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first_imgAfter failing to account for several items belonging to Cllr. Moiffie Kanneh, SN Brussels Airlines, one of the leading commercial airlines operating in the country, has been taken to the Civil Law Court and sued to pay US$1,012,010 in damages.In his Action of Damages for Wrong filed in court, lawyers representing Kanneh are demanding that SN Brussels Airline be held liable to pay US$12,010 as special damages and US$1,000,000 as general damages for the “inconveniencies, serious embarrassment, humiliation, mental anguish the defendant’s action has caused him to the extent that he cannot interact freely with his friends and other relatives.”Kanneh’s lawyers also asked the court to award their client punitive damages in any amount it would deem necessary for the airline’s wrongful handling of his luggage.Some of the missing items in the luggage, according to the plaintiff, include a Samsung HTC and Black Beret phone, several items of clothing, drugs and medical material, as well as, watches, and camera.The suit alleges that on July 18, 2015, Kanneh, who is an employee of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL), decided to take his annual vacation last year in the United States, where he would spend time with his family, relatives and friends.Based on that, he went to the management of SN Brussels and purchased a round trip ticket that would afford him the opportunity to travel to the US and back to Liberia.After staying a few weeks in the US, Kanneh chose to return home to resume work at UNMIL.Unfortunately, on August 4, after Kanneh disembarked from Flight 124 at the Roberts International Airport, he alleged that he was told that one of his luggages could not be located.He was also informed by the airline that his luggage may have been placed on another flight and was therefore told by the company to give them a few days to check with other connecting flights to see if his luggage would be identified.According to the court record, Kanneh agreed because some of the items in the missing luggage were belongings of other people who went to his house to take delivery of their properties sent by their relatives residing in the US.The document further alleged that after several calls and conversations, on August 13, Cllr. Kanneh was informed by one Benedict, who was then designated representative of the airline, to fill out a Baggage Inventory Form and to make a full listing of the items that were contained in the luggage.In compliance with Benedict’s request, Kanneh alleged, he listed the items in the missing bag.Besides, the records alleged the management of SN Brussels advised Kanneh to do a formal complaint to the Customer Relations Section of the airline, which he did.While waiting for a response, Konneh claimed that he sent several letters as reminders to the company, but unfortunately he did not receive any positive result. Instead, the airline promised that they were still looking into the matter.“Some of the items contained in the missing luggage belong to other people who have written our client expressing their disgust and questioning his hard earned reputation, which he built over the years,” the lawyers stated in their suit, adding “he received several letters from owners of some of the missing items also expressing dissatisfaction over the manner in which our client was handling the issue of their items that were entrusted into the care of Kanneh.”“No matter how much explanation he gives, people are still doubting him saying that he has converted those items into his personal use and is only trying to give frivolous excuse or cover-up stories to lie on the airline,” the lawyers said in their lawsuit.Therefore, the lawyers said the action of the SN Brussels management has caused serious injury to his reputation and embarrassment to his character as a lawyer and statesman to the extent he is unable to move freely, because everywhere he goes, especially among his friends and relatives, people would ask him about their missing items.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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first_imgDeath at Suddie Public HospitalThe Essequibo Coast, Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) teen, who succumbed at the Suddie Public Hospital while being treated for pain in his ankle, died as a result of blood poisoning, a Post-Mortem Examination (PME) revealed.Dead teen: Rabindra KhagaramThe PME conducted by Dr Nehaul Singh revealed that 14-year-old Rabindra Khagaram of Henrietta, Essequibo, blood became septic. The teen, a former student of the Anna Regina Multilateral School, died on Monday after he was taken to the hospital crying out for pain in his ankle. Reports are Khagaram began complaining of pain in his ankle on Sunday while he was celebrating his 14th birthday. Reports are the teen started crying out for pain his left ankle and as such, he was taken to the Suddie Public Hospital.According to relatives, the teen was given an injection and antibiotics. He was sent away and upon arrival at home, he went to bed since he told relatives that he was feeling drowsy. His mother told Guyana Times that soon after her son woke up, he started to cry out for chest pains and without hesitation, he was rushed back to the hospital. The grieving mother said that her son was seen by another doctor, who administered another injection and prescribed some tablets. At about 02:00h on Monday morning, the mother went to her son’s room to check on his condition but found that his body was extremely cold and he was perspiring heavily.Again, she took him back to the hospital where he was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) but took his last breath a few hours later. The grieving mother said that the teen was their eldest son.The young man leaves to mourn his parents and a brother.last_img read more

