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first_imgAfter this altercation, Leonardo had to take action and arranged a meeting for three to smooth things over. An encounter revealed by Le Parisien, which hinted that the relationship between player and coach was at a difficult point. Madrid watched the situation rubbing their hands when the break came for COVID-19, whose effects on the club’s economy will cause the transfer market to embrace austerity and force Madrid to postpone an Operation that gradually rises in temperature: the white club yearns for the French star, PSG prefers to risk letting him go for free in 2022 rather than fold and negotiate with Madrid and while the player dreams of playing one day at the Bernabéu. At PSG they annoyed Zidane’s public winks, almost assuming that Mbappé will play in white. But the person from Marseille not only did not stop, but on November 25 raised the temperature of the Real Madrid-PSG Champions League with a previous confession: “I have known Mbappé for a long time. I am already in love with him, first as a person ( …). He is the rival, I can’t tell you more. “ On that occasion it was not Leonardo who stirred after the public declaration of love of Zizou, but It was Tuchel, PSG coach, who responded by puffing out his chest: “I don’t know how much infatuation Zidane has regarding Mbappé. Sometimes it is so. Sometimes you love players that you can’t have… ”. Two days later, Leonardo returned to the scene to deliver his short monologue: “Mbappé is going to stay one hundred percent.” Operation Mbappé rises in temperature. The Frenchman is Real Madrid’s dream, he wants him to be the next jewel in his crown and both the club and Zidane are simmering his signing. But the prudence of other years due to Florentino’s friendship with Al Khelaifi, president of PSG, and his respect for Sheik Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, owner of the French club (Madrid came to issue a statement denying any negotiations with Mbappé and Neymar), has given way to an increase in the pulse between the parts. The 21-year-old forward is the great objective of the entity of Concha Espina, who had set himself next summer to hit the rush in the signing and continue to approach him, but who will postpone it to 2021 due to the coronavirus crisis . Therefore, efforts will focus on taking crack next year, one before his contract ends (2022). PSG is aware of the scenario and knows that in Madrid they trust that the player does not renew and thus push the French club into a negotiation. But, As AS publishes this Wednesday, the French position is iron: it is not for sale. Leonardo, PSG’s sports director, prefers that he leave free in 2022 rather than accept an offer in the summer of 2021, for whatever amount.The Brazilian is adamant when mentioning Operation Mbappé. Their speeches represent the escalation of tightness that both clubs started at the beginning of this season. It was Zidane who lit the wick on November 5, leaving aside any concealment: “The player will decide his future and what he will do. At the moment he is a PSG player, but he has always said that it is a dream to play for Real Madrid “. Leonardo’s response, marking territory, was immediate. A day later, after the Champions League match against Bruges, he showed his anger at Zidane’s flirtation and replied like this: “Honestly, annoying a little, annoying. This is not the time to talk about dreams and all that. Stop it. Mbappé is very important to us and this is not the time to destabilize it. He is the best young French player, world champion, one of the best in the world. This is not the time to touch it and destabilize it. It is time to stop. He has two and a half years of contract with us. “ The end to that rifirrafe Zidane put it, insisting: “I just said what the player wants. And that’s it. Then everyone can say what they want… ”. DAILY AS (DAILY AS) Mbappé: between friction and winksAnd the player? Mbappé has also contributed to raising the stakes and increasing the pulse. Beyond his winks to Zidane (“It was my first idol,” he said on January 20, of showing his discontent for his role at PSG and