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first_imgThe Crimson Sailing Academy will host an open house for potential summer campers on May 14, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. The academy is open to youth ages 10-16, and teaches kids how to sail in a safe, fun environment. Campers will learn in Harvard’s fleet of Collegiate FJs and 420s, and will be taught by the Harvard assistant sailing coach and members of the Harvard sailing team.For more information, or email [email protected]last_img

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first_imgOn the opening day of the biennium, the Vermont Chamber of Commerce is pleased to publish its 2005 Priorities for Job Creation and Retention.Set a course to make health care more affordable, accessible, and financially stable:Ï Involve both the private and public sectors.Ï Eliminate cost shifting.Ï Stimulate healthy life styles and heightened personal responsibility.Ï Embrace market-driven methodologies that drive down costs.Give Vermont job providers greater opportunity to maintain and create quality jobs:Ï Exercise fiscal restraint in setting spending and revenue targets.Ï Refuse to enact new mandates.Ï Oppose raising taxes or approving new ones.Ï Reduce the burden of high workers compensation costs on workers and employers.Ï Require new social programs to be funded by currently available revenues.Fund economic development programs that encourage economic vitality:Ï Enhance technical centers that serve as magnets for high tech businesses.Ï Provide predictable funding for travel and tourism promotion.Ï Train and re-train Vermonters for jobs of the future.Improve education quality:Ï Analyze current K-12 structures, governance and delivery systems.Ï Increase funding for higher education.Ï Renew education choice law.Ï Maintain and improve teacher quality.Ï Emphasize student performance.Enhance transportation and telecommunications infrastructures:Ï Encourage private telecommunications investment and remove/reduce barriers.Ï Resist efforts to over-regulate telecommunications industry.Ï Support and implement the Vermont Telecommunications Plan goals.Ï Dedicate all revenue raised from transportation taxes to road and bridge projects.As the Voice of Vermont Business, the Vermont Chamber lobbying team is the source for business advocacy and information throughout the session.last_img read more