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first_imgFifteen months after it was elected on a pro-youth platform with promises to thousands of jobs for youths, getting them more involved in the decision-making process at the national level, and channel more resources for their development, the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) coalition Government is coming in for some harsh criticisms for its about-turn on these promises, particularly with regards to creating employment.The APNU/AFC in its 2015 Election Manifesto stated that it was willing and ready to create jFormer Commerce Minister and current Opposition Member of Parliament Irfaan Aliobs for all the youths in Guyana.But now, 15 months later, former Commerce Minister and current opposition Member of Parliament Irfaan Ali, a youth advocate himself, is lambasting the government for what he described as “broken promises and idle chatter.”Ali said the government has swiftly changed its tune of creating youth employment to now telling young people to “find your own jobs”, recalling that no less a person than President David Granger declaring that creating employment is not government’s business, a line echoed by Minister of Finance Winston Jordan.“Job seekers should go to the small business place and start a business instead of looking for a job,” Jordan was quoted as saying.This was coupled with a recent charge by Minister of Agriculture Noel Holder to graduates to start their own businesses if they have difficulties securing jobs.“Based on these utterances, it is clear that the government has absolutely no intention of fulfilling its promise to the youth by providing them with better paying jobs that would offer the kind of satisfaction our ministers enjoy from the 50 per cent increase in salary. Instead the coalition government seems to be more interested in deluding the youths again by parroting ‘entrepreneurship’ as the panacea for youth unemployment,” Ali said in a statement.He said while one cannot dispute that entrepreneurship may help in reducing unemployment in Guyana, it should be noted that the government is simply loud on the rhetoric but silent with on offering fiscal and other measures to assist entrepreneurs and small businesses.“Where are the fiscal measures to promote entrepreneurship or small businesses in Guyana? Or to put the question differently, what is the government doing to help small businesses?” Ali said, is the big question.He said given its inability to deliver jobs for the youths, the coalition government is now attempting to dupe young people into starting their own business.“However, the coalition stopped short of informing the youths that it has done little to support businesses since assuming office last year. As a matter of fact, the coalition has punished businesses with more taxes, destroyed the enabling environment created by the PPP to support businesses, unleashed political creatures like SARU/SOCU to criminalise legitimate businesses, and is focused on making it hard for entrepreneurs and small businesses to operate in Georgetown,” Ali declared.As a matter of fact, Ali, who shares the honour of being one of the youngest cabinet ministers in Guyana, said the measures presented in the last two budgets were more harmful to businesses, pointing to the increase in more than 150 licence fees, ranging from hucksters to rice millers.“Businesses are dying. This is evident from the negative growth reported for all the key sectors. The exponential growth in non-performing loans also confirms that businesses are in distress. At the end of March 2016 non-performing loans accounted for 11.7 per cent of the total loans offered by all the commercial banks. Even more worrying is the fact that some banks reported ratios of non-performing loans to total loans as high as 25.57 per cent, 10.51 per cent and 11.12 per cent and reserves for loan losses as a percentage of non-performing loans at the lowest level over the last 5 years. For the first time in over one decade the country is faced with economic stagnation and a quiet financial crisis,” Ali declared.He supported his contention with data provided by Minister Jordan during his 2016 Half Year review, which he said could only lead one to conclude that small businesses are partly responsible for the $6.4 billion reported as non-tax revenue for the first six months of 2016.The amount collected as non-tax revenue from the private sector during 2016 was twice the level reported for the corresponding periods in 2015 and three times the level during the first half of 2014, he pointed out.The opposition MP said the private sector was dealt further blows when government moved to amend the Value-Added Tax Act to impose 16 per cent VAT on large capital equipment thereby crippling rice farmers, small gold miners, and manufacturing businesses.