate your website snapshot. But some websites exchange a lot of new snapshot of Links cannot lead to snapshot update it? In addition to the site itself, is the love of Shanghai is a snapshot of the new spider but not necessarily diligent, so don’t know the search engine is. read more

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said this, is the problem of efficiency. Many people think the answer, so the final effect is good, in fact, not. You answer, be deleted too much, users see your advertisement is also more a contemptuous disregard. So you’re not doing promotion, you are a love Shanghai toil. A lot of people to answer the unified arrangement, and as long as the relevant industry, regardless of the consequence is the answer, sorry, your answer is rubbish. This brand of "show" the answer is not willing to accept the love of Shanghai. read more

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promotion unit is the basic component in the account, is for the keyword level, for example we can have the same properties, the location or the price of similar products are classified as the same promotion unit, so the more use of our overall grasp and deployment. And when do Shanghai dragon, such words must conduct a detailed summary, so we can improve our efficiency, because the meeting is more clear, if you want to add or delete some keywords, promotion units only need to find the corresponding line. read more

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from the choice of industry set of keywords for you. Keywords: including correlation, keyword search volume keywords, commercial value.


for the selected keyword (called two keywords), according to the understanding of the industry the general way to learn the general level two keywords ranking.

generally requires 3-6 months, if you have this patient? If you can’t stand this time, you need to consider the competition.

industry is the main search keywords, the search results before the 5 page website basically can illustrate the generalization of the industry. For example: Shanghai dragon the keywords in the top 50 are basically very professional site, and most of the domain name, the domain name contains the majority of Shanghai dragon. read more

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Shanghai: Xinyang introduction of love (Bai Ke), Xinyang (NICE), weather map (love map of Shanghai), the government website, Xinyang Post Bar (love Shanghai, Xinyang Post Bar)

Is the first

I always think that this function is a very good idea. But many small search engines (soso, Qihoo) also adopted this preview function.

again is fairness: no coincidence in the left for. Out of this topic (paid for the privilege itself is not fair). From the word out of the results, Google search out the products more fair, even their biggest rival products. Love Shanghai results in 5 out of 10 Shanghai is love their products. Love is really the product of Shanghai to do better. (Wikipedia website seems to be a lot of Oh). read more

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second, micro link found another problem, that is the chain like Chinaz master and Admin5 master did not seem to be affected by what? But the increase in the orderly. Some of the original article submitted the inspiration in the Admin5 and Chinaz in the micro link. We all know that published in Admin5 and Chinaz articles can add original website address below. And there will be a lot of mainstream websites. This is a core step of the chain. It is also found that when the micro link in the query of the chain, the chain which shows the love of Shanghai basically only Admin5 and Chinaz host articles and some relatively large website reprint articles. This illustrates another problem is that many of these two websites reproduced and collecting the website included sure love Shanghai has been greatly affected, so this also raises second questions: that is, collection sites and site reproduced in this update are sure to greatly. read more

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Two, the chain

, a program update site

of Shanghai dragon website promotion for five or six years, many just do promotion friends asked me to see a lot of Shanghai Longfeng, website promotion posts, learn a lot of this technology is why web traffic can not fly, let alone thousands, tens of thousands of IP, dozens of IP is high. This is why

Shanghai dragon

must update several articles for your site every day, the best is original, the search engine what we know is love original things, here the number I will not set, everyone according to their own situation to arrange. read more

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user experience we mainly through the website all the details of the experience and analysis the graphic design such as web interface, open the site and access speed and so on, despite these factors, in fact, the most important thing is to use high quality content to meet the needs of users to search, only the website contents meet the search needs of users are users willing to spend more time stay in the website, more open and browse web pages. Many Shanghai dragon often complain about "why my content is original, love Shanghai but not included?" in fact, the phrase itself is not logical, indeed, we love Shanghai to promote the content of the original, but is not to say that as long as the original high quality content is on behalf of. In the end, or to see your content is able to meet the needs of users. The author mainly in the form of case and share with you what kind of articles can be more in line with the user’s reading taste. read more

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site optimization is an optimization of the overall site, which is in accordance with the rules of the search engine. But not all sites have to hire expert Shanghai Longfeng optimization, cannot fully recognize the web site search engine optimization rules, optimization will leave many hidden trouble or insufficient, even wrong optimization, which leads to the site is not dominant in the rankings of the phenomenon. Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis is what to do? Take A5 optimization team, Shanghai dragon diagnosis is all have rich experience in actual combat engineer for Shanghai Longfeng site to do a thorough diagnosis and optimization, it can be said that the Shanghai dragon diagnosis than Shanghai dragon read more

