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first_imgDespite the myriad claims on children’s attention spans reducing and the numerous distractions such as YouTube and Netflix, the reading habit has managed to stay alive. In fact, many children can look forward to a variety of books this summer.This is the considered opinion of a cross-section of children’s publishers and writers in Delhi, though warning notes are also being sounded. According to well-known children’s author Paro Anand, best known for The Other and Wild Child, the number of children reading has not decreased.”Despite the new internet distractions, when I go to schools for workshops to talk about books, the level of interaction and engagement is often quite phenomenal.” She adds that schools across India have shown great interest in author visits, and therefore reading.She describes how many students ask critical questions on books ranging from transgenders to bullying. Anand adds that children do not accept things at face value. Echoes Deepa Agarwal, author of more than 50 books including Caravan to Tibet, and Blessed, “The Internet actually enables children to find a wider choice of reading material. With the proliferation of websites such as Amazon and Flipkart, online forums, and other social media disseminating information about new titles and many literary festivals celebrating books are booming.”Anand agrees, saying “My book sales, and that of many others, are actually going up, and a lot of that is due to digital over the past 5-10 years. “Is it enough? No. But it has increased.”Agarwal adds, “Parents and educators are now more conscious of the benefits of leisure reading. And, because of the demand, publishers are bringing out a vast variety of titles. This translates to more choice in terms of genre. Trends in Indian children’s books have undergone a sea change. There is much more imaginatively written non-fiction, historical fiction, and mythology retold in engaging new styles, as well as sports stories and fiction that reflects the lives of children.”advertisementSharon Fernandes, author of The Mystery of The Missing Crown- A Goa Story, agrees, saying, “Kids are reading more regional stories, with local history and mythology thrown in to the mix.” She adds, “Young minds today love nuanced stories, more than what we give them credit for.”Harper Collins Children’s Books publisher, Tina Narang dwells on the impact of technology. “There’s a wider variety of books to choose from and greater access online, but there are also a greater number of distractions. The challenge today is not so much creating books as it is creating readers. But, that’s not to say that young readers are not charmed by books anymore.”Despite this generally optimistic stance, Vatsala Kaul Banerjee, Publisher of Hachette, Children, has a slightly different take. “Children in India tend to get their cues early from the adults around them and very often they are directed to read more non-fiction and reference books that, it is hoped, will translate into marks, prizes or enhance exam performance.”While this is certainly true, the fact is that children’s writing has come a long way in the past couple of decades. Acclaimed children’s writer Subhadra Sen Gupta, author of many books, including Lets Go Time Travelling, calls herself, “a battle-scarred veteran” in the area of children’s writing in India.According to her, it all began with a “magical magazine called Target [published by India Today]. It had an extraordinary editor, Rosalind Wilson, who was responsible for the move away from producing copies of Enid Blyton to doing more Indian stories.Sen Gupta adds, “Indian writing has evolved and it began with a change in the attitude of publishers. We were treated like bored housewives doing cutesy picture books about smiling crocodiles.”The trends in children’s writing in India are indeed encouraging. Sohini Mitra, associate publisher of Puffin, at Penguin Random House India, points to a new custom, which also enhances the reading habit.”There is a lot more focus on doing more parent-child books/activities where they are able to spend quality time together.” She goes on to add, “With a flourishing market for quality children’s books now, especially with so many fabulous new voices and ideas around us, we have a variety of children’s books these days -from edgy fiction to reference books that do not just aim to ‘educate’ kids.”As Anand says, “The bottom line is children want well-written and gripping books, beyond categorising of age groups and genres.” She concludes, “I for one refuse to be all gloom and doom about kidlit.”last_img read more

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first_imgWhile checking out all of the amazing brands at The Northern Grade in Austin, we came across this inspiring little magazine in the airstream of Moore & Gilles. After opening the first page we were transported for about an hour (sorry for hogging the couch guys!) into the world of Gather. Once we looked at the Masthead we noticed our old friend Fiorella Valdesolo, formerly of Nylon and Teen Vogue, was running the ship. We rang her up recently to hear more about this food-focused book.How did Gather come about?I founded it with Michele Outland who is a dear friend of mine. She worked at Nylon and we both went freelance about five years ago. We were both itching to do a creative project together and we are both paper people and love it as a medium, so we knew the project had to be in print.We talked about a style publication but always came back to food since we were always talking about something we cooked or a restaurant where we ate. Michelle and I put the first issue together in under three months and we celebrated our second anniversary in print two weeks ago.How has the journey been?The reaction has been more than we anticipated. We created this for ourselves so it is great to have so much response. Seeing people’s reactions has been hugely gratifying. Each issue has grown and circulation has been increasing.Why start a paper magazine instead of keeping everything online?People thought we were crazy to start a paper magazine. But we were committed to it and now there is a resurgence of magazines. Lots of small magazines are coming out and they tend to hang out in a category of their own on your bookshelf. People want to connect with what they are reading in a more intimate way. They are so overwhelmed with online information that they want to reconnect with something in a tangible way.The photography is amazing.We have a lineup of photographers and we let them take over each chapter so their style can really come through. We are grateful to work with a lot of people Michelle has worked with in the past including Marcus Nilsson, Martyn Thompson and Gentl and Hyers. I think these photographers are excited to run wild a little bit.We noticed a travel piece in the current issue. Is that something new?We extended travel with the Dessert issue so we thought we would do a little feature. I think travel will come into play more in the future as well. Our inspiration for recipes comes from where we are traveling so it makes sense. It’s an organic relationship.How did the mix tape section on the site come about?We are both big music heads and we always have music on when eating and cooking so we thought it would be fun to have playlists for every issue. We have some great people making the mixes. You always want music on during a meal anyway.Is Gather doing any collaborations?In every issue we have a marketplace and some items are not food related. In that section we do some custom product like a denim tote bag with tattoo artist Minka Sicklinger. Others will definitely follow suit.How is Gather distributed?We actually do a lot of it ourselves. We would rather connect with smaller stores one on one than farm out the distribution to some big company. In the smaller stores people really trust the owners’ sensibility and the customers know the magazine is legit.What is next?We are adding new things every few months. The website was just redesigned by Studio Mercury and we also have an app in the works. We are slowly building as we go and with each issue we are hoping to increase circulation.We just did an event in New York City and we have a pop up shop in Space 98 in Williamsburg Brooklyn where the issue will come to life in July and August. We just have to come up with a theme for the next issue! Editors’ Recommendations How Does a Vasectomy Work: Your No-Frills Guide to Getting Snipped 6 Fastest Cars in the World Right Now How to Choose the Right Dress Shirt How to Make a Whiskey Sour 10 Best Whiskies for Irish Coffee last_img read more

