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has an interesting question: "on an open computer will not help to open the QQ, this is what psychology? How to change?" the question is difficult to answer, like "why fast 30 year old men also love to play online games every day, people in addition to a label affixed to them." Internet addiction ", then you don’t know how to explain. People who have no "addiction" mentality are hard to understand, and addicts may be more confused: "how did I become addicted?"


" is not a military incompetence, but the army is too cunning". In order to allow consumers to "addicted", but businesses to do the homework, by studying the formation mechanism of human habits, proper guidance, the use of a product will slowly become your habit, gradually become a part of your daily life, or even leave will make you sick. This has established a certain law, no matter how high you have been educated, and how prominent intelligence, everyone may fall into this trap".

in the case of Instagram, the $1 billion purchase price is decided by many factors, but the most core part is still a good team, they are not only good at technology, more proficient in psychology, their works truly become a part of people’s life. Users don’t even realize that they’re addicted. "Just for fun, I see something cool and I have to shoot it right away, and I don’t have a chance."." Instagram, a student at Stanford University all day, said.

Instagram actually produces a predictable response in the brain of yin. Her behavior patterns have been reshaped, and through repeated stimuli she has established connections between what she sees in her own eyes and mobile phone applications. When a product is linked to an idea, an emotion, or a habit, it creates a "Internal Trigger". The "external trigger" (External Trigger) refers to the stimulation of the senses, such as telephone, or "on" you won the lottery "kind of advertising; and" internal trigger "cannot be seen, heard or touched. The internal trigger mechanism will automatically play a role in people’s minds, creating this "internal trigger" is creating wealth.

establishes what is known as an internal trigger, and concludes with three incremental steps:

1 guides users through an external trigger

Instagram into a large number of unique beautiful photos in the Twitter and Facebook information stream are doped, with many links to return Instagram. These "external triggers" not only attract new users, but also show them how to use the product. Instagram valid >

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