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first_img WASHINGTON — El Salvador’s top security official says he’s confident that the year-long truce between his country’s two largest gangs — the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) and Barrio 18 — will continue to hold. “Homicides have gone down 50 percent,” said Justice and Public Security Minister David Munguía Payés. “El Salvador was known as the second most violent country in the world, with 14 homicides a day. That’s already in the past.” Munguía, speaking at an April 11 event in Washington, visited the nation’s capital to sign an agreement with the Organization of American States. The OAS pact establishes a technical committee to help maintain the truce and assist El Salvador in bringing violence down while looking for alternatives to gang membership. Munguía was appointed by El Salvador’s president, Mauricio Funes, to serve as a liaison between the Salvadoran government and the technical committee. Taking the multilateral approach to gang issue Ambassador Adam Blackwell, secretary for multidimensional security at the OAS, said the technical agreement allows a multilateral, multi-stakeholder approach to the Central American gang crisis. “One of the criticisms of this [truce] process is that there is no sustainability or structure around it. What we are trying to do is show that there is a technical committee to follow up, and they have been working on this problem,” he said. You have a country of six million people with 60,000 gang members. Imagine that in the context of Colombia, which is much bigger with 45 million people and 9,000 members of the FARC. So this is a huge problem and it needs to be dealt with in a different way than just repression and incarceration.” Blackwell called for a strategy to slow the growth of El Salvador’s gang while demobilizing them and reintegrating their members into society. “We need to ensure that these kids have gainful opportunities and access to services, and that they feel they are part of society and not terrorize it. All of this should help rebuild the social fabric and encourage investment and growth. Bringing them here to meet with legislators and organizations gives them a pretty big window of dialogue and discussion which would be very difficult to do in El Salvador. Plus, it raises the awareness of the work of this group and is a new way of thinking.” Official dispels myths about gang truce Munguía said a key reason for his visit was to dispel what he says are misconceptions about the truce and how it was finalized. “There are a whole series of urban legends around this process, such as that there was a lack of transparency, that we had given money to convince the gang leaders to stop killing each other and stop the violence against the Salvadoran people, and none of that is true,” he insisted. “That’s why I’m not here alone; I am part of a group that supports stopping the violence in my country. We have businesspeople, academics, prominent journalists, the Catholic Church and civil society.” The peace process between the two main Salvadorian gangs, MS-13 and Barrio 18, began in March 2012, with the decisive impetus of Bishop Fabio Colindres and social leader Raúl Mijango — and with strong support from the OAS. He noted that El Salvador had been one of the world’s most violent countries, with a homicide rate of 70 per 100,000 inhabitants. In one year, that fell to 24 per 100,000. Making the truce stick Within the OAS committee, a humanitarian foundation was established to help coordinate efforts and resources to maintain the truce. One of its members is Salvadoran journalist Paolo Lüers, a columnist for El Diario de Hoy and other local media outlets. “We’re a type of steering committee to move this process along. It started as a truce but is now becoming a peace process,” he said. “Insecurity and violence was paralyzing the country. Very little attention was being paid to the gangs. But we’ve been able to stop that with dialogue among all sectors of the country. Not only has our homicide rate gone down, we’ve also been able to have the gangs agree to stop attacking the Salvadoran people, such as in the public schools — where the children of the poor are — and in public transportation, which is how most of the population gets around. Those were the two most vulnerable spots for gang violence.” Lüers said much remains to be done. “This does not mean that the problem is solved, but at least the violence is going down, not up. An initiative that is just getting off the ground to try and re-integrate these gang members back into society, be it through jobs or schooling, looks promising. We just need to make sure that not only is there a desire to do this, but that there is funding for it.” Salvadoran immigrant community in U.S. has role to play This is why Mungúia considered his visit to Washington a priority. “We are creating a model in El Salvador of violence-free municipalities which wouldn’t have happened in the past because of the gang wars,” he said. “The gangs wouldn’t let government agencies in. We had to do police actions, arrests and detentions in order to go in. Not anymore. There is openness now, and we want to bring jobs.” Under the agreement Munguía signed with the OAS, the 35-member body will provide financial as well as technical assistance. The large Salvadoran-American community, believed to number nearly two million, also has a role to play in anti-gang efforts, he said. “We are inviting them to invest in these violence-free municipalities that we’ve established. El Salvador is now a good place to invest in,” he noted. “Violence is going down, not just in homicides, but in robberies and other crimes, and we’re making progress every day.” OAS officials said they’re looking at how this deal can serve as a model for other Central American countries plagued by gang violence and the problems associated with these groups. I LIVE IN EL SALVADOR AND IT IS A HYPOCRITICAL TRUCE. THEY CONTINUE RIPPING APART PEOPLE WITHOUT CARING FOR ANYTHING, THEY DON’T TALK ABOUT HOW MANY PEOPLE GO MISSING EVERY DAY. HYPOCRITICAL GOVERNMENT, INMATES ENJOY A LOT OF PRIVILEGES IN THIS COUNTRY The politicians’ reports are hilarious, they’ would revive the dead as long as they can get money and steal it. Everyday there is more death, no decrease, this is the biggest lie of the Salvadorian Government… why don’t you tell me a story with BONANZA cowboys, so that you don’t have to think as much the truth is that it is a process, and it’s hard to believe, but in reality this should be the obligation of the state and legislators; but it takes all sorts, there are good parents and bad parents, and the parents of this country only think about the function of money, power and obtaining political reputation; they will do what it takes, even hire squadrons to increase crime without any remorse, they did it in the past, so why not now? Hi, I’m from El Salvador and unlike the people who have commented before me, I think this government has shown some concern, unlike others, in reality this problem has been perpetuaded by right-wing governments and with this left-wing government at least crime has been reduced by 45%, and well, there are assassinations in all countries, ours is not the only one with that problem I invite the ministry of security to come to col. monte blanco at soyapango to witness the truce that he speaks so much of, or the media, they should come see how the families, with sacrifice, paid for the houses they have and now need to desert them because of the battle of wanting to take over this col. It is easy to see how our sons with a gun to their heads are stripped in the middle of the day by ones or others looking for rival gang members. Our col is a desert after 7pm, and the only thing you hear are gunshots and insults from these youngsters who are far from wanting a truce but who want to keep living comfortably from the extortion that we have to pay in order to be allowed to live. THANK YOU please people, everyone already knows that the whole truce is a vile lie, this government has truly shred this country to pieces. There’s no safety here, you go out and don’t know if you’ll come back while the authorities do nothing but fill their pockets from our hard work. I only ask God for this year to be over and this government to come to an end, so that someone else can take over, step up and stop the actions of these gangs. By Dialogo May 06, 2013last_img read more

