On the development trend of online advertising

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first tell you about the historical background of online advertising

it is beginning in the United States in 1994, as a symbol of the milepost type WIRE magazine launched www.hotwired.com, and China started late, first appeared in 1997, form of advertising animation banner ads. From the development of Internet advertising: the United States is now 1.5 times the growth rate in the rapid growth of Chinese is increasing at a rate of 38%, although the speed is not foreign fast, can also have a considerable number of total advertising.

with its fast, efficient and convenient advantages, the Internet has brought information to a new era, but also for enterprises to create unprecedented opportunities. With the popularization and popularization of Internet, network advertisement emerges as the times require. As a media with wide audience and low cost, more and more people pay attention to it.

for website owners, advertising is the only way, but the network advertising and other advertising media are different.

, first of all, it’s a new medium, using real interactive media. Compared with traditional media, Internet advertising has taken a new form of customer, sitting alone in front of the computer, move the mouse to choose their own favorite ads, click on the ads can be more detailed and vivid understanding of the interactive advertising, gave the audience enough free space.

The second advantage of

online advertising is that he has no regionalism, no time, geographical restrictions, and a wide range of communication. It is a real global media that people around the world can see.

third, there is a variety of online advertising. Unlike television media, only light video is needed to achieve the desired effect. The network advertisement can have a banner, vertical banner, portal, e-mail, online, and commercial links etc.. Are easy to retrieve, repeatable, information release and information feedback and replacement fast and timely. There is also one, but also the most critical, the network advertising sent information, but also can do information collection, investigation.

network advertising is also with these advantages, to achieve such a popular trend of development.

, its interactive, real-time, fast, wide range of communication, accurate number of audience statistics, information carrying capacity and other unique advantages will be the prerequisite for its market leading.

take a look at the Internet now, a variety of sites, and more like what (that idiom I forgot).

personal Adsense more and more, such as mushrooming, and the formation of a huge force, and maintain the growth of these small Adsense, what is it? Advertising, advertising costs.

but because they are small websites, there is no traffic, nor is it very attractive to fixed advertising, when the advertising alliance will guide us.


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