n general, how do nternet shoppers use their web sites

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once mentioned the previous article " why the traffic is not the order of " such a statement, now explain why no order, because the web designers usually don’t know much about how people use the site, we have done an analysis report of a few hundred of the use of the site, so this is the process of investigation, let the investigators buy one they never bought something online, respondents usually look at several sites, all respondents with average time of the first site for 1 minutes and 22 seconds to complete the last website and decided to buy a product, we calculated the average web browsing time is 3 minutes and 08 seconds, in this process, in addition to the use of search engines to this website, all respondents viewed the site is about 3.5, more interesting is the result of investigation on the whole A selection of products, the number of respondents to access a web site is actually 0.3 times, which means that these people did not repeat to have seen the website, so here comes to a conclusion that if a customer comes to your site, you will want to retain customers through the design of your site otherwise, you will never lose them, please note that is forever losing them. We also found in the survey, 46% of people go to a website first went to the front page of the site, but there are also some people who go to the inside pages, but when they want to have a better understanding of the site when they want to go to the home page, so that we, the usability design homepage must do the work of.

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