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my site processor home MyCPU domain name was registered at the end of November last year, when young, ignorant, registered CN domain name. At that time the price is very cheap, coupled with agents to carry out concessions, I did not want to use 1 yuan to buy it. Now think of it is very timely ah, ha ha, in the twinkling of an eye has become dozens of blocks, but also does not allow individual registration.

has not been recording the domain name since it is using a foreign free space. But foreign space is unstable and insecure. It often takes several weeks to change. Later, too much trouble returned to the country. After careful selection, the election to the host house, the audit is a bit strict, but it seems more strength. The result is in tying rice this step…….

host House claims to have one hundred thousand free users, according to the prompt for the record, according to Wen, only a few people can pass, I apply for the record after a long wait, has been unable to pass. Later on, I saw an amazing news. Here it is, and later I think it’s reasonable.

has been forced to find a proxy for the record company, spent tens of dollars on the record, two days passed. If I had known I would have waited so long, I could not pass it, I might as well have passed it with some money.

give some advice to the novice Webmaster:

, since he was born in China and built a website in China, go ahead and record it honestly. Although there can be binding domain to the foreign host, but the foreign law is different from the China, if the foreign virtual host of jurisprudence, anti Communist…… in the end is not directly blocked IP?? or buy a space is also good, the price is right can also record, this just don’t argue.

a little earlier filing, early release. It is said that what will be taken later, and think about it, suffer. In fact, the record is also for the Internet’s norms and health, and its policy is questioned, not flowery ideas to manage their own websites.

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