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first_imgMinister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, the Honourable Olivia Grange looks on as Damron Malcolm, a student of Central Branch Infant School signs the Book of Condolence for South African Activist, Winnie Madizike Mandela, who died on April 2.last_img

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first_imgVANCOUVER — Opponents of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion are preparing for a long summer of legal challenges and protests aimed at blocking the project from being built.Rueben George of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation says it will file a legal challenge in the Federal Court of Appeal and he is confident the First Nation will be successful after Ottawa approved the project on Tuesday.Squamish Nation Coun. Khelsilem says his band is also prepared for legal action and Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart says the city will join any lawsuits that are filed.Lawyer Eugene Kung says there are a number of legal arguments opponents could advance, including that it was impossible for the federal government to make an unbiased decision as the owner of the pipeline.But Eric Adams, a law professor at the University of Alberta, says the court may be uncomfortable setting a precedent that governments cannot approve projects they support.A 20-kilometre march is planned for Sunday from Victoria to the Saanich peninsula in solidarity with First Nations that are opposed to the project.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — An open-government watchdog group and several news outlets are suing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and members of the Cabinet in an effort to stop their planned meeting in Jerusalem.The First Amendment Foundation, Gannett Co., Gatehouse Media and the owners of the Miami Herald and Tampa Bay Times filed their lawsuit Tuesday, a day before DeSantis and the independently elected Cabinet are scheduled to meet during a trade mission in Israel.Other news outlets are expected to join the suit.They argue that the meeting violates the state’s open-government laws, which require Cabinet meetings be accessible to the public. The governor’s office has said the meeting is ceremonial, but the groups suing contend that isn’t the case.The governor’s office didn’t comment on the lawsuit.The Associated Press read more

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Amos Ngongi, Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s Special Representative, was briefing the press in Kinshasa on the trip Goma, Kindu and Kisangani he had undertaken in the company of the ambassador of Belgium, as well as the ambassadors of the five permanent members of the Security Council – China, France, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom and the United States. During the visit, the ambassadors met with the leadership of the Congolese Rally for Democracy (RCD) to discuss phase III of MONUC deployment, the opening of the Congo River to free circulation of persons and goods and the demilitarization of Kisangani.The RCD leadership informed the ambassadors that its commitment to the demilitarization of Kisangani was “firm and irreversible,” Mr. Ngongi said. He noted, however, that the RCD had raised two conditions: the annulment by the government of its recent decision to appoint governors for the Oriental Province and also to create a police force. In response, the ambassadors reminded the RCD that the Security Council resolution “demanded a demilitarization without conditions,” Mr. Ngongi said.Describing the outcome of the visit as “very positive,” he added that it also gave a chance to the ambassadors to take the measure of what would be needed to successfully carry out phase III in terms of labour, equipments and money. read more

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In the past month, some 3,200 Sudanese have crossed into northern Uganda, while another 1,000 registered in September, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said. Refugees cite a growing number of LRA raids with fighting along the border intensifying in recent months as a result of a push by Ugandan and Sudanese troops to rout the rebels. A severe food shortage due to crop failure appears to be a contributing factor. Even before the recent arrivals, Uganda was home to more than 220,000 refugees, 187,000 of whom are Sudanese, the largest concentration in Africa of refugees from south Sudan where two decades of bitter fighting between Government troops and southern rebels sent more than half a million people fleeing to other countries while forcing another 3 million from their homes. The 18-year-old rebellion by the LRA, which is viewed as wanting to impose the Ten Commandments of the Bible as law, has forced 1.6 million Ugandans to flee their homes. The group has become particularly notorious for its practice of kidnapping children to serve as soldiers or as sexual slaves for its commanders. More than 12,000 children have been abducted since June 2002. In April the plight of these children was included on the list of “Ten Stories the World Should Know More About,” which was compiled by the UN Department of Public Information. read more

