7 Simple Photography Hacks

December 12, 2019 | |Post a Comment

first_imgCreate awesome photography tools on the cheap! Check out these 7 great photography hacks using everyday items.When you’re on an indie-filmmakers budget sometimes you have to get creative. Luckily for us the good folks at COOPH have created this awesome video featuring 7 affordable camera hacks. If you haven’t watched it yet check out the video:Just to get an idea of how expensive each hack costs we’ve went ahead and priced out each technique so you can know how much to save. Most of the items on the list are probably just laying around your house.1. Timelapse Rig HackTools Needed: IKEA Egg Timer – $5.99Total Cost: $5.992. Arty Filter HackTools Needed: Rubber Bands – $.99, Sandwich Bags – $.99, &  Markers- $.99.Total Cost: $2.973. The Vaseline HackTools Needed: Vaseline – $1.49, Filter – $1.97Total Cost: $3.464. Flash Diffuser HackTools Needed: Xacto Knife – $3.99, Tin Foil – $.99, Tupperware – $.99, Transparent Paper – $.99Total Cost: $6.965. ND Filter HackTools Needed: Welders Glass – $3.82, Elastic Bands – $.99Total Cost: $4.816. String HackTools Needed: String – $.99, Tripod Mount – $3.99Total Cost: $4.987. Bokeh HackTools Needed: Cardboard – Free, Tape – $.99, Ruler – $.99, Xacto Knife – $3.99Total Cost: $4.98Know of any other cheap photo or video hacks?Share in the comments below.last_img

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