showing on his social networks his complicity with Vinicius, he has not hidden his turf on the pitch. angry with his coach after a decision by him. That helped pour more wood into the boiler. The most controversial friction took place on February 1, against Montpellier (win 5-0). The footballer was upset that Tuchel decided to replace him with the already sentenced match. A situation that has been repeated several times this season. The German tried to explain to an Mbappé, who barely looked at him and left with visible anger on the bench. “I am the coach, this is not tennis, this is soccer,” the former Borussia player threw at a press conference.GONZALO FUENTES & nbsp; (REUTERS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>GONZALO FUENTES (REUTERS)last_img read more

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first_imgCaymanas Park Results for Jan 01, 2016Track Condition : Dirt : GoodNEW YEAR’S DAY TROPHYRace 1 1300 M (Purse $800,000) NB4-Y-O & RESTRICTED ALLOWANCE III(NW3 O/T)1. TARANIS DaneNelson 56.02. SOUTHERN CRUISE SEllis 54.0 1L3. SHINING LIGHT SMuir 51.5 6/1 1 3/4L*4. DRIPPING IN GOLD RHalledeen 53.0 4LWIN: $238.00PLACE: $88.00, $65.00, $78.00Final Time : 1:20.0 Splits: 23.1, 46.3, 1:12.3Winner : 4yo ch colt – ADORE THE GOLD – BEWARE BABYTrainer: RICHARD AZAN Owner : ALEXANDER HABER & VON WHITE & RICHARD AZANBred by HAM STABLES LTD.Qu: $344.00 Ex: $866.00Trifecta: $830.00Race 2 1400 M (Purse $530,000) 3-Y-O & UP CLM($250,0-$210,0)/NB5YO(NW2)&6YO&UP(NW4)THE OTB DEPARTMENT PLAQUE1. LEGENDARY PLEASURE BebHarvey3 52.02. WARRIOR PRINCESS RHalledeen 53.0 Head3. EXPRESS TRUCK LSteadman3 53.0 6L4. ALEXANDER JAnderson 56.0 1 1/2LLate scratch : #9 SPEEDY PROCESSWIN: $206.00PLACE: $114.00, $136.00, $251.00Final Time : 1:28.3 Splits : 24.0, 47.2, 1:13.4Winner : 6yo ch horse – WAR MARSHALL – FIGHT FOR PLEASURETrainer: ROBERT DARBY (SR) Owner: ROBERT A DARBY (SR)Bred by HAM STABLES LTD.Qu: $412.00 Ex: $928.00D/E: $1,348.00 Special Double: $368.00Superfecta: $10,198.00Race 3 1000 M (S) (Purse $500,000) NB4-Y-O & UP MAIDEN CONDITION RACETHE ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT PLAQUE*1. LAGUNA POINT OBennett 55.02. RICHIE’S PIK PParchment 53.5 3L3. DEMOLITION BOY CChow 56.0 1/2L4. IAMALLABOUTTHEBEST RHalledeen 53.0 3L5. LEILANI KPowell 51.0 2LWIN: $100.00PLACE: $67.00, $95.00, $76.00Final Time : 1:01.1 Splits : 23.0, 47.1, ,Winner : 4yo dk b/br filly – STORM CRAFT – YAHABIBITrainer : ALBERT CHONG Owner : DEE GEE RACINGBred by DAVID LEE SINQu: $699.00 Ex: $925.00D/E: $351.00Trifecta: $1,237.00Hi-5: $120,773.00Rolling Triple: $5,556.00Race 4 1100 M (Purse $500,000) 3-Y-O & UP CLM($180,0)/NB6YO&UP(NW3)THE MARKETING/ HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT PLAQUE1. PRINCESS SHEMIKA DaneNelson 53.0*2. INFANTRY OFFICER AChatrie 55.0 Neck3. EUSEBIA RHalledeen 55.0 3/4L 70.004. NEVER GIVE UP JInnis4 49.0 Head5. VALLEY OF QUEENS CChow 55.0 3/4LWIN: $257.00PLACE: $83.00, $68.00, $70.00Final Time: 1:10.3 Splits: 23.2, 48.2,Winner : 6yo ch mare – TRADITIONAL – PRINCESS CHIONESOTrainer: STEVEN TODD Owner: ASTON L. CHINBred by TEDDY AGUSTUS LEVYQu: $407.00 Ex: $817.00D/E: $630.00Trifecta: $614.00Hi-5: $18,918.50Rolling Triple: $3,861.00CTL FAN APPRECIATION DAY TROPHYRace 5 1820 M (Purse $780,000) 3-Y-O & UP OVERNIGHT ALLOWANCE*1. ALL CORRECT OWalker 56.02. HOUDINI’S MAGIC SEllis 53.0 1/2L3. BRAWN AChatrie 55.0 Neck4. RUM PUNCH SMuir 52.5 8LWIN: 78.00PLACE: $51.00, $55.00, $58.00Final Time : 1:58.0 Splits : 27.3, 52.0, 1:16.2, 1:43.1Winner : 7yo b horse – STORM CRAFT – ROYAL PIZZAZTrainer: WAYNE DACOSTA Owner : THE VELVET GLOVEBred by MARK & SUSAN WATESQu: $108.00 Exacta: $162.00D/E: $565.00Superfecta: $257.00Rolling Triple: $1,012.00Race 6 1400 M (Purse $768,000) NB3-Y-O MAIDEN CONDITION RACETHE RACING DEPARTMENT PLAQUE1. ORPHEUS SEllis 55.0*2. LITTLE BIG HORN OWalker 54.0 5 1/2L3. MR. DOITBETTA WHenry 55.0 Neck4. MISTER BONES RWilson 55.0 1 1/4L5. COUNTER ATTACK CChow 54.0 Head6. NUCLEAR WARNING PFrancis 51.0 6LWIN: $117.00PLACE: $64.00, $68.00, $121.00Final Time : 1:27.3 Splits : 24.2, 47.2, 1:13.0Winner : 3yo ch colt – ADORE THE GOLD – LA REINATrainer : ANTHONY NUNES Owner : ELIAS HALOUTEBred by ELIAS HALOUTEQu: $94.00 Ex: $218.00D/E: $194.00Trifecta: $302.00Hit-6: $4,451.00Rolling Triple: $1,182.00Pick-4 : $2,688.00Super-6: $33,162.50MCKAY SECURITY LTD TROPHYRace 7 1820 M (Purse $750,000) 4YO&UP CLM($180,0)-START FOR $180,0 SINCE 1/9&NB5YO&UP(MDN)(DIV.I)*1. GRAN CORAZON KPowell 54.02. THE REAL RHYTHM JAnderson 54.0 1L3. SERIOUS BUSINESS DDawkins4 52.0 9L4. VERONICA B ADancel 53.5 2 1/2LWIN: $193.00PLACE: $101.00, $111.00, $141.00Final Time: 2:03.0 Splits: 27.2, 52.3, 1:19.0, 1:47.3Winner : 6yo b mare – KEYED ENTRY – SOUFFLERTrainer : WILFRED CHIN Owner: WILFRED A CHINBred by DACOSTA FARMS LIMITEDQu: $1,018.00 Ex: $1,324.00D/E: $493.00Superfecta: $153,438.00Rolling Triple: $868.00Race 8 1600 M (Purse $590,000) 3-Y-O & UP CLM($450,0-$400,0)/NB5YO(NW4)THE ENGINEER/ TOTE DEPARTMENT PLAQUE*1. BOLD AVIATOR AChatrie 54.02. UNBREAKABLE CBudhai 52.0 8L3. FLYING MIRACLE RHalledeen 54.0 3 1/4L4. STAR NEW VISTA JPatterson4 50.0 Neck5. SIR SOUTH SMuir 54.0 1LWIN: $100.00PLACE: $76.00, $95.00, $162.00Final Time : 1:40.2 Splits : 23.4, 46.3, 1:12.2Winner : 5yo ch colt – REGION OF MERIT – CLASSY CHANELTrainer : GARY SUBRATIE Owner : TEST PILOTSBred by REEVES, EVERDEEN MAXWELLQu: $372.00 Ex: $737.00D/E: $608.00Trifecta: $1,199.00Hi-5: $11,001.50Rolling Triple: $2,057.00MCKAY SECURITY LTD TROPHYRace 9 1820 M (Purse $750,000) 4YO&UP CLM($180,0)-START FOR $180,0 SINCE 1/9&NB5YO&UP(MDN)(DIV.II)1. PERFECT FLYER SEllis 57.0*2. WATER WAVE WHenry 54.0 14L3. POWERFUL RED AntThomas4 55.0 6L4. SIRMANDI SMuir 56.0 9/5 HeadLate scratch : UNBRIDLED ROCK, GOFORTHEGLORYWIN: $124.00PLACE: $70.00, $65.00, $110.00Final Time : 2:02.1 Splits : 28.3, 54.0, 1:19.3, 1:47.2Winner : 8yo b horse – DAYTON FLYER – PERFECT STORMTrainer: DWIGHT CHEN Owner : HAMARK FARMSBred by Y.S. (1955) LTD.Qu: $283.00 Ex: $435.00D/E: $280.00Superfecta: $2,651.00Rolling Triple: $1,939.00Race 10 1200 M (Purse $530,000) NB4-Y-O & UP RESTRICTED ALLOWANCE V(NW2)THE PROPERTY/ GARAGE DEPARTMENT PLAQUE1. RAS EMANUEL DaneNelson 53.0*2. TROJAN RHalledeen 55.0 2L3. COMMANDING AVIATOR AChatrie 53.0 3/4L4. TWILIGHT CITIZEN JPatterson4 51.0 Neck5. SUPERTRONICS OFoster 53.0 NeckWIN: $302.00PLACE: $147.00, $90.00, $127.00Final Time : 1:15.1 Splits : 22.4, 46.4, ,Winner : 4yo b colt – BURNING MARQUE – PLEASANT PRINCESSTrainer: PETER MCMASTER Owner : MISS SUCKIEBred by ELAINE MCMASTERQu: $989.00 Ex: $1,428.00D/E: $787.00Trifecta: $2,498.00Hi-5: $48,842.50Rolling Triple: $1,795.00Pick-4: $9,656.00Super-6 : $7,184.10Pick-9: $513,431.50PlacePot 8: $1,080.00last_img read more

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first_imgThe Charley’s JB Rum Western Confederation Super League returns from the Christmas break with a full slate of matches down to be contested. The schedule includes a tough matchup between Group One leaders Salt Marsh United and Savannah SC. Match time is 3 p.m. at the Frome Sports Complex.Salt Marsh will put their perfect start to the season on the line against one of the brand-name teams in the competition, having already logged six points from two matches before the one-week break.They will be keen on making it three in a row and condemn one of the big-name teams to another loss.The other matches in the group are Granville (third in Group One) up against Montego Bay Boys and Girls Club (MBBGC) at the Granville Community Centre.Petersfield FC, second in the group on three points, host Lucea FC at the Petersfield Sports Ground.GROUPTWOMeanwhile, in Group Two, top club Beaches Negril (four points), after two matches, travel to tackle Sandals Whitehouse.The Aaron Lawrence-coached Sandals Whitehouse team are off to a slow start by their standards and will be in for all three points against their cousin team from Negril.Sandals are yet to win a match so far this season after two tries and will need a strong defensive display to keep Beaches at bay.Also featuring today is Reggae Youths versus Clarks Town at the UDC field in Montego Bay, while two former winners, Wadadah and Village United, meet at the Elleston Wakeland Centre.Village are in dire need of a victory, though that will be tough against this strong Wadadah team, who are currently second in the group with three points.All matches start at 3 p.m.last_img read more