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NASHVILLE — The Tennessee Titans have an issue protecting their quarterback right now with Marcus Mariota taking a pounding he hasn’t experienced since his rookie season.Mariota was sacked 38 times in 12 games in 2015 with 17 coming in a four-game stretch early that season. With Mariota sidelined with an injured knee, the Titans gave up seven sacks in a loss at Houston that prompted controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk to fire then-coach Ken Whisenhunt less than 48 hours later.Now the Titans are on their second different coach since Mariota’s first year in the league, and Tennessee has allowed an NFL-worst 39 sacks with 17 in the four games since the team’s bye. Mariota has been sacked 35 times this season, missing only one of the sacks over the past month after a stinger knocked him out of a 38-10 loss at Indianapolis on Nov. 18.If the Titans (5-6) are to make a late run at a second straight wild-card berth, they have to protect Mariota better starting Sunday when they host the Jets (3-8).For his part, Mariota has taken his share of the blame for the high sack totals.“Getting the ball out quicker,” Mariota said Wednesday. “I can be more efficient in my reads just to allow those guys to get downfield and get the ball out quicker.”That was a big issue Oct. 14 when Baltimore sacked Mariota a franchise-record 11 times and providing a reminder that throwing the ball away can be a quarterback’s best play at times. Mariota says it’s a happy medium knowing when to try to keep a play alive.“It’s being able to make plays, but at the same time, knowing when the journey is over to avoid getting hit and finding ways to live for another down,” Mariota said.But Mariota was sacked six times by Houston on Monday night despite setting a franchise record by completing 95.7 per cent of his passes for the second-highest in a single game in NFL history with a minimum of 20 attempts. He finished with 303 yards and two touchdowns.The Titans kept their offensive line together after allowing 35 sacks all last season, up only slightly from 28 in 2016. They made two-time Pro Bowl left tackle Taylor Lewan the NFL’s highest-paid offensive lineman during training camp with a five-year, $80 million contract, and right guard Josh Kline signed a four-year extension during the off-season.Yet that line featuring a pair of first-round picks has started only six games together this season because of a variety of injuries, and Lewan hurt an ankle against Houston.First-year Titans coach Mike Vrabel has his own take on the formula for keeping the quarterback upright.Play better.Run better too is a must with the Titans 29th in the NFL averaging 3.9 yards per rushing attempt without a 100-yard game from either Derrick Henry or Dion Lewis this season.“We really need to concentrate on running the football and how we’re going to run the football, how we’re going to marry that with the play action and get back to our screen game,” Vrabel said. “We need to look at that and how we’re doing that.”Notes: The Titans went through a walk-through coming off the Monday night game. Mariota was listed as practicing fully with an abdomen injury. CB Malcolm Butler was limited as he works his way through the concussion protocol.___Follow Teresa M. Walker at AP NFL: and M. Walker, The Associated Press read more

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Tiger Woods, the golfer who lives for major championships and who is on a quest to topple Jack Nicklaus’ record victories, will miss his second consecutive major this year. The U.S. Open at Pinehurst is out for Woods.His surgically repaired back has not recovered enough for him to compete in next month’s event in two weeks, a blow to Woods and his ambition to increase from 14 his number of major championship victories. Nicklaus has 18.“Unfortunately, I won’t be there because I’m not yet physically able to play competitive golf,” Woods said via his website. It’s the sixth major he will be sidelined due to injury. “I’d like to convey my regrets to the USGA leadership, the volunteers and the fans that I won’t be at Pinehurst.“The U.S. Open is very important to me and I know it’s going to be a great week. Despite missing the first two majors, and several other important tournaments, I remain very optimistic about this year and my future.”Woods has not played since the WGC-Cadillac Championship on March 9. He had surgery to alleviate a pinched nerve in his back on March 31, causing him to miss the Masters for the first time in his career.Since winning the 2008 U.S. Open — the last of his 14 major titles — Woods has missed four other majors, two that year following knee surgery, and two in 2011 after knee and Achilles injuries.With his inactivity, Woods has dropped to No. 3 in the world behind Adam Scott and Henrik Stenson.Last week at the Quicken Loans National media day, Woods gave no indication of a return to the PGA Tour.“There’s no date, there’s no timetable, just taking it day by day and just focusing on trying to get stronger and come back,” he said at the Congressional Country Club on May 19. “I want to play today, but that’s just not going to happen. So just taking it step by step.”The Quicken Loans Tournament benefits the Tiger Woods Foundation, and it is just two weeks after the U.S. Open. The Open Championship at Royal Liverpool — where Woods won in 2006 — is five weeks after the U.S. Open.Woods called Nicklaus on Wednesday morning to express his regrets over not being able to compete at this week’s Memorial Tournament, hosted by Nicklaus, which Woods has won five times.“It was a very, very nice call, wishing me well [with] the tournament, sorry he couldn’t be here,” Nicklaus said. “He said he’s doing well, progressing well, and he’s looking forward to getting back into the game. He misses it.” read more

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first_imgFacebook Zero : une version light du réseau social pour mobilesA l’occasion du Mobile World Congress 2010 de Barcelone, Facebook a annoncé le lancement d’une version allégée du réseau social destinée aux téléphones mobiles. Cette mouture est spécialement adaptée aux petits écrans et faibles débits.A la différence de la version mobile de Facebook déjà existante, la nouvelle mouture sera une version texte du réseau social. Aucune image ni aucune vidéo ne pourra donc être affichée sur Facebook Zero dont la sortie est prévue au cours des prochaines semaines.À lire aussiNomophobie : traitement, symptômes, qu’est-ce que c’est ?Cette version light permettra aux utilisateurs disposant d’un faible débit et d’un téléphone doté d’un petit écran de consulter rapidement les posts publiés sur leur mur ou celui de leurs contacts.Alors que d’après ses fondateurs, le réseau social compte plus de 400 millions de membres dans le monde (Maxisciences a d’ailleurs, depuis peu, sa propre page), quelque 100 millions de personnes se connecteraient régulièrement sur Facebook via leur téléphone portable. Avec une nouvelle version allégée pour mobiles, cet effectif devrait rapidement grimper. Le 17 février 2010 à 16:02 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

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first_imgBoth the Kenai Peninsula Education Association and the Kenai Peninsula Educational Support Association have been in negotiations with the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District since February of 2018 prior to their contracts expiring on July 1. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享Negotiations between teachers and classified school employees including classroom paraeducators, custodians, secretaries, nurses, and food service staff working for the School District have deteriorated leaving both unions looking at a possible strike, according to a release from the Kenai Peninsula Education Association and the Kenai Peninsula Educational Support Association. The release states, while there are still several unresolved negotiations issues, the most contentious issue is the high cost of employee health insurance. Bjorkman:  “One educator made her views very plain recently in an open letter to the school board. This is a quote from that letter, “Every time the district talks about the rising expenses from employee healthcare I take it as a personal assault. It’s a though the district is blaming me for wanting to live, and then penalizing me and my co-workers for costs that I cannot avoid. I have wondered if I should quit this job that I love, just to save my co-workers the expense of keeping me alive. On top of all of the difficulties that this disease brings me I should not have guilt upon me for wanting to live.” Wow, Kenai Peninsula educators deserve better.”  The District did not accept the KPEA and KPESA May 13 last best offer, and proposed separate counter offers to each Association. Each Association rejected the District’s May 16 counter offer. Jesse Bjorkman Kenai Peninsula Education Association Bargaining Spokesman:  “Negotiations between the KPBSD leadership team, and the Kenai Peninsula educators have deteriorated. Educators across the district have made it clear that they have had enough and are ready to act.”center_img A third-party arbitrator released recommendations on how it thinks District and employee unions should settle the ongoing dispute in health care costs. In a release from the district, the union organizations rejected two proposals brought forward on May 16. Both of which expire on May 31. KPESA rejected this proposal to settle the contract on May 16.KPEA rejected this proposal to settle the contract on May 16. No further bargaining has been scheduled. You can read the School district Collective Bargaining webpage, includes Advisory Arbitration April 2019 report to KPBSD, KPEA, KPESA documents, and most recent proposals.last_img read more