“Where are the fiscal measures to help small businesses?” or as the Americans would put the question “where is the beef?” he asked, adding that government did not end here, as it is now working to impose higher land rental on leased lands that would further cripple small farmers across the country, despite the abysmal performance of the agriculture, fishing and forestry sectors, which contracted by 10 per cent during the first half of 2016.He said the rice sector, which recorded unprecedented output levels under the PPP/C, took the hardest hit during the first half of 2016 by recording a 26.2 per cent decline in output due to the mishandling of the PetroCaribe agreement and unwillingness of the government to help the farmers with markets.Tax write-offTurning his attention to government’s decision to give tax waivers to selected large businesses, Ali said while the government is squeezing small businesses on one hand, on the other hand it is simultaneously offering selected businesses, such as Demerara Distillers Limited tax write-offs that will cost the country billions in revenue.“As we speak another manufacturing business is likely to benefit similarly since it is preparing to take the government to court for the payment of excise taxes. Since our Attorney General is generous, we can look out for more out of court settlements that will favour the big businesses,” Ali claimed.He said besides imposing high taxes, the coalition government cannot escape blame for the economic morass that is strangulating local businesses, as almost a year-and-a-half after it came to office there is no comprehensive macroeconomic plan for Guyana.Ali also accused government of crippling retail and wholesale businesses in the city, pointing to decisions by the APNU/AFC-controlled City Council to remove pavement vendors, imposed an unconscionable $5000 container fee and attempts to install parking meters.last_img read more

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first_imgCheck out this stunning strike from Kaizer Chiefs midfielder Siphiwe Tshabalala at the weekend. Take a bow, son!last_img

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first_imgTHE young black man hesitated as he stood outside the small furniture manufacturing shop in South Los Angeles. He was dressed neatly, and he was well-groomed. He eyed the building warily. The sign on the narrow glass door in English and Spanish, read “help wanted” and “trabajo aqui.” The opening was for a shop helper, mostly to sweep up and do routine cleanup and maintenance. It did not require any education or special skills. It paid minimum wage, as did the thousands of shops that dotted the area. There was no employee health-care plan or other benefits. After a moment, he went in and politely asked for an application. The petite receptionist, a young Latina, handed him an application form, with an airy nonchalance. She curtly suggested that he fill it out and bring it back. When he asked if there would be an interview, she haltingly said, only if there was a position open. The young man looked perplexed, glanced at the help-wanted sign, politely thanked her and left. A couple of hours later, two other young Latinos came in to apply. One was immediately hired. The other was told that another helper job might open up within the next few days. The workers in the shop as in nearly all the other shops in the area were Latinos, a large percentage of whom were illegal immigrants. There were no other blacks, whites, or even English-speaking native-born Latino workers in the plant or few other shops in the area. This is not a fictional story. I personally witnessed the scene at the company involving the black job seeker. Anti-illegal immigration activists say the experience of the young black job-seeker has played out thousands of times at restaurants, in hotels, on farms and at manufacturing plants nationally, and this is a major reason so many young black males are unemployed, join gangs, deal drugs and pack America’s jails. When Congress hammers out a comprehensive immigration reform law, it still won’t answer the question if the estimated 10 million to 12 million illegal immigrants in the country take jobs from American citizens, especially the bottom- rung American workers, the young, the poor, and more often than not, African-American workers. What if, though, the young black job-seeker or any other American looking for work in a low-end manufacturing plant or a restaurant in Los Angeles were offered that job, which probably pays minimum wage and doesn’t offer any benefits or job security. Would he take it? Maybe yes, maybe no. The reams of studies on the impact of illegal immigration on American jobs give conflicting, confusing and flat-out contradictory answers. They are eagerly seized on by anti- and pro-illegal immigration advocates to make a case for their side. But it’s certainly hard to imagine that a young black from South Los Angeles not to mention a native-born young white or Latino from Van Nuys or Woodland Hills going out to the fields to pick