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first_imgMark Sears, a 40-year-old plumber and father of two, was on Friday made to answer to a charge of break and enter when he appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts.He denied that he had broken and entered the dwelling house of Natoya McPharley at Hadfield Street, Lodge on January 2, 2018, and from there had stolen one handbag valued at $4500, three cell phones, and cash and other items valued at $100,000.According to the Prosecution’s case, on the day of the robbery, the virtual complainant (VC) was awakened at around 04:00h by strange sounds being made. Upon investigation, she noticed that her bedroom had been ransacked. Whilst carrying out further inspection, she noticed Sears and another person in her home, and she raised an alarm.The Prosecution is contending that Sears and his accomplice managed to escape, but Sears was later apprehended and charged by Police.Police Prosecutor Gordon Mansfield did not object to the defendant being placed on bail, and same was set in the sum of $150,000. The case will continue on February 9.last_img read more

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first_imgPolice Commissioner Seelall Persaud will be given a traditional send-off as he proceeds on pre-retirement leave after recording more than 30 years’ service in that law-enforcement institution. His farewell parade has been scheduled for the afternoon of Wednesday, February 28, at the Police Sports Club Ground at Eve Leary, Kingston Georgetown.During his final address as Commissioner, at the annual Police Officers Conference last week, Persaud, who is set to retire in April 2018, said: “I have had a wonderful journey, but I do look forward to entering the next phase of my life… I have nothing but best wishes for the Guyana Police Force and for Guyana.”Persaud last month told reporters the legacy he would leave behind after retiring is reflected in the work he had done for over 30 years in the Guyana Police Force.Police Commissioner Seelall Persaud“I’m not into making legacy. My entire work in the Force was to address issues to meet the objective of the Force, and I never really considered (making a) legacy; but what is there you all know,” he told media operatives in his first public interview since his return from an accumulated six months’ leave.Since being appointed Police Commissioner, Persaud has spearheaded several projects — including the highly successful Social Crime Prevention Programme – all aimed at boosting public trust in the Police Force. However, according to the Top Cop, he is most proud of the establishment of the Fallen Heroes Foundation.“The Fallen Heroes Foundation (is) providing welfare and education assistance to children of Police Officers who were killed in the line of duty,” the Police Commissioner stated.Persaud was appointed acting Top Cop back in 2014, following the retirement of Commissioner Leroy Brummell. He was Head of the Criminal Investigations Department at the time. He was then confirmed as Top Cop the following year by President David Granger.Persaud resumed duties in mid-January 2018 after being sent on two months “special leave” back in November, when he had returned from four months annual leave. That move was translated by social commentators as Persaud getting the boot. However, the Head of State had subsequently explained that the Top Cop was not asked to proceed on administrative leave, but was merely asked to use up his remaining annual leave. He noted that the coalition Government was not in favour of public servants accumulating leave which sometimes result in them requesting payment for that time.Nevertheless, there were uncertainties over Persaud’s return in light of recommendations made following a Commission of Inquiry into the Guyana Police Force’s handling of allegations of plans to assassinate President Granger.On March 29, Andriff Gillard reported to the Police that his friend and neighbour, Nizam Khan, had offered him $7 million to assassinate the President. He said the offer