Baidu bidding for hospital website operation

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in fact, private hospitals in Baidu account for a larger proportion of the same keywords, almost ranked, Baidu consumption is not 4 times Google, YAHOO’s 10 times, Sogou is even weaker. So the first pay auction in private hospitals is basically Baidu. Of course, the current situation is that the hospital website promotion means not much. In addition to a small number of giants can burn money outside the relevant portal.

, but the Baidu auction doesn’t necessarily bring results. How big is it? This isn’t what Baidu touted, double sales, waiting for customers to come home. So many details should be paid attention to.

Baidu opens an account actually very simple, say here only a bit, be like to buy thing, of course hope to have discount. The average person thinks the hospital is more wealthy, and so does the Baidu salesman, which is true, either from the amount of the initial account or from the actual amount spent on the month. Basically, the monthly consumption of hospitals in the local market is around twenty thousand, and the national market is basically in the one hundred thousand direction. Beijing, Shanghai and other developed areas of the network higher. Then, as a buyer, concessions are definitely required.

first of all, the opening fee must be free. There is no room for discussion. The rest is several fold, the current situation basically to be talking about the local market down hospital 20 percent off discount, of course some salesman more hate, life and death do not give discounts, encounter this kind of situation, can find other local Internet companies, although a city may have a Baidu authorized the agents, but then the agent for greater sales, will certainly develop their two agents, these agents are basically local Internet companies, the main construction site and domain name space. There must be a discount for them. Otherwise, why don’t you open an account directly with an authorized agent directly from Baidu?. I was responsible for a national market hospital website promotion, location in the mainland, a month, Baidu consumption in about one hundred thousand, discount at around 30 percent off, Beijing, Shanghai can basically talk about 40 percent off. The above margin of interest for the new hospital account reference. No money to Baidu earned, after all, the money will be transferred to the patient’s head.


account must be completed, then the key line, here first involves the choice of keywords, Baidu customer service will be very enthusiastic to help you choose a lot of words, even up to three thousand or four thousand, and that these are very popular, very effective, but the actual hot is nothing more than the General Hospital of Department of gynaecology flow, inflammation, infertility, hymen repair, male impotence and premature ejaculation, the foreskin phimosis, and underarm odor, hemorrhoids, eyelids, breast augmentation, etc.. Probably around eight hundred or so. Specialist hospitals are correspondingly less.

in the details of the treatment, it is suggested that according to the disease as a group, add keywords in the corresponding group, better management. Ranking can be selected according to the characteristics of the hospital and strength of the corresponding location, basically, the top five can be taken into account, not necessarily to get the top three.

secondly, mention Baidu keyword, can not help but mention the quality of keywords

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