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first_imgTwo scientists are overturning the Miller icon of the origin of life – you know, the illustration in almost every textbook showing sparks zapping gases and amino acids emerging from the goo.  That doesn’t wash any more, claim Armen Mulkidjanian (University of Osnabrueck) and Michael Galperin (U.S. National Institutes of Health).  Instead, Astrobiology Magazine reported, they are thinking zinc.  Why?  Life needed a source of energy in the realistic atmosphere of the early earth where Miller’s experiment is doomed.  Enter the “Zinc World” scenario for the origin of life: zinc and zap.    The two didn’t actually produce any prebiotic molecules in any plausible primordial conditions.  They just looked at proteins thought to be “evolutionarily old” and found high proportions of zinc.  Ever since the heyday of the Miller experiment in 1953, scientists have come to the glum conclusion that earth’s atmosphere was not like the gas in Miller’s flask.  It was not reducing (it did not contain hydrogen and other energetic molecules).  It most likely contained carbon dioxide, nitrogen and more neutral molecules.  “Researchers who have repeated the Miller-Urey experiment under the new atmospheric assumptions, including Miller, have shown that this new mixture does not produce amino acids.”    To get around the problem, Mulkidjanian and Galperin are suggesting that zinc sulfide at hydrothermal vents might have provided the reactive potential needed to build biomolecules.  The zinc in sunscreen, for instance, allows it to store light energy.  “Mulkidjanian explains that, once illuminated by UV light, zinc sulfide can efficiently reduce carbon dioxide, just as plants do.”  They didn’t mention that plants have sophisticated light-harvesting nanomachines to perform photosynthesis – one of the most complex systems in biology.    The two admitted that a lot of work will be needed to test the zinc theory.  NASA astrobiologist Max Bernstein politely agreed: “Whether it will be adopted or not eventually I cannot say, but I expect that many will want to see experimental evidence of the viability of reactions consistent with the hypothesized scheme under prebiotic conditions.”This joke of a hypothesis does not deserve even a dishonorable mention, but it does accomplish some good in a reverse way: (1) it tells readers that the Miller Myth has been falsified (even though this article included the obligatory icon as a kind of imprimatur), and (2) it illustrates once again that astrobiologists are pseudoscientific storytellers unburdened by the necessity of experimental proof in their quest to find the next Useful Lie (05/02/2003, 08/06/2006, 06/29/2007).(Visited 23 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

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first_img5 November 2009“South Africa is capable of hosting this World Cup; people must not underestimate us,” Bafana Bafana and Kaizer Chiefs football great Doctor Khumalo told Fifa.com after a recent visit to Argentina and Uruguay.“This is the reason why I am a 2010 ambassador,” Khumalo said. “I want to spread the message of the work that we are doing to the world.”Khumalo was in South America as a 2010 Fifa World Cup™ ambassador to update journalists, business leaders and politicians on South Africa’s preparations for the tournament.A man who has forever secured his place in South Africa’s history books for scoring the winning goal in his country’s first fully-fledged, completely representative international football match – against Cameroon in Durban in 1992 – Khumalo is also no stranger to Argentina. In 1995 he played for Buenos Aires football club Ferrocarril Oeste.On his return to the South American country this year, it was obvious to Khumalo that South Africa’s hosting of the World Cup has had a profound effect on how people now view the country.“There has been a major change in how people in Argentina see South Africa since I was there in 1995,” he said. “Before, they saw the country as a place of bush and animals with only rural areas, but now with South Africa hosting the World Cup, they see it as a first-class country capable of hosting major events.“When I showed them pictures of the stadiums, you could see they were amazed, and I could tell they now knew that South Africa will host a great World Cup.”Khumalo said he was surprised at the reaction to some of the preparations for 2010 – including the plans by the host cities to provide park-and-ride facilities to the stadiums.“People were not aware of what a park-and-ride is when I presented it to them. They do not have this in their country. I went to a match while I was in Argentina, and people were walking three or four kilometres to the stadium for the game.”Khumalo jokes that his presence in Argentina helped get the South American giants to next year’s World Cup.“When I first arrived they had not yet qualified. I joked with the journalists there that they were struggling to get into 2010, but now they had an African intervention of hope – me as a lucky charm – and that they would qualify. A few days later, they did.”Khumalo was lucky enough to attend the game between Peru and Argentina which Argentina clinched 2-1, giving them their lifeline in their World Cup campaign.Now that Argentina have secured their place in South Africa next year, Khumalo is certain that interest is peaking in the country.“Our embassy in Argentina is probably being bombarded with calls for more information since their qualification. I think many will come to watch their team and enjoy South Africa.“It was a very successful trip, and people were impressed with what I had to tell them about South Africa and how we plan to host the World Cup next year,” Khumalo said. “Now they know that South Africa … is ready to entertain the world.”Source: 2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa Organising Committeelast_img read more