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first_img(WBNG) — On Thursday, Broome County Executive Jason Garnar presented the 2021 Executive Budget proposal to members of the Broome County Legislature via Zoom. Garnar says because of the pandemic, the county has spent nearly all of the 15 million dollars in reserve funds. That account was at $250,000 when Garnar took office three years ago, building it up in case it would ever be needed. The budget proposal has headed to the Broome County Legislature’s office. It will be reviewed for approval in the fall. Ahead of the proposal, Garnar asked all Broome County departments to submit their budget with no added frills. Two new positions at the Office of Emergency Services; one dedicated to COVID-19 response efforts, and money for maintaining COVID-19 response services. Garnar’s $402 million proposal includes a 0.1 percent tax cut, saying Broome County residents do not need to pay even more during the pandemic. “We’ll do it again. We’ll start from almost nothing, just the way we did three years ago, and we’ll continue to put out good budgets. We are going to recover from this, there is going to be recovery,” said Garnar. “In the face of one of the toughest challenges we have ever seen, the COVID-19 pandemic, my 2021 Executive Budget shows my continued commitment to our Broome County finances,” said County Executive Garnar in a news release. “We are working to continue to provide the taxpayers of Broome County the services they depend on, now more than ever.” “All of the departments did a great job, but some went above and beyond. Department of Social Services, the largest department in Broome County was able to come in $400,000 under from last year,” said Garnar. last_img read more

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first_img– Advertisement – On Friday, Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows was disclosed to have tested positive, though “pains were taken” to keep it a secret. Four other unnamed White House aides also tested positive.COVID-19 cases in the United States are once again surging, spurred as expected by cold weather forcing Americans indoors and by a gleeful contempt for masks and social distancing by a sizable portion of the population. The news of a promising vaccine provides hope, but it will take months to produce any significant quantity of a vaccine. In the meantime, holding indoor parties continues to be an extremely bad idea even if (especially if?) you are yourself a member of the “White House coronavirus task force”—as Ben Carson is.- Advertisement –last_img read more

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first_imgBanten authorities will relax some restrictions during this extension of PSBB, particularly on activities with a low risk of virus transmission.South Tangerang deputy mayor Benyamin Davine said the administration had decided to extend PSBB because many residents were still not complying with health protocols that would prevent the further spread of COVID-19. He said South Tangerang would only prepare for a “new normal” period – a phrase used to describe Indonesia’s post-pandemic easing of restrictions – if 90 percent of the area’s residents were complying with health protocols.Read also: Jakarta, Bali prepare to welcome conventions despite rising COVID-19 cases The Banten administration has decided to extend COVID-19 mobility restrictions in Greater Tangerang for the sixth time, until July 26.Banten Governor Wahidin Halim announced the decision following a discussion of the efficacy of large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) with local leaders in Tangerang regency, Tangerang city and South Tangerang.”We need more time for residents to fully adapt to new habits [that comply with health protocols],” Wahidin said on Monday. “However, we’ve made some exceptions, such as reopening places of worship as long as they adhere to the required health protocols,” Benyamin added.Despite the relaxation of some restrictions, governor Wahidin reminded residents to adhere to PSBB restrictions.”We don’t want the relaxations to cause residents to think that the situation has returned to normal and that they can behave like they did before the pandemic,” he said.As of Monday, Banten had recorded a total of 1,593 COVID-19 infections, with 81 fatalities and 1,090 recoveries.The province has seen a decrease in new COVID-19 cases over the past two weeks, Banten COVID-19 task force head Ati Pramudji Hastuti said.”Banten has also recorded fewer ODP and PDP [suspected cases] and COVID-19 patients being treated at hospitals. We also have higher recovery and testing rates,” Ati said, as quoted by (nal)Topics :last_img read more

