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first_imgCHENNAI, India, CMC – A fast bowling legend and a former Australia cricket captain have criticised the appointment of Jason Holder as West Indies captain, arguing that the decision could ruin his career as a Test cricketer. Former Australia captain Ian Chappell has described the decision as a “monumental blunder” while former Windies pacer Andy Roberts as suggested Holder step down from the position to salvage his career. Holder’s elevation, first as one-day captain last December and more recently in the Test format, has drawn criticism in some quarters because of his relative inexperience. “Look, he has not settled into Test cricket. The team is failing and it will have a negative effect on him,” declared Roberts in an interview with midday.com during a visit to the Indian city of Chennai. “He is trying to be positive, but you can’t be positive when everything around you is negative.” Holder, 24, is leading the West Indies on a three-match tour of Australia where they suffered a 177 run defeat in the second Test on the fourth day yesterday to lose the series. “You will have to query the decision of the West Indies selectors, to give Jason Holder the captaincy. He is a guy who is trying to learn Test cricket. He is a good young cricketer but to burden him with that job is in my opinion ridiculous in the first place,” said Chappell. “But then when you see him captain you understand that he just has not played enough cricket to really work out what’s going on. It is a monumental blunder in my book”. Barbadian Holder is the second youngest ever Windies Test captain, replacing the more experienced Denesh Ramdin who was sacked after just 15 months in charge.last_img read more

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first_imgOAKLAND — A’s manager Bob Melvin was a catcher, and so was Ray Fosse, the team’s radio and TV analyst. And they both like 24-year-old Sean Murphy, who was making his major league debut Wednesday night against the Los Angeles Angels.“He hits, he hits for power, he takes his defense seriously — he’s a defense-first guy. He frames (pitches) really well, he’s got a really strong throwing arm, loves being the quarterback and leading the way,” Melvin said. “A lot to like.”Fosse, a former two-time …last_img read more

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first_imgRisk of incidence and recurrence of colon cancer appears to be reduced with exercise, according to a report by the American Society of Clinical Oncology reported in EurekAlert.  Data now supports what was once just a good idea.Make exercise a part of your routine.  Your body needs it in more ways than one.  This is the best time of year for outdoor strolls, where you can improve both mental and physical health.(Visited 5 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img

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first_imgWhy Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Tags:#start#startups Twilio offers a variety of usages including notifications, phone polls, call forwarding, voice transcription and triaging. If a client needs a reminder during the holidays you can automate a message and pre-program it to call them on a specific date. If you want to remain available in case of an emergency, you can forward a list of pre-determined numbers to your mobile while leaving the rest in voicemail. And if you’re looking to create a simple directory, you can use Twilio to create a list of people, options or customer service contacts. In late September ReadWriteWeb covered Buzzeromatic’s latest Twilio-based door application. In this case, users can grant timed building access to visitors by programming the door buzzer with a password. Rather than waiting for deliveries, Twilio ensures that you’re warm at home when deliveries arrive to your building entryway. At this early stage, we know we’re just scratching the surface on all of Twilio’s capabilities. If you’ve hacked together a cool application or holiday game plan using Twilio or a similar service, let us know in the comments below. Related Posts Holidays can be a tough time for those of us with startup companies. While the rest of the world is carving turkeys, lighting Menorahs and singing carols, we’re sneaking moments away from family to check our messages. You’ve created your vacation responses, forwarded your phone to voice mail and emailed your emergency contacts to clients. But a good business person makes sure services run smoothly, even during the holidays. Twilio may be one company that can help. Twilio is a web-service API that allows businesses to build their own customizable phones services and communications apps. Hosted on Amazon Web Services, Twilio’s infrastructure grows depending on customer demand. The company’s per-call pricing model is affordable and after watching CEO Jeff Lawson demo the service, we were surprised to see how user-friendly it truly is. At this week’sSF New Tech Event, Lawson was given 5 minutes to set up a conference call. After 10 lines of code he had a call-in number, mute settings, admin prompts and more than 50 members of the audience calling in during his live demo. After seeing the audience respond to the service, we realized that Twilio would be a great for putting your company on holiday autopilot. A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting dana oshiro 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

