The ideals and realities in the hearts of the stationmaster are always at arm’s length

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In fact,

life is happy every day, everyone has a copy of their own ideals and visions, as we strive every day in the computer next to the grassroots webmaster, the ideal and the reality is always worse then a little distance, always think of Baidu update, included will own more, always think of Baidu on Wednesday update, wake up in the morning hurriedly SITE, hope the ranking has improved but the reality is reality. So learn to enjoy life, face life, and face the ideals.

when the first ray of sunshine through the curtains into the room, you will feel so warm, your morning attitude will determine your mood for the day, feel the sunshine every day, you will find that the morning sunshine is so beautiful! Maybe every webmaster had to do the station has his original dream whether it is money, or anything else, anyway, no one will no reason into the ranks of the webmaster, or that no one would have no reason to do anything, no matter you do stand is not for you to fight in the future, have a dream, passion, hope. Life is more meaningful. Some people live in sorrow and regret, it is because miss this life the most important thing, so that is not perfect, like sang sad and moved, only after the confused world, a man should realize my life value


different choices determine different fates, different mentality decides different outlet, website must adjust mentality. If you are the individual operators, it should certainly treat in a personal home page view, now is not the right form of personal webmaster website survival, victory, is on the synthesis of various factors of opportunity, strategy, innovation, function, technology, team experience, capital, market, if a single well, and ignore other aspects, the probability of success is very small, only the links do, do, do succeed, the site to be successful.

if you don’t have to worry about for a living, you can have a try for it, drink a bowl of soup, go back to the bridge. Many things are counterproductive and affect things personal webmaster original passion from the side of the majority, hoping to earn what benefits in the above. I personally enter the network, entirely because of those, whether it is 80 or 70, in short, is in the influence of those who are one of the older generation of cattle, and let me come in. We are all equally young, and I wish I could leave my name in a future Forbes, but dreams are dreams. When you don’t understand when vaguely come, when you understand that you are late, so forget the do not do, should not waste time with the parents, to pay for your passion against her again the old white hair and never exposed smile, why is the network the virtual, the website wants to become a classic, is doomed. The tragedy is the destruction of the good things to see, life was not perfect, like never withered flowers, only is fake. Go and do something practical, discover the real beauty in life, and some things have many opportunities

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