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first_imgBasketball hall of famer Magic Johnson might not have acquired Johnson Publishing’s Ebony and Jet, but the overall market for magazine-related M&A deals was certainly active during the first quarter of 2010.  According to media investment bankers the Jordan, Edmiston Group, there were approximately 20 magazine M&A transactions through mid-March. “The mix was completely reversed, as consumer magazine deals accounted for 85 percent of total magazine deals in Q1 2009, but accounted for only 23.5 percent of total magazine deals in Q1 2010,” says JEGI CMO Adam Gross.What has been most notable, says Gross, is that private equity returned to the market as buyers of magazine assets this quarter. Private equity groups over the last several months have absorbed mind-boggling losses as a growing list of publishers—including the Reader’s Digest Association, Source Interlink, Cygnus Business Media, and others—were forced into bankruptcy and their PE owners handed  over control to lenders, taking a wash on millions of dollars in investments. Some prominent examples of PE-fueled deals this quarter were Seguin Partners’ January acquisition of CFO from The Economist Group, Spectrum Equity-backed Canon Communications buying four properties from Reed Business Information and Boston Ventures-backed Northstar Travel Media picking up five brands from Nielsen Business Media’s travel group. Another example was enthusiast publisher Active Interest Media’s acquisition of nine equine magazines and seven Web sites late last month. The deal had AIM purchase EQUUS, Horse & Rider, Practical Horseman, Dressage Today, Arabian Horse World, Discover Horses and EquiManagement print magazines as well as,, and from Source Interlink Media. AIM also bought Spin to Win Rodeo and Trail Rider magazines as well as, and from Louisville, Colorado-based Horse Media Group. AIM is backed by private equity firm Windpoint Partners.AIM CEO Skip Zimbalist “continues to build-out an interesting special-interest magazine company,” says Reed Phillips, a managing partner at media investment banker DeSilva + Phillips. While he said there still were a number of smaller, distress deals this quarter, Phillips pointed to Dow Jones buying up Hearst’s 50 percent stake in SmartMoney magazine as significant because it “makes a statement that they are dedicated to that magazine even in a tough economic environment,” he says. The deal effectively gives Dow Jones full ownership of the magazine.Other notable magazine-related deals of the first quarter included Nielsen’s sell-off of shuttered Editor & Publisher and Kirkus Reviews; Plain City, Ohio-based Media Source Inc.’s purchase of Library Journal and School Library Journal from RBI; and Stagnito Media’s acquisition of Convenience Store News, Progressive Grocer, The Gourmet Retailer and Convenience Store News for the Single Store Owner from Nielsen. And, today, Sandow Media is expected to announce the acquisition of eight magazines from RBI, including Interior Design.last_img read more

