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2 has a good mind, [], just contact, what is fresh, to chat and go to blog, feel Shanghai dragon is actually such thing. My heart began to think so frivolous impetuous, simple good do wow · · blind positioning station, no goal, no cause website ranking, not heavy, even by the K, suddenly fell to the bottom. This time to adjust their mentality, the courage to face the pressure

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  obviously, but with a relatively small, so if you want to make the edge of the Shanghai dragon optimization must not do too much, just do a best, do attitude is a little fake, but it is easy to let the search engine think we cheat. I have been suspected to be the love of Shanghai’s own problems, recently tested a few stations, the station is too obvious optimization

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Two, the chain , a program update site of Shanghai dragon website promotion for five or six years, many just do promotion friends asked me to see a lot of Shanghai Longfeng, website promotion posts, learn a lot of this technology is why web traffic can not fly, let alone thousands, tens of thousands of IP, dozens of IP is high. This is why Shanghai dragon must update several articles

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site optimization is an optimization of the overall site, which is in accordance with the rules of the search engine. But not all sites have to hire expert Shanghai Longfeng optimization, cannot fully recognize the web site search engine optimization rules, optimization will leave many hidden trouble or insufficient, even wrong optimization, which leads to the site is not dominant in the rankings of the phenomenon. Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis is

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flowWhere is the is a web site and visitors in-depth exchanges, the final page gives visitors an impression, the text should not only pursue the original, but also to the pursuit of high value, because even if the smuggled goods is pure original contents do not attract visitors in-depth reading. Advanced reading "my original original halo! There may be rubbish!" 1, visitor group accurate positioning, targeted 4, the dry cargo,

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) (3) let love Shanghai included in your micro-blog: in Shanghai Post Bar just send a post with a stick, you not logged micro-blog address (p address: 贵族宝贝t.sohu贵族宝贝/p/u/ you ID), love Shanghai Post Bar posted the end that closed, so the spider can lead over you the micro-blog The following is my recently spread a Shanghai dragon rapid ranking, advertising language is: Shanghai dragon fast ranking 1 minutes. Features are:

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more and more people join the ranks of Shanghai dragon, which is a large part of no website production technology rookie Shanghai dragon er. However, there are more and more people began to have their own independent blog, and most of the independent blog using both WordPress and Z-blog open source program built. As a member of the Shanghai dragon Er rookie, although he will make a technology ", only

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on Tuesday, a source of news passed through       shlf1314_cpa_choice = " CAAQlOaNggIaCBjR-wPj5YIvKJDctIQB"; however, according to the Internet traffic monitoring agency Alexa monitoring data show that, after entering August, Sina, micro-blog traffic tends to steady, while single user page view has continued to decline since September.       this is not alarmist; publishers can control shlf1314 Adsense display ads in any language. Not only in English, but

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, after several years of website construction experience, has accumulated some experience, and share with you: one, DIV+CSS sites like this search engine, because he is more streamlined, reasonable code structure, open faster than TABLE! ! two, static web page The difference between a static web page and a dynamic web page is that a static web page can reduce server compliance and read faster than a dynamic web page.

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Links, said simply is between the station and the exchange links, it is one kind has certain resources complementary advantages of cooperation website, through the collection of search engines to drive the site traffic increase, and make the links both to achieve the purpose of mutual promotion, which has become one of the usual means of promotion. Exchange chain is a technology live, high quality Links is not a simple