was made during a conversation between Khan and himself after he had approached Khan to borrow $6 million to purchase a property.Following the allegation, President Granger had commissioned an inquiry to investigate how the Police had done their investigation of the allegation, and to make recommendations to address flaws and shortcomings of the Police Force.Retired Assistant Police Commissioner Paul Slowe headed that CoI, and in his recommendations, Slowe suggested that disciplinary actions be taken against Police Commissioner Persaud, and that he be made to resign and be investigated for perjury.However, Minister Ramjattan had stated that he was not in agreement with all of the recommendations of the report, and had noted that before the recommendations could be acted upon, they would have to be deliberated at Cabinet level. The Public Security Minister had related to this newspaper last month that Commissioner Persaud would remain on the job until his retirement.last_img read more

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first_imgNEW YORK (AP) – Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. offered to buy Dow Jones & Co. for $5 billion, but the deal, which would add The Wall Street Journal to Murdoch’s global media empire, faces doubtful prospects since Dow Jones’ controlling shareholders said Tuesday they would vote against it. Clinching ownership of The Wall Street Journal would mark a huge coup for the 76-year old media mogul, landing Murdoch the most authoritative voice in the world of business journalism as well as key know-how and personnel as News Corp. gears up to launch a business-oriented cable news channel to rival CNBC, which first broke news of the proposal earlier Tuesday. The offer of $60 per share represents a huge premium of about 65 percent over Dow Jones’ closing share price on Monday. However, Dow Jones said late Tuesday that the Bancroft family, the company’s controlling shareholders, said they would vote shares representing just over 50 percent of the company’s voting power against the deal. That leaves Murdoch with the option of making a sweeter offer, or it could open the door to other potential bidders. When informed of the Bancrofts’ opposition to his proposal during a live interview with Neil Cavuto on Fox News Channel, which is owned by News Corp., Murdoch said he hoped they would think about the offer, and that his company would be “great guardians” of the storied newspaper. “There’s plenty of time,” Murdoch said. The union representing Dow Jones employees, the Independent Association of Publishers’ Employees, was harshly critical of the prospect of being owned by Murdoch and issued a statement saying that the bid was opposed by the staff “from top to bottom.” “Mr. Murdoch has shown a willingness to crush quality and independence, and there is no reason to think he would handle Dow Jones or the Journal any differently,” the union said. “Despite our differences of opinion with current management, we strongly encourage the Bancrofts to continue to stand up for the institution’s independence, and to walk away from this offer.” Dow Jones’ shares shot up $19.87, or 54.7 percent, to close at $56.20 in very heavy volume on the New York Stock Exchange after reaching as high as $58.47. They had traded in a 52-week range of $32.16 to $40.08 before Tuesday’s news. News Corp. shares fell $1.01, or 4.2 percent, to $22.99. Like several other newspaper owners, Dow Jones is controlled by a family through a special class of stock. But unlike the Grahams at The Washington Post Co. or the Sulzbergers at the New York Times Co., the Bancrofts do not have an active hand in running the company. The company raised the ire of shareholder advocates two years ago by making changes to its rules that would allow the Bancroft family to maintain voting control even if they liquidate part of their holdings. According to Dow Jones’ most recent proxy statement, the family owns 24.7 of the economic interest in the company and controls 64.2 percent of the shareholder vote. News Corp.’s main businesses are now in television and entertainment – including the Fox News Channel, the Fox broadcast