How do promote products through forums

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how did I promote products through the forum,


this world is so strange, promotion methods are shared, but there are people who go to implement is rare.

the last time I shared the "micro business forum" how to attract potential customers. This is the actual method dry cargo, I personally tested the product promotion, whether you are driving a Taobao store, or derivative, or do other business, this method works.

so, in order to let more do not know how to do product promotion small white, faster get started, this BBS promotion product method, I will own test promotion Taobao product case share.

, after you read my step-by-step guidance, if you do not know how to carry out BBS promotion, then I can only say that you are not suitable for promotion, the Internet is not for you.

I this method, in fact, is the case of the previous article, the last is the theoretical chapter. Two articles with a look, will really help you do BBS promotion.

I put the forum to promote the product process is divided into 6 steps, you look carefully, read the unknown to ask me, I try to help you answer.

1, looking for an advertising section of the forum

2, to see if there are counterparts in the promotion of

3, the registration account is arranged in the form

4, go to Taobao alliance backstage looking for product

5, write sales copy, capture pictures,

6, batch release, and then press

every day

1, looking for an advertising section of the forum

how to find the forum, how to collect these things, I will not repeat. Here’s just one point for you. Find a forum with an advertising section, and you’ll have it in the spreadsheet as long as you have these plates.


is collected, they collect the address of their advertising section. This is convenient. The next time you open it, it’s directly the advertising section. You don’t have to click on it several times before you can find the entrance to the publication.


promotes 01

, this is part of my forum’s advertising section address.

why is the advertising plate? Advertising plate, one is that it is used for advertising. Two, there will be a lot of your colleagues here.

2, to see if there are counterparts in the promotion of

, the second step, is to look at people who are equally promoting products. The people who promote products here are not local users, but non local users. The more people you have, the more likely you are to release your product.

you can look at cases of different products and different industries. Then tidy up and put it in the spreadsheet. Why do you have to put it in the spreadsheet?

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