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first_imgOle Gunnar Solskjaer is set to be confirmed as Manchester United’s permanent manager (Getty Images)Manchester United’s hierarchy are ready to make Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s appointment permanent and could make an announcement this week, according to reports.The Norwegian took over as caretaker manager following Jose Mourinho’s departure in December and immediately improved the results at Old Trafford.Solskjaer has won 14 of his 19 games in charge and guided United to a remarkable comeback victory over Paris Saint-Germain to secure a quarter-final tie against Barcelona in the Champions League.The 46-year-old has also been credited with getting the best out of several key players including Paul Pogba, Marcus Rashford and Luke Shaw.ADVERTISEMENTWhen Solskjaer arrived at Old Trafford over three months ago, United’s executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward was adamant that an announcement regarding the next permanent manager would not be made before the end of the season. Manchester United set to confirm Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s permanent appointment Solskjaer has managed to get the best out of Paul Pogba (Getty Images)But the Daily Telegraph and The Sun are both reporting that United are on the brink of confirming Solskjaer’s permanent appointment as manager.AdvertisementAdvertisementBefore the international break, United suffered a defeat to Arsenal in the Premier League before they were dumped out of the FA Cup by Wolves.But this has not changed Woodward’s opinion and Solskjaer’s appointment will reportedly be officially announced before the end of the week.More: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man CitySeveral United players have publicly supported the decision to permanently appoint Solskjaer as manager, and Nemanja Matic was the latest to offer his praise this week.‘I think he is a great manager,’ said Matic.‘But you have to say also that with Mike [Phelan], Michael [Carrick] and Kieran [McKenna], they work very well together.‘They work as a team. It is not only Ole.‘There are people behind him who help us. I will be happy if he stays, and I hope he will.’More: Manchester United FCRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starNew Manchester United signing Facundo Pellistri responds to Edinson Cavani praiseEx-Man Utd coach blasts Ed Woodward for two key transfer errors Comment Metro Sport ReporterTuesday 26 Mar 2019 4:03 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link Advertisement Advertisementlast_img read more

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first_imgAdvertisement Metro Sport ReporterSaturday 3 Oct 2020 11:56 amShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link12.2kShares Martinez saved a penalty on his Villa debut (Picture: AFP via Getty Images)‘My ambition was always trying to be number one at Arsenal, coming through their academy was not easy. People that talk outside of football know nothing about football.‘I want to be in Europe with Villa next season. Everyone at the club thinks we can have a great season, which drives me forward. We’ve got two wins on the bounce, so we’ve got nothing to lose against Liverpool.‘If you want to achieve something in the league, you have to beat the best, which is what we will try to do on Sunday.’Martinez’s clean sheet record will be under threat on Sunday night when Aston Villa host the Premier League champions Liverpool.MORE: Arsenal legend Ian Wright backs Tottenham to down Manchester United on SundayMORE: Leeds and Fulham want to sign Arsenal defender William Saliba on loanFollow Metro Sport across our social channels, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.For more stories like this, check our sport page. Emiliano Martinez is enjoying his new life at Aston Villa (Picture: AMA/Getty Images)Emiliano Martinez claims his move from Arsenal to Aston Villa is a ‘step up’ in his career as he targets international success with Argentina.The 28-year-old made the move to Villa Park for £20m this summer after proving his worth in the first team for the Gunners in the back end of last season.Martinez grasped the opportunity afforded to him by Bernd Leno’s injury and impressed for Arsenal as they won the FA Cup and then the Community Shield.With Leno back from injury, Martinez’s place was under threat and he chose to make the switch to Villa, which he believes is actually a step up from his time at the Emirates.AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENT‘I’m in the best shape of my career and when I didn’t have the security of that game time, I wasn’t sure about staying,’ Martinez told Sky Sports. ‘I’m fighting to be Argentina’s number one, that’s my dream.‘Aston Villa is a massive club, I had no doubts over coming here. Everyone thinks it’s a step down going from Arsenal to Villa, but I actually think it’s a step up in my career.’More: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man CityMartinez joined Arsenal in 2010 and continually battled for a place in the first team, going out on six loan spells over the years.He is now relishing being the undisputed number one with Villa, winning his first two league games with his new side, without conceding a goal.‘People don’t realise how much I’d been fighting to get on the bench. I had nine goalkeepers in front of me,’ the stopper explained.‘Once on the bench, I wanted to be number one. Once I got the number one shirt, and I wasn’t sure I was going to keep it, I said I’ll go and be the number one. Aston Villa is a step up from Arsenal, claims Emiliano Martinez Comment Advertisementlast_img read more