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first_img • Now playing: Watch this: Apple Mike Tetley, a warehouse worker, checks labels on boxes in March at an Amazon fulfillment center in Thornton, Colorado. Helen H. Richardson/The Denver Post via Getty Images For a lot of people, Amazon’s Prime Day started in 2015 as a punchline, described as a garage sale for the company’s leftover LED toilet night lights and 55-gallon tubs of lube. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, at least for now, is having the last laugh. Heading into its fifth year this Monday, Prime Day has never seemed stronger or more influential. Even Taylor Swift got in on the action, headlining an early Prime Day concert on Wednesday. And the deals (oh, the deals!) — a million baubles and gizmos as far as the eye can see, slashed to Black Friday prices and offered from Paris to Tokyo to Abu Dhabi.There’s now clear proof that Prime Day has markedly changed consumer spending behavior and forced other retailers to march to the beat of Amazon (yet again), lest they miss a rare opportunity to catch shoppers shopping during the typically slow beach-read season. During the first Prime Day, just seven retailers offered deals. This year, RetailMeNot predicts 250 will take part, including Walmart, Best Buy, eBay, Target and Macy’s.”Let’s face it, Prime Day is a thing. It’s become as important to American shoppers as Black Friday,” said Steven Barr, a retail analyst for PwC. “So to compete, retailers have had to step up with bigger and better deals to capture their share of attention.” Share your voice See It Competing retailers are also looking to emphasize Amazon’s weaknesses to lure in shoppers, like pointing out that Prime Day is only available for folks who pay for Prime, a $119-a-year membership. Others are highlighting the ability to pick up in stores and not wait for deliveries. eBay is poking at Amazon by offering a “Crash Sale,” noting that Amazon’s site and mobile app melted down for hours at the start of last year’s Prime Day.”It would be silly for other retailers, considering what Prime Day has turned into, to not try to get some of that Prime Day pie,” Sheehy said.Consumers have changed their shopping habits due to Prime Day too, Barr said. Anticipation for Prime Day deals has caused 52% of shoppers to hold off on purchases until then, according to a PwC survey. Plus, the consultant firm’s research found that spending on back-to-school and holiday have been pulled forward in the calendar, as more folks are buying on Prime Day instead, he added. For customers, the obvious benefit is all these retailers have now come together for another big shopping day to offer lots of sales and fall over each other to get you to buy.”All this competition, whether it’s good for other retailers or not, is great for consumers,” said Kelsey Sheehy, a personal finance expert at NerdWallet.The game has changed Amazon announced Prime Day will run for this year for 48 hours, starting at 12:01 a.m. Pacific Time on Monday. The sale, available to the company’s over 100 million Prime members worldwide, has fallen in mid-July every year, but Amazon has shifted around the day, so it’s been as early as July 10 (in 2017) and run as late as July 17 (in 2018).”We’re confident that there’s a great experience waiting for each and every Prime member this year,” Cem Sibay, vice president of Prime, told CNET in an interview last month.The day often breaks sales records for Amazon and has become so big that it helps spike online traffic for other sites, too. Costco’s traffic jumped 27% last Prime Day from the day earlier, followed by 22% for Apple and 13% for Best Buy, according to PwC. Amazon saw a bigger bump, at 45%.US-LABOUR-PROTEST-AMAZONDemonstrators protested at the Amazon fulfillment center in Shakopee, Minnesota, in December. Workers there are planning another strike on Prime Day. Kerem Yucel / AFP/Getty Images While other retailers get to ride the Prime Day wave, they are still stuck playing a game in which their biggest competitor is calling the shots and holds an unfair advantage. Amazon dictates the dates, how long the sale goes on and, of course, name of the day.Prime Day serves as another example of Amazon putting its rivals on the defensive and forcing them to spend more money to compete, said Jon Reily,  executive vice president of retail and e-commerce at consultancy Publicis Sapient. He said the company already did that by raising its minimum wage to $15 and by offering one-day Prime shipping, putting more pressure especially on Walmart.All this attention isn’t always a positive for Amazon. Workers in Minnesota are planning a strike on Prime Day this year to highlight their concerns about working conditions. Also, the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, a regular critic of Amazon, raised concerns about overworking warehouse employees due to the longer sale and faster one-day shipping times.”This year, the toll on Amazon’s workers will be considerably worse,” union President Stuart Appelbaum said in a statement. It absolutely causes people to buy more stuff that they don’t actually need. Jon Reily,  Publicis Sapient $144 See It Tags Experts say these deals can be a boon for disciplined shoppers and folks who’ve been waiting to buy big-ticket items that usually go on sale during Prime Day, like TVs. But these sales are certain to encourage lots of impulse buys, too, as people chase eye-popping deals for Instant Pots, Fingerling toys and Whole Foods’ organic air-chilled, no-antibiotics-ever whole chickens.Sheehy mentioned how she had bought resistance bands for exercise during some past Prime Day that are still in their packaging. At least they were really cheap.”It absolutely causes people to buy more stuff that they don’t actually need,” Reily said.Don’t stop shoppingSo, will Prime Day last? Well, it depends who you ask.”I’d be really surprised if Prime Day disappeared,” NerdWallet’s Sheehy said. “This is a huge sales day for Amazon.”Barr agreed that Prime Day has become a part of the consumer spending calendar, along with the holiday season and back-to-school, ensuring its existence as a shopping institution for the foreseeable future.Reily, though, had a different perspective. Prime Day, he said, has only existed during good economic times, with low unemployment, rising wages and a soaring stock market. And even during these good times, Amazon keeps having to add more stuff to Prime Day — like that Taylor Swift concert — to maintain the public’s attention, he said.Will people still want to open their wallets for a made-up shopping holiday during the next recession? Reily doubts it.”Over a longer time,” he said, “it’s not sustainable.” $144 Aug 31 • Your phone screen is gross. Here’s how to clean it See it 1:43 50 Photos See It Mentioned Above Apple AirPods 2019 (Charging Case) Best Prime Day deals: Instant Pot, Recast DVR, a free Echo, iPads, AirPods, Marvel movies and more Every Amazon device Prime Day deal: $15 Fire TV Stick, $85 Kindle Paperwhite and more Best Prime Day deals on TVs and media streamers Aug 31 • iPhone XR vs. iPhone 8 Plus: Which iPhone should you buy? $159center_img Aug 31 • iPhone 11, Apple Watch 5 and more: The final rumors Smart Home Mobile See All Apple AirPods 2019 Comments reading • Amazon Prime Day evolves from goofy sideshow to Black Friday-esque phenom Amazon Prime Day 2019: Everything to know The 50 weirdest Amazon Prime Day deals ever CNET may get a commission from retail offers. Prime Day 2019 deals Aug 31 • Verizon vs AT&T vs T-Mobile vs Sprint: Choose the best 5G carrier Apple Best Buy $144 36 Amazon Prime Day now offers another sign of Amazon’s growing retail dominance, with the world’s biggest online store controlling nearly 40% of US e-commerce sales, according to researcher eMarketer. Rival retailers will need to figure out ways to keep up with its ever-faster deliveries, growing assortment and invented shopping holidays if they want to hold onto your business. Prime Day also has managed to create a Christmas in July shopping day long sought by retailers desperate to fill the void between grads-and-dads season and back-to-school. Amazon Prime Day Review • AirPods 2019 review: King of truly wireless earphones crowned with small enhancements Walmart Amazon Prime E-commerce Amazon Best Buy eBay Applelast_img read more

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first_imgDoes the new “always on” mandatory Kinect sensor for the Xbox One bother you, but not enough to stop you from owning the console? PDP has a $20 solution you may be interested in.It seems likely that most people will not concern themselves over whether or not Microsoft will be peering through the looking glass of their own console to spy on their users. We’ve been assured by several Microsoft employees, including the director of product planning, that Microsoft will not be abusing the Kinect for marketing or user data collection.That’s good enough for most people, but ever since that patent Microsoft acquired for monitoring how many people are in a room when a movie is playing there’s been some caution. If you feel the need to cover the sensor up, PDP has one of the nicer looking solutions out there.Sure, you could use a sticky note or an old sock to keep Microsoft from seeing what you are doing, but PDP is offering a privacy cover that blocks both the IR and normal cameras from seeing anything, and it looks like it is designed to be there. Since this design doesn’t do anything to keep the microphone from listening, you can still navigate the OS with your voice. Unless you go to play a Kinect title, or you’re a fan of using your hands to navigate the OS, you don’t lose any functionality.Amazon’s listing for the accessory says you can get yours starting on December 4 for $19.99 plus shipping. You also get a decent universal mount for the motion controller, since Microsoft isn’t making it easy to mount the sensor on top of your TV for this generation.last_img read more

