Lively right lower corner of the war behind the grassroots Adsense road where

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recently watched television and found online ads on TV media platforms. For example TV ads "to shopping, first Taobao mall Jingdong such as a phrase with a double meaning; also" online shopping on Jingdong, save money and easy "online shopping platform, and in South Africa during the World Cup title of the TV advertisements, network advertising products gradually toward TV platform. More and more Internet TV stations began to target audience, to get more potential customers, to open up the market. On the battlefield of the network, there is only the strong and the grass root station. Where is the road?

, the Internet has become more and more big name stage, and personal website can only shrink in one corner, waiting for the opportunity. From 2010 after the National Day holiday, a war between the Tencent and 360 had either QQ raise a Babel of criticism of Tencent, pop or 360 boot prompt, without telling each other is not, this is known as the computer screen "in the lower right corner of the war intensified, to continue to do not know what time, nor know at the end of this war will end with what, just to the grassroots, to the user," they are busy, what we have."

people say that the Internet is the argument, the hype is due to the interests, be fooled forever just users, the result of speculation is a win-win situation. He said the lower right corner of the war, the war of all participants have become the major media headlines, all broadcast media have reproduced, the Tencent’s share price is not affected in any way, but the user had to accept the information passively. The Internet makes the world becomes a global village, communication and interaction between the fingertips are, at the same time, the Internet also provides a platform for the famous famous ordinary people, some folk artists, through the network to show their skills, let users know, also inspired many people; but there are a lot of things we sniff at characters quickly jump red Xifeng, like, like baby, as well as some time ago Mengniu raise a Babel of criticism of the event. Behind these network reds, network events, do not know how many teams do not know their occupation of speculation, netizens made much talk at leisure.

entered in 2010, grassroots Adsense groups as if the group winter general, quiet. In front of each Internet hot news, grassroots webmaster are only spectators, lively on the stage, can not find the grassroots webmaster figure. In the Admin5 Adsense nets an article earlier in "the disappearance of the 440 thousand sites: small and medium-sized webmaster survival investigation", and policy reasons for the accident, as well as major Internet giants network enclosure movement, let hundreds of thousands of personal website silent disappeared under severe pressure that many did not make money from the grassroots webmaster online go to the next line, leaving the grassroots industry, into the industrial army. Ideal is beautiful, but reality is cruel after all. Income is the absolute principle. Without income, ideal is empty talk.

someone asked if the webmaster would disappear in the long history of the network. After 5 years, is there a personal webmaster? Such questions always exist, only in the moment of crisis, they have been mentioned again and again. I >

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