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first_img ALEX JORDAN — MCGRATH PADDINGTON — 30 Ruskin St Taringa “The kitchen is where most families gravitate to. And when it comes to selling, it is often the most important room in the house for buyers. It is important to have an impressive kitchen if you can but in terms of investment, the focus should be on the facades, the gardens, the first impression, internal painting and property styling. Those are the elements to focus on if you don’t have the budget for an expensive kitchen renovation. You will want to cook for friends at 30 Ruskin St at Taringa JASON ADCOCK — ADCOCK PRESTIGE — 36 Morley St Chelmer “It is the hub of the house and in most homes these days, the kitchen is an integral part of the whole open-plan family room setting. There is a big push to have everything from stone or marble benchtops to top-of-the-line appliances, butlers pantries. The days of the kitchen being closed off a long gone. When it comes to selling, I tell sellers that cleaniless is everything. Get in some qualified cleaners, paint. Put your money into new carpet and making the gardens look spectacular, and don’t forget styling”. Stylish and functional, the kitchen at 36 Morley St, Chelmer, is the hub of the home LEIGH KORTLANG — RAY WHITE ASCOT — 36 Mein St, Hendra Kitchens are generally open-plan, light and bright and nowadays everyone focuses on the kitchen. They combine it with outdoor areas, it is often overlooking the pool or garden. These days they are often the most fun room in the house. If a seller had a budget to renovate, my advice would be to do the benchtops because that can give the space a big lift. 36 Mein st hendracenter_img 30 Ruskin St, Taringa is a real entertainers homeWhat room will sell a house and why? Three out of three Brisbane agents said the kitchen was the biggest selling point, but a full renovation was not always needed to secure a buyer. More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus17 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market17 hours agoThe kitchen at 30 Ruskin St, Taringa, has been described as the ultimate “social kitchen”last_img read more

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first_imgMaggie Browning and Ellie Thompson from Dendy at Coorparoo Square during first birthday celebrations in November last year. Picture: AAP Image/Renae Droop.While it’s not quite hipsterville yet, experience in inner city Brisbane has shown that demand for services such as shopping, groceries, coffee shops, and the like were high priorities for the age group.Agent Lisa Pearse-Sargeant of Ray White Ascot believes the revamped Coorparoo Square complex which included Dendy cinemas and an Aldi store was a strong point for the area.“The area is still predominantly residential with beautiful Queenslander style homes mixed with some lovely three level developments including townhouses and apartment blocks.”“The nearby new shopping complex is on the old Myer site,” she said, and “now has multiple cafes, restaurants, Aldi and Dendy with residential apartments above.”More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus13 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market13 hours agoConstruction workers lift the original Myer signage to top the redeveloped Coorparoo Square shopping centre in November last year. Picture: AAP Image/Claudia Baxter.Among ways Coorparoo Square was changing habits in the area was free live music every Saturday in warmer months, free parking for three hours, and markets. The centre turned one at the end of November last year. According to data, rental yield for units in Coorparoo, was 5 per cent based on 829 property rentals and 176 property sales over the preceding 12 months.Ms Pearse-Sargeant has a two-bedroom apartment on the market at 310/45 Shakespeare Street — walking distance from the complex. The rise of vertical village people Edward Cullen’s mansion set for auction 310/45 Shakespeare Street, Coorparoo, will go to auction on Wednesday May 22 at 6pm. Video Player is loading.Play VideoPlayNext playlist itemMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 0:58Loaded: 0%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -0:58 Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedCaptionscaptions settings, opens captions settings dialogcaptions off, selectedQuality Levels720p720pHD432p432p216p216p180p180pAutoA, selectedAudio Tracken (Main), selectedFullscreenThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.This is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button.Close Modal DialogThis is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button.PlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 0:00Loaded: 0%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -0:00 Playback Rate1xFullscreenHow much do I need to retire?00:58 One in five people living in Coorparoo were under classified as independent youth, that is, couples, singles or homesharers under 35.The two bedroom, two bathroom, single car garage unit was in the three-year-old Sonata building which followed a musical theme with a piano fountain and was set high on Coorparoo hill to capture city views.“The biggest feedback from buyers through the opens are proximity to the CBD (10 minutes away via the Pacific Motorway), up high so district and city views are fantastic and cool breezes.”The 108sq m unit goes to auction Wednesday May 22 at 6pm during Auctions on the Green at Eagle Farm Racecourse in Ascot. Ben Barba looks to offload Brisbane house FOLLOW SOPHIE FOSTER ON FACEBOOK Sia Cambaclis, Emma Bedsor and Emily Fitzgibbons at Christmas in July celebrations in Coorparoo Square — a revamp which has brought new life to the area. Picture: Annette Dew.Suburbia is getting its groove back — a boon for this suburb where one in five is under 35.It may be a given in the hipster suburbs like Fortitude Valley, Newstead and New Farm, but in inner suburbia like Coorparoo having independent youth as the dominant category of residents is a strong feat.According to, one in five people living in the suburb is classified as couples, singles and homesharers under 35. MORE REAL ESTATE NEWSlast_img read more