network and the Twentieth Century Fox movie studio – but Murdoch, who is now 76, got his start in newspapers and still owns many of them in England and Australia, in addition to the New York Post. Murdoch has long been know to have an interest in owning Dow Jones, although he said in a public interview in February that he had been “cooling” on the idea and doubted that the Bancroft family would sell. However, he also said at the time that the Journal had a “wonderful brand” and could be doing more to go up against The New York Times. In his interview Tuesday on Fox News Channel, Murdoch said he thought the Journal would be better off as part of a larger media company and could do more to increase its circulation and presence online. Murdoch made a name for himself as a tough competitor in the newspaper world and recently ramped up the circulation of the gossip-heavy New York Post with a 25-cent cover price. The Post, which has lost tens of millions of dollars a year, raised its price to 50 cents Monday. Like other newspaper publishers, Dow Jones’ shares have been beaten down over the past few years amid sluggish advertising and rapidly changing media consumption habits as more readers and advertising dollars move to the Internet. The offer from Murdoch comes during an unprecedented level of acquisition activity in the industry. Earlier this month, Tribune Co. agreed to go private in an $8 billion deal led by real estate investor Sam Zell, and last year, McClatchy Co. acquired what was then the second-largest newspaper publisher in the country, Knight Ridder Inc., following a shareholder revolt. At the same time, the New York Times Co. is facing investor unrest over its own sluggish financial performance. Last week, shareholders withheld 42 percent of their votes for directors, a public rebuke to the Sulzberger family, which controls the company. In addition to The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones also publishes Dow Jones Newswires, Barron’s, several leading market indicators including the Dow Jones industrial average and a group of community newspapers. News Corp. also owns the popular social networking site MySpace and satellite broadcasters in Europe and Asia. AP Business Writer Jeremy Herron contributed to this report. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

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first_imgFormer Arsenal star Nigel Winterburn believes securing a second FA Cup triumph in a row will fire them to a Premier League title challenge next season.The Gunners fought back from 2-0 down to beat Hull City 3-2 last year, lifting their first major trophy since 2004.This time out they face Aston Villa at Wembley after ending the season third in the table following successive fourth place finishes.And former left-back Winterburn reckons winning the cup again will allow Arsene Wenger to significantly bolster their squad and prepare for a title tilt.He told the Weekend Sports Breakfast: “I still think the FA Cup is very, very important to Arsenal football club who are still in, what I consider, a new period. They’ve had that period where they didn’t win anything for such a long time.“The pressure was really on them last season but they really do nearly need to back that up this season to show they’re making progress to a club which can be considered to be winning trophies“They have to progress again then next season, hopefully strengthen that team again to go on and challenge again for the Premier League title because that’s what the Arsenal fans now want.”last_img read more

