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first_imgThe ISIF, unlike the NPRF, will invest in Ireland with the aim of stimulating economic activity in the wake of the country’s bailout.As a result, the NPRF will gradually sell off its non-domestic holdings so the cash can be redeployed.In other news, a £650m (€790m) London pension fund is to increase its exposure to alternatives, investing £50m in the asset class.The London Borough of Barking & Dagenham Pension Fund has asked bfinance to oversee the diversified alternatives tender process, allocated more than a year ago after it decided to overhaul its investment strategy.As part of the shift, the fund said it would also invest an undisclosed amount in social housing or inflation-linked real estate – with manager interviews scheduled to be conducted for both mandates in March.“With these changes, it is hoped that the fund will be flexible and responsive to adapt to changes in the future,” the fund’s 2014 Business Plan said.Its tender said it would appoint one manager to the diversified alternatives portfolio, managing the money either as a segregated account or a pooled fund.Asset managers have until 10 March to apply, with further information available from bfinance’s London office. The National Pensions Reserve Fund has sold its entire private equity portfolio, most recently valued at €716m, to a US secondary private equity manager.In a statement, the fund said Lexington Partners had agreed to acquire an estimated €800m in fund holdings and outstanding commitments, spread across two dozen private equity funds.The sale, initiated in September last year, is expected to finalise in the coming months, the NPRF added.The reserve fund decided to sell its private equity holdings, comprising close to 11% of its discretionary portfolio, as part of a shift in asset allocation ahead of the €6.8bn portfolio’s transformation into the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund (ISIF).last_img read more

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first_imgNZ Herald 23 December 2014Reading an iPad or a Kindle before bed instead of a printed book can cause sleep deprivation and increase the risk of cancer, scientists say.They claim it disrupts normal sleep patterns and can lead to waking up earlier and drowsiness the next day.The light from the devices suppresses the hormone melatonin, low levels of which have been linked to increased risk of breast, prostate, and bowel cancer, scientists in Boston say.Dr Anne-Marie Chang, who led the study, said the body’s normal rhythms were interrupted by the short-wavelength enriched light, otherwise known as blue light, from these electronic devices.“Participants reading a light-emitting e-reader took longer to fall asleep and had reduced evening sleepiness, reduced melatonin secretion, later timing of their circadian clock and reduced next-morning alertness than when reading a printed book.”http://www.nzherald.co.nz/lifestyle/news/article.cfm?c_id=6&objectid=11378102last_img read more

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first_imgThis Haitian recipe for tchaka soup includes dried corn, red beans and a host of other flavors reminiscent of seeds brought to the island from Africa during the slave trade. INGREDIENTS1-12 ounce bag of dried corn1-12 ounce bag of small red kidney or pinto beans1 1/2 pounds salt-cured pork feet or smoked turkey1 pound of calabaza or kabocha squash, chopped into large pieces1 chayote, peeled and cubed or sliced1 can of coconut milk3 cloves of garlic, thyme and other green seasonings1 packet of chicken bouillion1 Habanero or scotch bonnet pepperSalt and pepper to tasteINSTRUCTIONSBoil the beans and the corn in separate stock pots using unsalted water for 1 1/2 to two hours.In a separate saucepan, add water to the smoked meat until it comes to a full boil and then drain.Combine the beans and corn with their remaining cooking liquid into one pot and add the smoked meat.Add the coconut milk and when it all comes to a boil, add the garlic, chicken bouillion, thyme, other green seasonings and the pepper.Let simmer until the desired thickness is achieved. Serve hot as a main dish.Enjoy!last_img read more