Taobao banned Baidu crawlers grab the real intention of the page

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recently, Taobao announced the ban Baidu reptiles crawl Taobao pages, what is the purpose of the author’s analysis of the following reasons:

1, Taobao announced shielding, think themselves omnipotent. Taobao is powerful, but don’t forget that Baidu is also powerful. If Taobao is the gateway to online shopping, Baidu is a distribution center for Chinese Web traffic.

2, Alibaba and Taobao are interested in search engines.

is not difficult to find, in fact, Alibaba and Taobao’s SEO are doing very well. If you really think that you have been strong enough to do without the search engine, you can not do so hard to optimize the search engine.

3, Taobao rejected Baidu, not to protect its product category.

Taobao has been responsible for the protection of product categories and customer information, in fact, if anyone wants to dig up all the goods on Taobao, ADSL can also climb in a week.

4, Taobao has recently begun a fierce attack in the media. Baidu’s crawler is more important than public relations.

5, Taobao takes SNS website to reject search engine, the thing is too unprofessional.

as we all know, SNS web site is closed to protect the privacy of users, from the user needs.

6, Taobao does not consider the seller’s interests.

people selling things on the Internet, even selling arms and sex goods, want more targeted customers to shop around. Taobao refused Baidu apparently not from user demand, they regard the store as their own property, and these properties can not be discussed, you can make sacrifices for Taobao’s public relations needs. Taobao does not care about the privacy of the buyer, the buyer’s name, all his purchased items will be displayed on all.

7, Taobao hopes to take the opportunity to tell the seller that Baidu is an evil company.

, but according to Baidu’s energy, it should be able to bring more customers to Baidu C2C stores, where you can sell more things, this is the store’s most concern. As long as the migration and maintenance costs are not high, the seller does not care about opening a store in Baidu.

In fact, Baidu

should be counted, completely blocked Taobao. Baidu won’t lose many users because it doesn’t search for some items. Taobao sellers can also go to Baidu’s "green channel" to register their Taobao shop, let Baidu grab. The sellers who are going to register are actually potential customers of Baidu C2C.

in the Internet industry, want to find quiet, do not participate in the right and wrong, and do not conflict with Ali’s business. EBay, Tencent, Sheng has been a lot of Ali spray slobber. Baidu, fight it.

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