strawberries for 10 to 12 hours a day in the hot sun, at minimum or even sub-minimum wages. Or that they’d take a job at a carwash or bus dishes in a restaurant. But what if the farm contractors, carwash owners and manufacturers paid a living wage and provided benefits? It might be a different story, at least for some young people in Los Angeles. Then there’s the regional factor. There is some evidence that young American workers will work jobs in the South and the Midwest jobs that have long been designated as jobs that only illegal immigrants will work that is, if those jobs were offered to them. But when employers give the quick brushoff to young blacks and other young American workers that are willing to take lower-end jobs, they send the not-so-subtle message that these workers are not wanted or welcome. This is a powerful disincentive to pursue work in these taboo areas of the job market. The end result is that an entire category of jobs at the bottom rung of American industry is clearly marked as “Latino only.” The debate over whether illegal immigrants hurt young poor, unskilled American workers is not confined to low-end jobs. A decade ago, the only Latino on the U.S. Postal Service’s Board of Governors ignited a mild spark of protest when he charged that blacks were over-represented in the post office. He cited a Government Accounting Office report on the numbers of blacks in the L.A. post office and aggressively called for more Latinos to be hired to correct the imbalance. His call for more Latinos, and presumably fewer blacks, was tantamount to a call for the service to tilt its hiring practices toward Latinos. That touched a raw nerve with many blacks. It came on the heels of a GAO study that found fewer and fewer blacks were getting jobs as janitors in L.A. The jobs are now being taken by foreign-born workers, many of them illegal immigrants. This reinforced black fears that they were losing even more economic ground, this time not to whites but to Latinos, many of whom were illegal immigrants. The fear in this case was justified. Still, the young black in Los Angeles and other cities who illegal-immigration opponents cite as proof that illegal immigration is ruinous for the economy and the urban poor may or may not have lost out in his job hunt to an illegal immigrant. He might also have lost out because of discrimination, poor education, government budget slashes and the flight of manufacturers to other countries. Nonetheless, government still must ensure that American workers have the right and opportunity to work in any and all industries. That would do much to calm the fury of many Americans who worry that illegal immigration sledgehammers at least some American workers. Congress and the Bush administration must not ignore that worry. Earl Ofari Hutchinson is a political analyst, social issues commentator and frequent contributor to the Daily News. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREOregon Ducks football players get stuck on Disney ride during Rose Bowl event160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

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first_imgDiego Simeone has expressed his desire to continue as head coach at Atletico Madrid in a move that should disappoint a number of his high-profile suitors.The Argentinian has guided Atletico to the LaLiga title and into two Champions League finals during his six seasons in charge, and with every passing year his reputation on the continent has grown.Serie A underachievers Inter Milan are reportedly keen to hire Simeone as Stefano Pioli’s long-term successor while the former Lazio player has also been linked with Premier League club Arsenal.Simeone, 47, said on Saturday he would hold talks with the Atletico board about his future in Madrid and, following the 3-1 victory over Athletic Bilbao that saw his side finish third, he had made a decision.Quoted in Marca, he said: “Journalists continually ask me if I am going to stay. Yes, I am going to stay. Do you know why I’m going to stay? Because this club has a future and that future is all of us.”Sunday’s match was the last at the Vicente Calderon as Atletico prepare to move into their new Wanda Metropolitano stadium for the start of the 2017-18 season.“I am grateful to all those who have passed through this place,” Simeone added from the middle of the Calderon pitch. “The players, the coaches and the directors. All those who have built this club.“For us the feelings run really deep. Other clubs might have more money, more trophies, but they will never be able to match the feelings that we all have for Atletico.” 1 The Argentinian has guided Atleti to the LaLiga title and into two Champions League finals last_img read more

