How to build the early stage of website development

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early stage

early on the site is relatively large amount of investment, the need for space, domain name, site source code. Anything else can have a big impact on the development of the site. Just as hao22 existed in the early days of being a virtual host, under this premise, your website development has created a limitation. Because the virtual host itself is limited to your site space, so that site development limited within a circle.

space has a lot of selectivity, such as virtual host, VPN, server and foreign space server. For the choice of space, is a website development foundation, also is a website development goal goal foundation. Select a virtual host space and independent server host, the virtual host tens of thousands of traffic, so that your web site development can not go on, and the server can withstand your site millions of traffic. A foundation determines the future development of the web site. The choice of space is ultimately based on the goals of the site’s development. Because the server replacement and IP replacement will adversely affect website optimization and engine friendliness.

domain name and website source code on the choice of more freedom. Good name domain name can let your website promotion on a lot of steps, website source code is usually for professional personnel design completed. Although many of the source code on the network, but the optimization of the source code and W3C standard has a lot of defects. At the same time, some of the source code on the network, there are still some Trojans backdoor. Do not suggest that you use the network free source code. HA22 source code is a domestic professional company, good lover design, from optimization, code optimization, program optimization, engine friendly optimization, better than the free source code on the network.

a website is built after the development and promotion of the site, this needs the site’s ultimate goal of the development of slowly subdivision, a process of development planning.

The development of

website can be divided into three important stages. First, the initial stage, the second development, the promotion period, and the third, combined with the actual profit period.

to build a web site, the initial investment is relatively large, it is recommended that the early profit is not good. This will promote the rapid development of the website. Initial content of the site is an important point, and now the domestic and international engines are the quality of the site is to judge the content. Use, collect, wait less than engine friendliness. Not conducive to the late development of the site.

‘s next article is to describe the early stages of the website and how to build a high foundation. We can focus on the development of and their website combined.

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