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first_imgEvery now and again, Congress will surprise us with a sound economic decision that feeds, rather than starves, the national economy. Consider the House vote last week to shield millions of Americans from the unfair and outdated Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) a Christmas feast 40 years in the making. Never mind the politicians’ desire to look as if they are giving taxpayers something in a season that conveniently includes holidays and elections. The end result is good – rewriting a definition of “rich” that has not been adjusted for inflation since 1969. Nearly 21 million Americans won protection from the AMT – at least for their 2007 returns. This one-year, made-for-the-primaries deal could mean an average of $2,000 per eligible taxpayer. That translates into an estimated $50 billion staying in the pockets of those who earned it. That is not enough money to jump-start the nation’s consumer-fueled economy, or even overcome the credit crunch, but it certainly will convince some to spend a little more and help others take a bite out of their debt. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MORECoach Doc Rivers a “fan” from way back of Jazz’s Jordan ClarksonThe only real surprise was that 64 House Democrats voted against revoking the AMT, arguing that it needed to be offset by another tax increase or spending cut. The AMT is illustrative of how bad policy manages to hang around indefinitely until someone raises a stink. The AMT was originally forced on taxpayers who earn more than $150,000 a year during the Nixon administration. That was a lot of money back then – about $850,000 in today’s dollars – but the spend-happy members of Congress never adjusted the burden for inflation. Now 150 grand a year is still nothing to sneer at, but in urban Southern California it places an earner in the upper reaches of the middle class. It takes an income of about $133,000 a year to buy a median-priced home in Los Angeles County with the kind of mortgage that is not designed with bank repossession in mind. Members of Congress will surely expect votes in return for this holiday gift. But the politicians can’t expect to receive universal praise until Congress kills the law for good.last_img read more

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first_imgTir Chonaill Gaels Club Notes 10/12/2012: All-Ireland Club QF:This Sunday 16th December the club will bring down the curtain on a most memorable year as we lock horns with Munster champions Dr Crokes of Kerry for a place in the All-Ireland club semi finals.As things go you could say we couldn’t have wrote a better script with the seniors winning the league, championship and Conway cup, the reserves winning the double, our ladies in their first season getting to the championship final and our all English born team getting to the London junior championship final.So you would say surely we would be content with all of that, think not, on Sunday our senior team will take to the field at Ruislip for our fourteenth attempt to break our hoodoo at this stage. So much hard work has been done this year on and off the field and we ask all club members and friends of the club to come out in force as we go to battle with the Munster kingpins. Throw-in for the game is at 1-30pm. Poker Classic:This Friday 14th December see’s the return of our popular poker classic in partnership with bookmakers BET365 at the clubhouse with a 7-30pm start.This event always creates a lot of interest with a good nights Craic guaranteed, entry fee for poker is £50 which includes a free pint and hot buffet.Maurice Carr who has won this for the last two years (sober) says he will take it easy this time around and will have the beer goggles on.There is only a limited number of 90 places available so book your seat early by contacting club secretary Stephen Mc Loughlin on 07788 723922.25 Card Drive:The club will host a 25 card drive on Thursday 20th December at the clubhouse with a 8pm start time. Entry fee is £5, hampers to be won and other spot prizes.Contact Adrian on 07813 943364 for more details.Lottery:Lotto results for 6th December 2012. Jackpot £2,750Numbers drawn 1-9-17-20No jackpot winners£25 lucky dip winnersTommy Moriarty c/o TCG,Paddy Burke, c/o TCG,Eamon Mc Conville, c/o TCG,David Harrington, c/o TCGThis week’s draw takes place in the clubhouse on Thursday 13th with a jackpot of £2,800, play online at www.tirchonaillgaels.comGAA NEWS: TIR CHONAILL GAELS CLUB NOTES was last modified: December 10th, 2012 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:TIR CHONAILL GAELS CLUB NOTESlast_img read more