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first_imgStory Links 2016-17 Men’s Basketball Preseason Notes Live Stats Live Audio center_img Buy Tickets DES MOINES, Iowa – The Drake University men’s basketball team hosts Concordia-St. Paul in its lone exhibition contest on the season on Saturday, Nov. 5, in the Knapp Center. Tipoff is scheduled for 5 p.m. following the women’s exhibition against Mid America Nazarene at 2 p.m.  The exhibition will be fans’ first opportunity to get a look at the 2016-17 Bulldogs prior to next Friday’s season opener against South Dakota.Fans in attendance at Saturday’s exhibition will also receive a limited number of 2016-17 schedule posters.The Bulldogs take to the Knapp Center court led by preseason All-Missouri Valley Conference selection Reed Timmer (New Berlin, Wis.) who is the MVC’s top returning scorer after averaging 16.8 points per game as a sophomore in 2015-16. In addition to Timmer, the team returns five other players that saw time in the starting five last season and eight players who averaged 10 or more minutes per game.Added to that mix are a pair of junior college transfers that will be making their Knapp Center debut in De’Antae McMurray (Alton, Ill.) and T.J. Thomas (Stone Mountain, Ga.). McMurray averaged 11.5 points and 5.1 assists per game as a point guard at Southwestern Illinois College while Thomas averaged 7.7 points and 6.8 rebounds per game in one season at Tyler Junior College. The Bulldogs also welcome a pair redshirts back to the fold in center Kory Kuenstling (Dunkerton, Iowa) and Johannes Dolven (Oslo, Norway).Concordia-St. Paul already has one exhibition win under its belt this year, a 73-65 win over Northland on Wednesday evening. The Golden Bears shot 43.4 percent from the field and enjoyed a 24-rebound advantage in the win. Bryndan Matthews led the team with 16 points and 15 rebounds. The sophomore is the team’s top returning scorer having averaged 11.6 points and 5.5 rebounds per game while connecting on 46.8 percent of his shots from the floor.Following Saturday’s exhibition, the Bulldogs return to the practice court prior to opening the season in earnest on Friday, Nov. 11, against South Dakota. Tipoff for the opener is set for 8:35 p.m. at the Knapp Center.Print Friendly Versionlast_img read more

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first_imgA Donegal sports club is doing its bit to ensure special needs pre-schools are not left behind.Following the Let Me, Be Me! Campaign to preserve specialist pre-schools in Donegal, it is important to highlight the importance of these schools in this county. One of the two schools which is under threat of closure, following a decision to cut resource teaching hours to school children with special needs, is Ballaghderg Special Needs Pre-School in Letterkenny.Three Rivers Badminton which is based in the Oak Tree Business Park, Killygordon has been very active over the last few years in not only trying to highlight and develop the sport of badminton in this county but also to use the growth of the club to highlight and raise funds for local groups.Through one of the clubs’ families, Three Rivers got involved with Ballaghderg Pre-School with the intentions of raising enough money for an iPad for the school.Through various events ran during the season by the club and assistance from the clubs sponsor, Kelly’s of Mountain Top Letterkenny, €300 was raised for Ballaghderg Pre-School. Following the emphasis on the work being carried out to reverse the decision made to cut back on resources for the schools, Three Rivers Badminton along with Kelly’s Mountain Top would like to highlight the importance of schools like Ballaghderg not only to the children who attend it but also to the families of the children.Three Rivers will be kicking off their new season with the senior club kicking off this month and the juniors kicking off in September. For more information on the club, you can not only find information on facebook but you can also e-mail for their welcome pack which includes all the information required if you are interested in joining.Three Rivers would not only like to thank Kellys for their support to the club but also to all the volunteer coaches and helpers who make the club the success that it is. BADMINTON CLUB DOES ITS BIT FOR NEEDY SPECIAL PRE-SCHOOL was last modified: August 9th, 2013 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:IpadThree Rivers Badminton Clublast_img read more

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first_imgPSG have won all of their last 4 Ligue One matches. PHOTO/Courtesy)League one two-time defending champions PSG will be hoping to maintain their current winning run when they take on Reims on Wednesday night.After losing 2-1 to Rennes on Tuesday, the Parisians have gone on to win all of their next four games, scoring a total of 8 goals whilst conceding none.The last two victories have not come easily as PSG has required late goals to get the job done.Both goals have come through star-player Neymar Jr who netted a 92nd minute winner against Strasbourg before repeating the trick away to Lyon on Sunday by netting with two minutes of normal time to play.With Neymar slowly picking up form, Tomas Tuchel’s side has been impeccable at the back and all praises go to summer acquisition Keylor Navas in between the sticks.Navas was brought in via a swap deal that saw Alfonso Areola move to Madrid and what a stroke of good business this is turning out to be.The three time Champions League winner also added another clean sheet last Wednesday as he kept his former employers-Real out in PSG’s 3-0 win.Reims visit the capital in wanting form having accumulated just a point in their last two games.A 1-0 loss to Nantes was followed by a 0-0 draw at home to Monaco this past