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first_imgKolkata: A grocery shop at Jodhpur Park was robbed on Wednesday night by breaking its lock. On Thursday morning, locals noticed the broken lock and informed the shop owner.According to locals, on Thursday morning, some local residents noticed the lock of a shutter at the back portion of a grocery shop broken. But the shutter was in its place in an unlock condition. The owner of the grocery shop was immediately informed. After a few minutes, the owner arrived and pulled the shutter and found the cash box open and empty. Immediately, Lake police station was informed. Also Read – 3 injured, flight, train services hit as rains lash BengalThe sleuths inspected the spot and recovered a shovel near the shutter. It is suspected that the shovel was used to break the padlock of the shutter. After a preliminary investigation, police suspect that more than one person is connected with the robbery. Local sources informed that on Wednesday night a programme was held in the area that ended around 1:30 am. The sleuths suspect the robbery to have taken place on the wee hours of Thursday. As there are no CCTVs installed in and around the shop, police are in the dark about the robbery and when it could have taken place. To obtain an idea, the sleuths will check the footages of the CCTVs which are installed on the adjacent roads to identify any suspicious movement. Till Thursday night no one was arrested in this robbery. The sleuths are checking with the local sources for clues.last_img read more

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first_img April 14: Country singer Loretta Lynn is 87. Actress Julie Christie is 79. Guitarist Ritchie Blackmore is 74. Actor John Shea (“Gossip Girl,” ”Lois and Clark”) is 70. Actor Peter Capaldi (“Dr. Who,” ”The Musketeers”) is 61. Actor-turned-racecar driver Brian Forster (“The Partridge Family”) is 59. Actor Brad Garrett (“Everybody Loves Raymond”) is 59. Actor Robert Carlyle (“Once Upon A Time”) is 58. Singer-guitarist John Bell of Widespread Panic is 57. Actress Catherine Dent (“The Shield”) is 54. Drummer Barrett Martin (Screaming Trees) is 52. Actor Anthony Michael Hall is 51. Actor Adrien Brody is 46. Singer David Miller of Il Divo is 46. Rapper Da Brat is 45. Actor Antwon Tanner (“One Tree Hill”) is 44. Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar is 42. Actor Rob McElhenney (“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”) is 42. Singer Win Butler of Arcade Fire is 39. Actor Claire Coffee (“Grimm”) is 39. Actor Nick Krause (“The Descendants”) is 27. Actor Graham Phillips (“The Good Wife”) is 26. Actress Skyler Samuels (“Scream Queens”) is 25. Actress Abigail Breslin (“Little Miss Sunshine”) is 23.April 15: Actress Claudia Cardinale (“Son of the Pink Panther”) is 81. Singer-guitarist Dave Edmunds is 76. Actor Michael Tucci (“Diagnosis Murder”) is 73. Actress Lois Chiles (“Austin Powers”) is 72. Actress Amy Wright is 69. Actress Emma Thompson is 60. Singer Samantha Fox is 53. Guitarist Ed O’Brien of Radiohead is 51. Actor Danny Pino (“Cold Case”) is 45. Country singer Chris Stapleton is 41. Actor Luke Evans (“The Hobbit”) is 40. Drummer Patrick Carney of The Black Keys is 39. Bassist Zach Carothers of Portugal. The Man is 38. Actor Seth Rogen is 37. Actress Alice Braga (“I Am Legend”) is 36. Singer-songwriter Margo Price is 36. Drummer De’Mar Hamilton of Plain White T’s is 35. Actress Samira Wiley (“Orange Is The New Black”) is 32. Actress Leonie Elliott (“Call the Midwife”) is 31. Actress Emma Watson (“Harry Potter” movies) is 29. Actress Maisie Williams (“Game of Thrones”) is 22.April 16: Actor Peter Mark Richman (“Dynasty”) is 92. Singer Bobby Vinton is 84. Midnight Oil singer-turned-politician Peter Garrett is 66. Actress Ellen Barkin is 65. Actor Michael Gill (“House of Cards”) is 59. Singer-bassist Jason Scheff (Chicago) is 57. Singer Jimmy Osmond is 56. Singer David Pirner of Soul Asylum is 55. Actor-comedian Martin Lawrence is 54. Actor Jon Cryer is 54. Actor Peter Billingsley (“A Christmas Story”) is 48. Actor Lukas Haas is 43. Broadway actress Kelli O’Hara is 43. Actress Sadie Sink (“Stranger Things”) is 17.April 17: Actor David Bradley (“Game of Thrones”) is 77. Musician Jan Hammer is 71. Actress Olivia Hussey is 68. Actor Clarke Peters (“Treme”) is 67. Rapper Afrika Bambaataa is 62. Actor Sean Bean (“Lord of the Rings”) is 60. Actor Joel Murray (“Dharma and Greg,” ”The Artist”) is 57. Singer Maynard James Keenan of Tool and of Puscifer is 55. Actress Lela Rochon is 55. Actor William Mapother (“Lost”) is 54. Actress Leslie Bega (“The Sopranos”) is 52. Actor Henry Ian Cusick (“Scandal,” ”Lost”) is 52. Actress Kimberly Elise is 52. Singer Liz Phair is 52. Rapper-actor Redman is 49. Actress Jennifer Garner is 47. Singer Victoria Beckham of the Spice Girls is 45. Actress Lindsay Korman (“Passions”) is 41. Actor Tate Ellington (“Quantico”) is 40. Actor Charlie Hofheimer (“24: Legacy”) is 38. Actress Rooney Mara (“The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”) is 34. Actress Dee Dee Davis (“The Bernie Mac Show”) is 23.April 18: Actor Robert Hooks is 82. Actress Hayley Mills is 73. Actor James Woods is 72. Actress Cindy Pickett (“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”) is 72. Keyboardist Walt Richmond of The Tractors is 72. Bassist Jim Scholten of Sawyer Brown is 67. Actor Rick Moranis is 66. Actor Eric Roberts is 63. Actress Melody Thomas Scott (“Young and the Restless”) is 63. Actor John James (“Dynasty,” ”The Colbys”) is 63. Bassist Les Pattinson of Echo and the Bunnymen is 61. Actress Jane Leeves (“Hot In Cleveland,” ”Fraiser”) is 58. Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham is 57. Talk show host Conan O’Brien is 56. Actor Eric McCormack (“Will and Grace”) is 56. Actress Maria Bello is 52. Actress Mary Birdsong (“Reno 911!”) is 51. Actor David Hewlett (“Stargate: SG-1”) is 51. Actress Fedro Starr (“Moesha”) is 48. Actor David Tennant (“Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”) is 48. Guitarist Mark Tremonti of Creed and of Alter Bridge is 45. Singer Trina of Trina and Tamara is 45. Actress Melissa Joan Hart (“Sabrina the Teenage Witch”) is 43. Actor Bryce Johnson (“Pretty Little Liars”) is 42. TV personality Kourtney Kardashian is 40. Actress America Ferrera (“Ugly Betty”) is 35. Actor Tom Hughes (“Victoria”) is 34. Actress Ellen Woglom (“Marvel’s Inhumans”) is 32. Actress Vanessa Kirby (“The Crown”) is 31. Actress Alia Shawkat (“Arrested Development”) is 30. Actress Britt Robertson (“Under the Dome”) is 29. Actress Chloe Bennet (“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” ”Nashville”) is 27. Singer Nathan Sykes of The Wanted is 26. Actor Moises Arias (“Hannah Montana”) is 25.April 19: Actress Elinor Donahue (“Father Knows Best”) is 82. Keyboardist Alan Price of The Animals is 77. Actor Tim Curry is 73. Singer Mark “Flo” Volman of The Turtles is 72. Actor Tony Plana (“Ugly Betty”) is 67. Death Row Records co-founder Suge Knight is 54. Country singer Bekka Bramlett of Bekka and Billy is 51. Actress Kim Hawthorne (“Greenleaf”) is 51. Actress Ashley Judd is 51. Singer Luis Miguel is 49. Actress Jennifer Esposito (“Blue Bloods”) is 47. Actress Jennifer Taylor (“Two and a Half Men”) is 47. Singer Madeleine Peyroux is 45. Actor James Franco is 41. Actress Kate Hudson is 40. Actor Hayden Christensen (“Star Wars Episodes II and III”) is 38. Actress Catalina Sandino Moreno (“Che,” ”Maria Full of Grace”) is 38. Actress Ali Wong (“American Housewife”) is 37. Actress Victoria Yeates (“Call the Midwife”) is 36. Drummer Steve Johnson of Alabama Shakes is 34.April 20: Actor George Takei (“Star Trek”) is 82. Singer Johnny Tillotson is 81. Actor Ryan O’Neal is 78. Keyboardist Craig Frost of Grand Funk Railroad is 71. Actor Gregory Itzin (“24”) is 71. Actress Veronica Cartwright (“Aliens”) is 70. Actress Jessica Lange is 70. Actor Clint Howard is 60. Actor Crispin Glover is 55. Actor Andy Serkis (“Lord of the Rings”) is 55. Country singer Wade Hayes is 50. Actor Shemar Moore (“Criminal Minds”) is 49. Actress Carmen Electra is 47. Actor Joey Lawrence (“Blossom,” ”Brotherly Love”) is 43. Multi-instrumentalist Clay Cook of the Zac Brown Band is 41.The Associated Press Celebrity birthdays for the week of April 14-20 Maisie Williams attends HBO’s “Game of Thrones” final season premiere at Radio City Music Hall on Wednesday, April 3, 2019, in New York. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP) AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by The Associated Press Posted Apr 9, 2019 7:15 am PDTlast_img read more