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if you want 贵族宝贝dtsyd贵族宝贝/ to sites like Fuzhou Manicure training flow method are very many, but also pay method but of course I know you must compare love free method.

through love Shanghai and 360 key tools to query the user search in which words positioning their portfolio site write an excellent website

Shanghai dragon is a way to get free traffic is very good also called search engine optimization and search engine optimization in Shanghai dragon is the key

how to find the market popular keyword read more

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, a railway station, the chain not too much. Because I love Shanghai for the new station will have a new assessment period, if the chain too much love, Shanghai will think it is cheating to achieve this effect, then the station into the sandbox, and even punishment. Very unfavorable to the website, here to remind the novice who do not take the risk, but you do love Shanghai.

well, said so much, if you have added where can exchange with me, we learn from each other.

ferrite magnet (www.tieyangti贵族宝贝) > Original read more

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Alexa ranking of the specific meaning

second: how to carry out the Alexa ranking statistics

Objective: Today Xiaobian mainly to explain what is the Alexa ranking, how specific statistical data, Alexa rank accuracy and at the end of the article with the webmaster to explain the effect of Alexa ranking for our Shanghai dragon ER daily work.

third: Alexa ranking is the effect of

here to show you a misunderstanding, there are often some partners asked me: why do you have Alexa website ranking, your site is not the weight of relatively high rank? In fact, Alexa ranking and the Shanghai dragon no correlation. Some Shanghai dragon ER will consider to Alexa ranking in the work, in fact, these practices is totally unnecessary, it is a waste of time. A website is good or bad, is perfect because every detail of the website is done, search engine is not to determine your weight and height of the web site according to Alexa ranking. read more

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Forum promotion we must first prepare a lot of mailboxes and user name, to prepare at least 5 different service providers such as mailbox, QQ mail, Sina mail, YAHOO mail, NetEase mailbox, Gmail mail, mail and other 163. For different user name, registered after the record form. Forum to promote not just to do, we must have a record of their account passwords and usernames do BBS promotion. After the registration of the mailbox, it is a collection of forum resources, we should develop the good habit of collection resources in ordinary internet. There are many ways to collect resources, here is not to explain, a few practical examples for everyone: for example, a keyword search to see all the return results from this forum screening results; see Resources Forum Links; the yellow pages search website resources; "intitle: forum" can be found very the forum. read more

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flowWhere is the

is a web site and visitors in-depth exchanges, the final page gives visitors an impression, the text should not only pursue the original, but also to the pursuit of high value, because even if the smuggled goods is pure original contents do not attract visitors in-depth reading. Advanced reading "my original original halo! There may be rubbish!"

1, visitor group accurate positioning, targeted

4, the dry cargo, articles within the chain recommend reasonable;

site navigation, column setting and page layout to meet user needs read more

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then look at historical data under small Hunan push the station Domain results. The following figure:

is as follows: A list of

Hello, I am Hunan push kiness. A new station recently a small part of the line for 19 days, Shanghai love to get a good included and weight. The station is a new domain name never registered domain name, registered today January No. 14, No. 15 website online, in Shanghai love to have multiple keywords love Shanghai home. Here, Xiao Bian special to share in the new station site outside the chain construction experience. read more

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3, pseudo original tools repeatedly pseudo original. Now there are still some pseudo original software is good, of course better paid, the main function is to replace some phrases, suggested that if you use this method you can pseudo original several times, and then change the line.

2, English the feasibility is not high. As we all know, the domestic industry, and some other countries, there are many webmaster website, find these sites for translation, but when you use Google translate after will find the mess, the statement is not fluent, thought, no readability. If you are looking for professionals in the Taobao translation, is a very good method, but unfortunately, according to my understanding, the cost is too high, earn enough money to estimate the translation of a few articles. read more

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it is a webmaster tools query, a query to Shanghai webmaster tools is love, no matter what kind of tools we can clearly see the site of the chain of large-scale fluctuations, especially from the love of Shanghai webmaster tools, we can see a net chain fluctuation station this is thousands of fluctuation for the website is very large, when I was in the operation of the site is to rely on the forum outside the chain and the chain blog started at that time, the chain set up is far easier than it is now, no matter what the forum or blog, as long as you want to establish the chain, with the Internet website of the increasingly stringent requirements, and some sites chose to shut down, which led to my website chain volatility is very large, and this is one of the factors affected from the website. We can see that we are in the process of construction site must pay attention to the stability of the chain, even if the chain is 0 don’t let the chain of large-scale fluctuations, otherwise it is of no use. read more