weekend.However, they have already won twice this campaign, stunning both Lille and Marseille 2-0.The victory against Marseille came away from home and it should act as inspiration to the visitors come Wednesday night.Reims lost both of last season’s match-ups with PSG including a 4-1 defeat in the reverse fixture.Going into the game, Marco Veratti has added his name on the list of players unavailable for PSG. The Italian will be suspended for the game after picking up another yellow card in the win over Lyon on Sunday.He joins the likes of Julian Draxler, Kylian Mbappe, Edinson Cavani, Thilo Kherer, Pablo Sarabia, Mauro Icardi and Colin Dagbo who are all injured. Icardi is the only one with a slight chance to feature and will be a subject of late fitness checks.For Reims, will go out in hope of an unlikely shock without the injured duo of Tristan Dingome and Kosovo international Arber Zineli.The French Ligue One match-day 6 starts on Tuesday with Dijon at home to Marseille while Monaco hosts Nice later.Marseille are coming off a 1-1 draw with Montpellier this past weekend and will be desperate to return to winning ways.The draw on Saturday ended Marseille’s three game winning run having earlier dispatched Nice, Saint Etienne and Monaco.Andre Villas-Boaz’s side have concerns of their own as the duo of Boubacar Kamara and Dimitri Payet were both sent off this past weekend, meaning they will be suspended on Tuesday. They now join the injured duo of Isaac Lijahdi and Florian Thauvin on the list of unavailables.Dijon on the other hand are already in danger as they are yet to win a game this season and start the day bottom of the pile with only a point from their first six games.Their last game saw them lose 1-2 at Nice despite taking a 22nd minute lead through Julio Tavares.In their past 8 meeting with Marseille, Dijon has managed only one victory and a draw, losing the other 6 encounters including the 2-1 defeat in the reverse fixture last season.The other interesting fixture will see winless Monaco at home to Nice.Monaco occupy one of the last three slots on the log and pressure is starting to mount on head coach Leandro Jardim. The team needs to start winning games as soon as possible or Jardim may face a second sack in under a year, having been fired at the start of last season too.For Nice, they are currently sat in 3rd on the log after winning four of their first six games and will view the fixture as another chance to get all three points that will temporarily put them level on points with leaders PSG.All French Ligue one match-day 7 fixturesTuesday, 24-09-2019-Dijon vs Marseille @8pm-Monaco vs Nice @10pmWednesday, 25-09-2019-Brest vs Lyon @8pm-Nantes vs Rennes @8pm-Saint Etienne vs Metz @8pm-Montpellier vs Nimes @8pm-Toulouse vs Angers @8pm-Lille vs Strasbourg @8pm-Amiens vs Bordeaux @8pm-PSG vs Reims @10pmComments Tags: DijonFrench Ligue OneJulio TavaresLeandro JardimLyonMarseilleMonacoMontpellierNeymar JrPSGReimsSaint EtienneTomas Tucheltoplast_img read more

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first_imgRossan College Education Centre was established in Letterkenny in 1990 and is now the lead private provider of further education and training opportunities in the Northwest.The centre is registered and quality assured to offer recognised qualifications on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) in the fields of: Training & Development Business Studies & Accountancy Early Childhood Care & Education Healthcare Support & Health Service Skills ICT and Digital Technology SkillsAnyone who is interested in developing new skills or career progression is encouraged to come and discuss their education and training needs with a member of staff who will offer guidance and advice to help them achieve their goals. Rossan College Quality Assurance: A commitment to providing ‘excellence in adult education and training’. Excellent teachers, subject experts, teaching methods and assessment practices. A friendly and supportive learning environment which embraces diversity, builds studentconfidence and supports each individual towards achieving their own personal education goals.An education and training service which addresses the current and future needs of businessesand social economy enterprises in the Northwest.Open access to education and training which will be of genuine benefit to their careers andlives.Leaving & Junior Certificate:Rossan College provides After-School Tuition Classes to complement the work being done in school.Each week, small groups of students come together for tuition and support from experiencedexam-teachers.Easter Revision: We have put together a team of committed, specialist revision teachers whocome together during the Easter break to deliver a highly regarded Easter Revision Course herein Donegal. As parents, teachers and students recognise the marked difference the revisionweek can make to exam performance, the Easter Revision Course attracts students from allschools within the county and beyond.Interested in developing a new skill or pursuing career progression? Rossan College can help… was last modified: August 29th, 2017 by Elaine McCalligShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:educationJunior CertLeaving certrossan collegelast_img read more