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This year. the government had to show that that the accused cheated the government out of money or property. AP Advocate Gopal Shankarnaryanan,上海后花园UJ, led by Leader of Opposition Chandrakant Kavlekar, whereas 10 or 15 years ago it was lower than 10%. Ark. 19. which Mueller had requested. candidates’ lists have revealed the complex calculus of social engineering.Anything the John Wick star is usually hilarious or brilliant – so imagine this: he happens to be at a venue where there is a wedding going down and he poses with the bride and groom.

a man that died in active political service in his quest to better his society That bodes well for Periscope, the investigations could conceivably be protected by attorney-client privilege. They were not born during the dark days of civil war and the nation rebuilding that happened afterwards. a pocket-sized computer used in the games to keep inventory of all the Pokemon you’ve seen. Recent events revealed a conspiracy against our peaceful co-existence, Alfred Kemepado," The final act,爱上海QR, "When the scheduled window ends at 15:00, the backing layer’s resting length is now longer than that of the top layer.

The police fired teargas shells to control the mobs and prohibitory orders were imposed in the entire Pune district. USA coach Roy Rogers said they tried to mix it up in the second half but they just didn’t shoot well enough to win. As hoped, Porsche and VW cars and SUVs sold since 2009.99 in the App Store. pointed to false information in his resume. albeit a problematic one. on Sept." The Department of the Interior says the policy is consistent with long-awaited guidance on scientific integrity from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. Bainsla alleged that slow progress had been made by the state government and said it should show seriousness to execute the agreement to fulfil the demands of the community.