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first_imgI like wide-open passing offenses with four receivers and one fast running back, which is the preferred style of football in these parts. Lots of scoring, lots of big plays, lots of excitement. I don’t like the near-extinction of fullbacks. There’s nothing better than a dependable, hard-nosed runner who bulldozes tacklers. … I like Hart quarterback Tyler Lyon being such a high-profile recruit, with eight Division I scholarship offers. Trying to figure out where he’ll end up is always an interesting topic of conversation. I don’t like worrying about someone else getting the scoop on Lyon’s decision. I’m obsessed about remaining in the loop in what figures to be a national story. … No matter how tempting it is to watch games up top, I don’t like escaping from the sidelines. It’s a thrill to be so close to the action. … I like watching cheerleaders do cartwheels and other acrobatic maneuvers, giving them the opportunity to prove they’re athletic and not just pretty faces. I don’t like hearing cheerleaders scream into a microphone all night. By the third quarter, I’m usually willing to trade $20 or so for the microphone. … I like the new artificial turf. It looks great, the players like it – and my car remains mud-free on the drive home following games. !arrowI don’t like the soccer lines. … I like the pageantry of marching bands, dance teams, drill teams, etc. The more spirit – and the more opportunities for students to be directly involved with the football program – the better. I don’t like the absence of school mascots. Doesn’t anyone want to dress up in one of those oversized costumes anymore? … I like surfing the Internet to track the progress of former players through college or, in Kyle Boller’s case, the NFL. I don’t like devoting too much newspaper coverage to such players who have graduated and moved on. I’m a high school sports nut, and I always will be. I wish all of our former Foothill League standouts the best during their college careers, but when they go, they go. … I like covering homecoming games because there’s more energy and excitement in the air, plus a chance to make acquaintances with past graduates – and it’s nice to see the kids in the homecoming court all dressed up. I don’t like half-hour halftimes, no matter what the occasion. Homecoming games make for a long night. … I like PA announcers who have been around for a long time. Nobody loves his job more, and they provide an important service. I don’t like such announcers to give opinions or commentary of any kind. Although a lot of them are volunteers, it’s not professional. Just the facts, please. … I like kickers who reach the end zone, because it’s not easy for prep kickers to do so. I don’t like the high school rule disallowing kick returns from beyond the goal line. What could be more exciting than a 100-yard touchdown? And, finally, I like making a living by reporting on high school sports, particularly football. For me, there isn’t a better job on earth. I don’t like failing to find a clever way to end my columns. Gerry Gittelson’s column appears in the Daily News three times a week. He can be reached at (661) 257-5218 or local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREWalnut’s Malik Khouzam voted Southern California Boys Athlete of the Week I like the feel-good stories surrounding Valencia’s program, particularly the arrival of Hurricane Katrina evacuees Brian and Stephen DeBose from St. Augustine High in New Orleans. I don’t like the silly whispers that the DeBose brothers were recruited. The poor kids escaped with only the clothes on their backs, and they happen to have an aunt who lives in Valencia. … I love hard contact, particularly the sound of helmets colliding. There’s nothing more thrilling than watching a blocker trample a defender or seeing a potential receiver get creamed while going over the middle. I don’t like all the injuries associated with football. Since I’ve become a father of two young daughters, I cringe when a youngster gets hurt. … I like the new press boxes at Valencia and Canyon. They’re roomy and state-of-the-art compared to most of the accommodations in the San Fernando Valley. last_img read more