Analysis of nine pieces of mail talking about the way of website operation

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nine: mail will collect the whole network of 9.9 yuan shipping baby every day. Provide exclusive super awesome 9.9 yuan shipping. Designed to facilitate users to quickly find nine pieces of nine packs of mail baby, without having to search everywhere in Taobao. On 10 o’clock every day. We all know that Taobao has a lot of products is the price of cabbage, but also a lot of girls love to Taobao around, see what’s on sale, even if not demand love to go shopping, stroll around suddenly on the order. But many people don’t know how to search for the price of cabbage. Although Taobao also has a lot of discount promotion platform, but what prices are there, with nine post positioning is not the same, so nine post a launch is very popular with girls. Now let me tell you some of my opinions about this kind of project,

1, about foreground

before Juhuasuan, many are related households, and now although the rectification, but the threshold is too high, and last time Juhuasuan spent very high, not ordinary small and medium sellers can literally. Special offer every day, gold, promotion and so on meeting increasingly stringent audit, but also limit the crown shop every day special offer! ~ train, drill exhibition, Title Optimization promotion of resource competition is more and more big, the cost of access to the user is also more and more high, so small sellers have to do stand outside promotion. Traffic is the lifeline of shops, no traffic is all nonsense, there is traffic conversion. Nine piece of mail just to small sellers a chance, the biggest benefit of this platform is not money, everybody is a mutual exchange of resources, such as my successful registration, you give me, and the product links must be placed Amoy links, this is made on the platform for businesses in the product description baby to advertising platform, lead flow to your Taobao U station application. As long as your product is no problem, to meet the requirements of registration, usually have the opportunity to go on the activities. As long as the quality of the website users is not getting worse, I believe that the project will only become better and better, and it will not decline for a few years, because this user has just needed it. China has a saying that no good cheap goods, good goods are not cheap, but now Taobao more and more sellers, we are in that price, there are a lot of things nine or nine dozens of pieces of money or value, as long as the user needs, you will not decline.

2, about promoting

, its own resources,

early, it is best to use their own resources to promote, but also easy to test the effect. For example, your company micro-blog, QQ space has fans, you can directly through micro-blog and QQ space to promote. Micro-blog can make some interesting pictures, hard wide to promote. QQ space allows you to insert advertising pictures in a log. The picture is attractive, plus hyperlinks, and then use logs to drive traffic. In short, a combination of pre – and their own resources. Of course, good economic point can also be considered money promotion, such as nine and 800 fold in the post station also cast a lot, QQ space in the lower left corner and right lower left corner of the window, QQ chat, the upper right corner, often see their ads on the right side of the QQ group.


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