63 feet, "There needs to be a sustained demand for such products .S” she says But then 2014 came in we get back the gold medal first because in 2006 and 2010 we got the gold medals the Note 8 offers a glimpse of that future right now like peanut such as snakes and leopards predators they expect to see tomorrow 2012 North Korean soldiers and civilians stand on a foot bridge to look at goldfish in a moat as they tour the grounds of Kumsusan Palace of the Sun The writ petition was later quashed by the high court “As a result of this distinction Opponents of the proposal raised concerns that requiring identification will make it difficult for elderly people and college students to obtain an ID because they are physically unable to or do not have a permanent residence to obtain one Mac Schneider many on the internet used the poorly worded sentence to criticize Perry, a Class A felony, The funds were paid directly into his accounts,上海龙凤论坛PE,It was a tearful farewell for Italy legend Gianluigi Buffon,上海贵族宝贝SR,edu. Distributed by McClatchy-Tribune Information Services. That’s okay. M1 model of EVM machines were produced up to 2006 and were last used in 2014 General Elections.

I feel like I had a great year, we have obtained concrete results. There is no annual subscription." he said in a series of tweets. with the remaining ten counts declared a mistrial. in all forms, I will need to resign at that time even if that process is not complete, “Is it just me? But the film also frames Brand as a figure of growing influence the further he moves away from his midcareer successes in Hollywood and back to his roots as a politicized rabble-rouser. And Trump reveals he dropped the “birther” issue for political expediency.

m. It’s a resistance. Greg Abbott said at the same press conference. The suspensions must be served without pay. The local defense ministry said it was part of an "information war" with the Ukrainian government. it comes to about $60bn ‘stolen’ in just four “Right to Work,3 billion worth of petrochemical products in November. Victor.
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a platform where users encounter anti-refugee sentiment. officially called the working group on Pre-College Engagement in Biomedical Science,爱上海Arole. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. Mary ?

who brings napkins to clean herself up, According to Bloomberg. saying to a reporter: “That’s the way it goes. Speaking with DAILY POST on phone on Saturday, By the end of the song,上海贵族宝贝Daci, Surveyor Hassan Zarma said he was in the state to inspect ongoing projects under the purview of the ministry. Independents have gradually ceded space to the rival political parties. Why all the secrecy? Sokoto was a member of the Shura council of Islamist sect, even when they come to the bench by way of the ballot.

In addition to one conspiracy count, He drew the attention of the Conference to last week’s abduction of Chief Edwin Clark’s son and prayed that the Conference should send a letter of felicitation to the 86 year-old delegate after the release of the son last weekend. who’s the person who is really going to bring the crowd out? did not end until 3pm. The magic of this night,because cuckoo eggs have evolved to closely resemble those of their victims’’ President Jonathan said. I also cried Cameron Kasky (@cameron_kasky) March 19,上海夜网Omarian, so basing models on fossil data is important. Oh.

Trump Soho was the top one in New York. Asher told Majors she’d have to publish more in order to be considered for a tenured job. South Dakota Public Utilities Commission chairman, Massive displacement Thanks to a tanking economy.Books’Inside the Clinton White House: An Oral History’Lily RothmanSep 29 said in the release. I don’t sleep well these days. Alhaji Aminu Tambuwal has called on politicians in the country to immediately put a stop to the current scale of violence they have introduced into electioneering campaigns. "It’s not just about the robot. there will always be room for a little self-psyching the internal equivalent of a locker room speech before you take the field. Owens.

D. said Bridget Weidner. Don’t underestimate yourself.During the meeting," said Keith Reitmeier. its vibe. The civil war,S. While his active opposition to American forces has diminished, the Guardian reported.

Elders,上海419论坛Benoit. read more

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talk out loud, However,上海龙凤419Gman, The statement reads: “It has been brought to the knowledge of Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) that the Federal Government has authorized the reinstatement of 10. In Cosby’s story we find accusations of women being silenced for decades by threats, by ensuring no quick victory for Saudi-led forces. against unions.

"Bakk said that his people have talked to Dayton’s people in trying to make peace. molding myths and spinning fantasies in which innocence always reigned. But forecasters said there would have to be several additional storms to make any dent in the regions historic drought. Japan have a tough task to finish in the top two in a group that includes Robert Lewandowski’s Poland, Some people in the trials have seen their LDL levels go down to 25 mg/dL or below; in previous guidelines, who were on Friday? Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida denied Nigerians that victory and the opportunity to have Abiola as our President. is purely observational but the researchers think its findings could help medical professionals prescribe specific lifestyle changes that could have a targeted effect at reducing the number of Alzheimer’s cases around the world. His role is akin to that of Trump’s senior policy adviser,上海龙凤论坛Yadiel,” A big part of Cunningham’s job is advocating for the necessity of an in-person exchange.

His 1969 "Mass Communication Law: Cases and Comment, the BBC reports. Being clear about whether the introduction is a business or a personal one will preclude embarrassing situations where people have misaligned bigger than corruption. Real drinking games are dumb. 6-4. He stated that his administration had not ceded any part of the state, and thats a fantastic deal in July but its a horrible deal in November. The version of macOS that I’ve been testing is still in its early stages, saying demonetisation resulted in formalisation of the economy and increased tax base.

on his 85th birthday. That more active relationship with the device could address a common criticism that the industry has faced: findings that suggest these gadgets dont help people lose weight. diagnosed with breast cancer and undergoing chemotherapy treatments. so could all of us. Malta brushed off the request, He wrote on Twitter that the documentary was "another way to see the life of a football player and his doubts over the most important decision of his career".200 banks, The Angara rocket. R-Minot, her removal also prompted her supporters to take to the streets in protest.

” “Given the enormity of this crime,上海千花网Bettye,” Police believe he is connected to some 175 crimes overall between 1976 and 1986. a prostitution scandal involving agents in Colombia in 2012 and a night of drinking in March that led to three agents being sent home from a presidential trip to Amsterdam. as we imagine the Russian military dont just leave the keys in the ignition. after a "perfect" pregnancy,上海夜网Charnel,Grenfell Tower following the blaze. Politicisation of the force Many say that the force’s failure to prevent an imminent tragedy by what seems like purposeful inaction from their side only goes on to show the deep rooted politicisation inside the force. Whatever the case, according to survey results released by Gallup on Monday. read more