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first_imgSport can do the body and mind a world of good and its potential to bring about change in a person or community should not be overlooked. (image: Hoops 4 Hope)Playing sport has benefits that go far beyond the realm of physical well-being. From providing a platform where people can build their social skills to offering an outlet for frustrations and self-expression, sport can help participants to understand the world and the people in it.Sport can do the body and mind a world of good and its potential to bring about change in a person or community should not be overlooked.Hoops 4 Hope taps into this potential. The NPO uses basketball in particular to help youth overcome social and personal issues through its programmes, which run in South Africa and Zimbabwe.Along with its sister programme, Soccer 4 Hope, Hoops 4 Hope reaches an average of 10 000 children each year throughout the two countries. The organisations use soccer and basketball, respectively, to give these children the life skills necessary to beat the odds in communities plagued by poverty and other potential pitfalls.Run from two main offices in Harare and Cape Town, Hoops 4 Hope offers its programmes after school and during school holidays. It gives youth a constructive way to spend their free time, so helping them to avoid being lured by drugs, alcohol or gangsterism. These social ills plague the townships and villages from which many of the children come.Hoops 4 Hope was founded by the acting executive director, Mark Crandall, in 1995. “We’re using the power of sport to develop leaders, to prevent HIV infection, to achieve gender equality, and to help kids make the right decisions before they get into trouble,” Crandall explained.“We provide 10 000 kids a year at our centres in Harare and Cape Town with great role models, a number of whom have come through our programme [themselves]. The new director of our South Africa programme, Gcina Mondi, came up through our programme. He’s been with Grassroots Soccer, an American NGO in Africa, for the past five years.”PARTNERS FOR CHANGEGifted players are able to take part in annual tournaments held to identify promising talent throughout the continent.Through its partnership with Basketball Without Boarders (BWB), Hoops 4 Hope has grown and spread its influence to the most rural areas in the two countries. It has created a channel for some of the youth looking to pursue basketball as option for their future.Since 2006, its links to BWB and the National Basketball League (NBA) in the US have offered an avenue into the professional world of basketball. Gifted players are able to take part in annual tournaments held to identify promising talent throughout the continent.BWB is the NBA’s global basketball development scouting and outreach programme. It partners with entities such as Hoops 4 Hope to create positive change among global youth with the help of current and former NBA and WNBA stars acting as coaches and mentors.Though the partnership with BWB has been beneficial to the organisation in many ways, Crandall said that developing players for the NBA and other professional basketball leagues was never the objective; this was instead a possible positive outcome of the partnership. “The goal,” Crandall said, “is not to create the best athletes, but the best people.”GOING FORWARDRunning a programme that caters to more than 10 000 children in two countries poses its fair share of challenges, be these financial, logistical or just outright exhausting.The NPO, along with Soccer 4 Hope, is always in need of support and welcomes it in any form, be it donations of shoes, equipment, money or time to help in their operations.Anybody looking to support Hoops 4 Hope and Soccer 4 Hope should visit their website for information on how they can play their part in ensuring the sustainability of the programme and the ongoing support of thousands of children in South Africa and Zimbabwe.last_img read more

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first_imgcurt hopkins Tags:#Breaking#business#news#web “The Internet is a fad. We’re one of the few companies who have realized that hard truth. Plus, 99.2% of the content is pictures of ladies in tube tops but you can’t read it on the can! Look, we’re marshaling the shift of RWW from a doomed online fad-publication to a perfect-bound, four-color slick. What’s it gonna be? Sick!” ReadWriteWeb was founded in 1972 in a New Zealand sheep camp by MacManus, a Nell-like savant who lived in a pile of oily rags and made a bare living from recycling old bed frames. As it grew, ReadWriteWeb became well-known among trade-paper sub-editors, interior decorators, wolves, millionaire patrons of art, sadists, nymphomaniacs, bridge sharks, anarchists, women living on alimony, tire formers, educational