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first_imgThe arrival of Apple’s iPhone 5 is a source of much joy for many consumers who long to get their hands on the latest gadget from Cupertino. But right now it might be causing some some headaches for businesses dealing with some half-baked software and potential jumps in their data bills.Missing in ActionReadWriteWeb has already covered the ground with Apple’s “upgraded” Maps app, which cut the cord with Google Maps data to deliver what can only be described as a sub-optimal experience.But the problems with Apple’s Maps app go deeper than just a bit of inconvenience for end users who want to find the nearest grocery store. It’s also a kick in the bottom line for the grocery store owners – and other businesses – who may not be listed on Apple’s source of business information, Yelp. Any business listed on Google Maps and not accurately listed on Apple’s Maps app stands to lose quite a bit of foot traffic to their establishment.And there are a lot of potential walk-ins affected. According to The New York Times, “even though Android phones far outnumber iPhones… iPhone users account for almost half of mobile traffic to Google Maps.” LTE Sticker ShockThe addition of 4G LTE capabilities on the new iPhone will bring end-users the ability to download a lot of content in a short amount of time. And that could mean some significiantly bigger data bills at the end of the month. For businesses footing the mobile bills for their employees, the impact on the bottom line could be dramatic – especially as carriers continue to phase out unlimited data plans.In the short-term, it’s very likely that businesses will see bigger charges on many employee’s accounts, as they go a little crazy with all that cool data that’s to be had so quickly. It may not be too much of a surprise: any IT department that was already managing LTE-capable Android phones will no doubt have effective policies in place for dealing with data hogs.The good news is, this increase in cost may only be a temporary phenomenon. By next year, all of the major carriers in the US will have LTE capability, which could start a price war among carriers seeking to differentiate. And the iPhone 5’s presence on LTE should give the carriers a swift kick to continue to expand their LTE coverage.Darkest Before The DawnAll of these business issues with the iPhone 5 share a common theme: they are all troublesome in the short-term, but in the longer view they may turn out to be of real benefit to businesses.A more accurate Maps app (as it gets filled in with better data), a more complete Passbook that lets businesses do mobile transactions and cheaper LTE service will ultimately be very good things for businesses seeking to reach customers and keeping their employees connected.Apple is making some risky bets here, but if they can survive the short-term hiccups, companies stand to do very well with the iPhone 5.Image Courtesy of Shutterstock. The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technology brian proffitt Serious ImplicationsIt’s not just retail businesses missing, either. The site GottaBeMobile ran a search for emergency rooms in San Francisco and found it very lacking.“Searching for an emergency room with an iPhone 5 brings up private medical offices, pharmacies and just about anything else medical related that’s not a hospital or emergency room. Need a concierge house doc? Sure, he’s mapped, but [San Francisco] General Hospital is missing in action. That pediatrics emergency room? It’s there, but it isn’t marked properly,” the site reported.A similar search for hospitals in my city revealed a starting discrepancy. One of the two facilities was correctly listed, but the other is sited at its old location, which closed in 2009 when the hospital relocated to a new facility. The new facility is completely invisible, both in search results and on the standard map labels itself. (Curiously, Yelp itself has the proper location listed correctly.)Getting A PassPassbook is another new iOS 6 feature that’s promises a channel for businesses to reach users, and the initial reviews on it aren’t too glowing, either.The problem seems to be two-fold right now. Applications have to be upgraded to support Passbook, and many business app developers are still in the process of upgrading their products to accommodate this support. Starbucks, it has been reported, is one of the businesses preparing to add Passbook support to its app.The other side of the equation is end-user education. There are anecdotal reports of the Passbook being difficult to figure out and then, in some cases, not working correctly.Unlike the Maps issue, though, this is something that businesses should be able to control. First, there’s improving or creating a Passbook-supported app. After that, getting customers trained on how to use the app to connect with Passbook should be factored in to the use equation. This is less than ideal, and some analysts are calling Apple to task for not making sure the process was easier to manage. But this is incremental business we’re talking about now, not losing existing customers or marketing channels. Tags:#Apple#iPhone#mobile center_img Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Related Posts What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagementlast_img read more

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first_imgDr. Victor Harris of the University of Florida will present the Personal Finance web conference on Tuesday, June 26 at 2 p.m. ET. “9 Important $kills for Talking About Money” will use research from Dr. John Gottman’s studies of couple communication.Talking about finances can be difficult, so many couples avoid the topic altogether, which leads to conflicts and disagreements. This web conference will provide strategies for successfully discussing finances and will give participants skills they can practice during the conference and at home.Our team and Dr. Harris have identified a number of online resources that support the topics to be discussed in this web conference. To review this list, click here. AFC-credentialed participants can earn 1.5 CEUs from AFCPE for participating in this 90-minute web conference.This web presentation will be the first the Military Families Learning Network has hosted on the Department of Defense’s Adobe Connect webinar hosting platform. To join the web conference, log in as a “guest” a few minutes before 2 p.m. ET on June 26.Do you have questions you’d like to share with our presenter? Leave them here in the comments and we’ll share them during the web conference.last_img read more

