Explain the 7 classification information platform features of power network promotion

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can be said to be a very magical place, Xiao Bian had above "share seven common chain delivery platform and skills" said Tianya quiz on the chain effect is good, but better. Another product Tianya Tianya classification information also have such effect, the platform on the chain is more casual, a lot of classified information platform for information dissemination must be selected for classification, otherwise will no doubt, but the classification information can be randomly selected random hair. A little at the daily limit, each plate issued a limit, speed is not fast, one minute one, the network popularization personnel quickly to slow down.


classified information

A list of

release information if you just put the chain, telephone number, contact person, address what can not fill in, only need to write the title and content of information can be made. Small day most have 10, more never tried before, interested friends can try. But the number of the chain released a website is enough, the chain about the rich, not because of a tree and hanged on the prosperous. The world can be said to be the indissoluble bound and chain the webmaster, network promotion chain investment open door.


58 city network

58 city without Xiaobian introduce his importance, classification information chain can not go. 58 city to Xiaobian the deepest memory is the city released information, remote information release will no doubt, this is different with other classification information platform. Release the information required to select the corresponding plate, flea market inside other flea information sector information is more extensive, small reactor are released in this sector.

ganji贵族宝贝 believe mixed with the Internet people are not unfamiliar, especially after some time ago.


classified information is derived with the development of the Internet of things, is a new application mode of Internet information classification, because of its free characteristics widely favored by the majority of network personnel. The weight and love Shanghai given classification information platform is very high, so people on the chain of Shanghai dragon is not to be platform. Small combined with some platform features summary himself in the classification of information to share with you.

net weight is also very high, very good search engines. Release of information is restricted to IP, with a IP interval of 10 minutes or so to release the second messages per day Xiaobian released 5, for the webmaster friends reference. This platform is the need to choose the corresponding plate can be released, each day issued a limit plate. If the plate is too small or you can not find the information released by the corresponding plate, can be released to other sections such as: other goods trading, other business services and other life service etc.. Titanium autoclave Xiaobian do now on the site outside the chain in addition to basic engineering machinery sector are put on these plates.

A list of

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