cranks, economists, hopheads, dipsomaniac playwrights, nudists, restaurant keepers, stockbrokers and dentists as “the smart alternative to Cheri.”OZJ made its bones by pioneering the development and sales of mesquite-flavored Japanese-style toilet bacon In 25-, 50- and 150-foot family spools. After expanding its comestibles line, it moved into toys, personal defense technology, comfort tools, hardware, folk medicines and teachin’s. Them teachin’s will definitely guide the expansion of OZJ into publishing. How will the focus of RWW change under the influence of the new investors? We asked MacManus. “I’m buying a freaking cigarette boat with an airbrush painting of Janet Frame on the side and an Ed Brown Classic Custom Centennial with hand-relief engraving on the slide flats, grip screws, thumb safety flats, laser engraving on the the slide, ‘Tru-Ivory’ grips and a jeweled barrel hood!” Ozark Jimmy’s Global Enterprises Holding Company is a privately held firm, whose backers include Taq Hamas Revolutionary Venture Funding Cell, Cahuenga Brothers, Ltd. and the Virtual Hillbilly Investment Capital Fund. Billy-Joe Al ‘Abdurrahman, general partner of Taq Hammas and Nimrod Cajones, general partner of Cahuenga Brothers, Ltd., joined Ozark Jimmy’s Global Enterprises Holding Company’s Board of Directors in 2001. Abdurrahman is currently director of numerous companies, none of which can be mentioned by name on pain of death. Cajones was a co-founder of Poncho.com, and is a director of several high-growth Internet companies, including Llamaspace, Cahuengista.com and Martha Stewart Living. Cigarette boat photograph by Brent Ozar Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market ReadWriteWeb‘s founder, Richard “Chuy” MacManus, announced this morning that the publication has accepted its first major investment. The infusion of cash, to the tune of $14 million, came from OZJ Investments, a subsidiary of Ozark Jimmy’s Global Enterprises Holding Company. OZJ CTO and Spokesman, Carlos Canulas, explained some of the changes ahead for the publications. Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Related Posts A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…last_img read more

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first_img Pluto TVPluto TV is rapidly gaining momentum as a competitive player on the OTT block. It’s completely free to consumers and available on all major devices. Pluto TV delivers more than 100 TV channels and an on-demand library with thousands of free movies. It’s premised on the “lean back” TV experience and equipped with traditional TV features, including an online program guide and channel-surfing capabilities. Being free and full of premium programming, it’s easy to attract existing OTT fans and those new to the space.Pluto TV offsets the cost of the viewer experience by offering ad-supported commercials, similar to those executed by traditional cable and broadcast networks today. It includes established networks like NBC News, CBSN, Food TV, and Fox Sports, as well as popular internet channels including Cheddar, PopSugar, WPT, and People TV. The brand recently struck deals with major studios, including MGM and Warner Brothers, and has earned its place as a sought-after advertising outlet for marketers looking to reach cord cutters. Pluto TV has been called the “best cord-cutting app,” and Digital Trends said, “It doesn’t seem like Pluto TV will be going anywhere.” Uber vs Lyft: Battling for Supremacy HuluHulu is a paid subscription streaming service that offers both ad-supported and commercial-free subscription packages. It offers an extensive library of premium TV and film content, with options for live and on-demand channels and a slate of original series. Hulu secures some of the highest commercial pricing in the industry and is consistently sold out. A recent deal with The Walt Disney Company aims to give Hulu the flexibility afforded to its closest competitors, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Unlimited access to the Hulu streaming library is $7.99 per month; Hulu with Live TV costs $39.99 per month.Hulu has generated significant amounts of buzz with its original show “The Handmaid’s Tale,” which helped it earn critical acclaim, a dozen coveted Hollywood awards, and worldwide recognition for its original programming. In early 2018, Hulu reported that it had 17 million subscribers and, despite a revenue loss in 2017, was able to capture $1 billion in ad revenue — something that makes an irrefutable case for the shifting of advertising dollars toward OTT. RokuRoku has marked itself as a trailblazer in the world of OTT with its affordable hardware and easy-to-use interface. In addition to its devices, Roku offers a robust variety of ad-supported and subscription-based content channels. Roku’s streaming players connect directly to TVs, and the service can also be accessed by smart TVs with built-in Roku. The service offers access to more than half a million TV episodes and movies, as well as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Pluto TV, Google Play, Hulu, and the major four broadcast networks. Recently, Roku launched its own app called The Roku Channel, full of ad-supported movies and TV shows. While The Roku Channel itself is free, the streaming players start at a cost of $29.99 for the hardware.Roku went public in September 2017 after seeking an IPO valuation