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first_imgColor correction tools like DaVinci Resolve are more affordable and accessible than ever, but working with color takes more than just the right software. Here are three tips for building a color correction suite that will improve your output.Top image via Digital ProductionMuch like editing bays, color correction suites come in all shapes and sizes. On the top level, a color room at a high-end facility might have hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment in it, while an at-home setup will naturally be more modest. With that said, just because you might be working from home or from a small facility doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t follow the same principles as the larger color suites.You may not need a $30,000 color board or a 4K projector, but what you do need are a number of basic components that will make or break the quality of your work. Let’s take a look at three of the most important aspects of any color suite.1. Light ControlImage of The Vanity VFX color grading station in Toronto via BTL News If you come from an offline editing background, then you might be used to editing on your laptop on set, in a coffee shop, at the kitchen table, or anywhere else you can find space to set up shop. Unfortunately, things aren’t as simple when working with color, as ambient room light can pose big challenges when handling color work.Imagine attempting to color correct a photo on your iPhone in a dark room. Now imagine trying to color the same photo on your iPhone in broad daylight. Obviously you’ll have a much tougher time working outside, since the glare from the sun makes a perfectly clear view of your screen nearly impossible. The same principle applies inside your color room.Any little bit of light that seeps into your room through a window, door, or elsewhere will negatively impact your color session. Not only does ambient light make it more difficult to view your monitor properly, but it’s inconsistent nature will also throw off your results. For instance, you might start your session in the morning while the sun isn’t yet overhead — but by noon, it’s shining straight through the window. Whether you realize it or not, you’ll be compensating for this extra light in the room by making color adjustments in your footage.For these reasons and more, the first thing you need to do when setting up your color suite is control the light. Buy blackout blinds and install them on every window in your suite to block any and all uncontrolled light. With the house lights off, your room should be pitch black inside, so make whatever changes you need to ensure that your space achieves this.2. Room ColorImage via the Toast AgencyAmbient light isn’t the only variable that can affect your ability to see color objectively — the colors in your room can pose just as many challenges.If you’ve ever worked in a professional color suite, you know that almost all of them have walls that are painted grey. The reason for this is quite simple: if your room is any color other than a neutral grey, your eyes will adjust to the ambient color of the room. Therefore, you’ll be making inaccurate judgements when it comes to coloring your footage.Think of what happens when you wear blue sunglasses for more than a few minutes and then take them off — everything now appears yellow, or warm. This is because your eyes have an ability to “white balance,” so to speak, and this phenomenon can occur just as obviously when you’re inside your color suite.If you were to attempt to color a project in a room that’s painted a bright vivid color (let’s say cherry red), there’s no question that your images would all have a very distinct color cast to them. Your eyes would adjust to the red in the room pretty quickly. In an unconscious attempt to balance the color of the image to your eyes, you’d be inadvertently adding more red to your images than called for.So, if you plan on doing professional color work, be sure to paint your room neutral grey to avoid headaches and technical issues with your projects. It’s also ideal to use light fixtures that have a color temperature of 6500K for greater consistency and accuracy.3. Calibrated MonitorEven if your room is light controlled and painted neutral grey, you aren’t quite out of the woods yet. The other huge variable to consider when working on color projects your monitoring system set up — more specifically, how it’s calibrated.Regular computer monitors are not designed for critical color work. Some monitors are warmer than others, some have too much contrast, others are oversaturated, and so on. The bottom line is that a $150 monitor from Best Buy is never going to display colors to meet a professional standard, and attempting to use monitors like this to color with is ill-advised.If you’re serious about color, you really need to invest in a proper broadcast monitor that can take an SDI video signal and be calibrated professionally. You may not need to invest in a color board right away, or a huge office space to work in, but investing in a monitor is an absolute must. In many ways, your monitor is the heart of your color operation — so if there’s one area you’re going to want to invest your money, it’s here.Interested in learning more about color grading? Check out the color grading section of the PremiumBeat Blog.last_img read more