of $100 million. The bulk of the brand’s revenue comes from its Roku players, but it’s seen its customer lifetime value nearly double in a two-year span; it relies on a mix of streaming subscriptions, licensing partnerships, and advertising, all of which have led to brands migrating to Roku from traditional TV buys. The company has seen a number of competitors enter the player fray since its inception, but Fortune noted in 2017 that Roku “is doing better than Google and Apple,” thanks to its OS-agnostic device. This is just one of the many reasons advertising revenue is finding its way to Roku.Cutting the cord has earned its place in the mainstream, and brands are vying to influence the viewing habits of an ever-increasing OTT audience across the United States. These three OTT brands have all developed rich, intuitive platforms for CMOs to direct their ad spend and earn back their market share and sales. The numbers are in, and it’s evident that streaming stands to get a lot more lucrative — for both streaming companies and their advertisers. Tags:#advertising#ott#over the top Related Posts Brad is the editor overseeing contributed content at ReadWrite.com. He previously worked as an editor at PayPal and Crunchbase. You can reach him at brad at readwrite.com. center_img CEOs in Troubled Waters (with Myriam Joire from… Brad AndersonEditor In Chief at ReadWrite A Review of Instagram Marketing by Matthew Lucas Americans are getting serious about cutting the cord. By the end of 2017, more than 22 million people had dropped their cable or satellite TV providers; millions more have chosen not to sign up for cable or satellite TV services at all.A slew of recent industry reports have shown that Americans are actively in pursuit of new ways to consume entertainment. According to eMarketer, their reasons for cutting the cord are primarily based on factors related to price and convenience. eMarketer also projects that within the next three years, the number of people who have never subscribed to paid television services will equal the number of people who have abandoned it. All in all, a whopping one out of three Americans is expected to forgo cable or satellite as the primary source of content viewing by 2021.These trends present a challenge to brands and agencies. How do you reach the third of the audience no longer watching traditional TV?Don’t worry; it’s not all doom and gloom. Historically speaking, mediums have constantly been disrupted; with that disruption, they improve. More options means more fragmentation. And better technology means better data, better targeting, and, in turn, better performance. That’s not to mention the access to tools that allow for experimentation with creative that was once limited only to those with big budgets and third-party resources.Looking back at the transformation from radio to television, from the internet to mobile, from dot-coms to social media — and now from TV to OTT services — there’s clear evidence that industry evolution can prove to be exactly what a brand needs to take it to the next level.Looking forward, these are three established OTT companies, employing unique and distinctive business models, that are currently winning the battle for viewers’ attention while attracting advertisers’ dollars. 4 Ways You Can Make Your Workplace an Engine of…last_img read more

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first_img © 2010 PhysOrg.com Citation: Showa Hanako 2: A realistic robot for novice dentists (w/ video) (2011, June 30) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2011-06-showa-hanako-realistic-robot-novice.html Japan unveils willing dental patient — a robot The robot is able to blink, flinch, sneeze, cough and gag, simulating some of the issues that a real dentist may have to contend with while working on his or her human patients. The Showa Hanako 2 actually goes much farther lengths to create a realistic experience for the training practitioner. The robots mouth is designed to be as realistic as possible, down to the way that it feels. The creators of this dental bot got help from an unusual source in order to create that realism. Orient Industry, a company that is recognized as one of Japans top makers of sex dolls, was consulted to help the research team make up realistic skin, tongue and mouth areas. The system is also equipped with a basic program for voice recognition; this allows the training dentist to carry out some basic conversation with the robot during the exam or procedure. Like any good patient Hanako can give the dentist feedback about his or her performance. Unlike most patients however, she can store and analyze the student’s performance, giving then a detailed amount of experience on the computer. The robot will be on sale in Japan later this year. No details about pricing have been released at this time. Explore further (PhysOrg.com) — Going to the dentist is something that we all have to do. Going to a novice dentist, and his or her drill, is something that most of us would rather avoid but they have to practice somewhere. Luckily for us researchers at Showa, a Japanese university, have been working on a solution to this thorny issue. They have created a robot, the Showa Hanako 2 that is able to not only mimic the kind of movement and gestures that a dentist may experience in the real world. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more