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is written in the front of the

first contact network in 98 years, was still in primary school, when the Internet is just in the China rise, a few Internet cafes near our house, for that time, the Internet is a very strange thing (although it is now common for the intersection), after school I love with my classmates. Go to Internet cafes to play games, what CS, StarCraft and so on.

goes all the way to junior high school and then goes through high school. The high school burden is so heavy that I have no time to go to the Internet bar. Go and play games as a relaxing after class. Everyone knows that the entrance exam is the main theme of those three years. For me, is not to have the site of the various conditions. (later learned pcpop.com CEO Li Xiang entrepreneurial story is quite admire him, to give up the college entrance examination, direct business to go, very young has become a billionaire, captured the hearts of thousands of people born after 80 ha, ha ha……


and me, 06 years after entering the University, after a year of ANN copies ", also got some honors, scholarships, but slowly found that the professional is not interested, I am not the kind of future by each month with a fixed salary is a contented person, I love to try there are a variety of challenges, there is much room for development work. In college, in addition to the class, have a lot of spare time, I often browse each site, get massive consultation, I play computer games, but not into games on my little attraction. More on the Internet, will gradually become more and more aware of. I like to search for biographies of famous people and things that happen to them. IT know the most, like Robin Li, Wang Zhidong, Zhang Zhaoyang (this is a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Professor of physics, I personally prefer math, ha ha), Ma Huateng Ding Lei (NetEase, CEO, had the richest man Ma Yun, Chen Tianqiao, Chinese) (Grand President, legendary Games started, Shi Yuzhu)……


a large number of IT to promote the development of Chinese influential man of the Internet industry, some of them proficient in network technology, search engine and NetEase Robin Li, Ding Lei, Dai Zhikang (Kang Chuangsheng to very hard and my cousin graduating from the same university figure HA) and so on are all belong to this type, and a how is the management and operation, as it is now very red Alibaba family Ma is typical of this, Ma admitted that he also now will only look at the news, use the computer to send and receive mail, but he has the world’s largest e-commerce website at present, a Alibaba and a Taobao the net is enough to let him enjoy a global reputation. Personally, I tend to transition from technology to management.

read the story of so many people, the heart is somewhat touched, and I was the kind of "restless" people, ha. Plus, I like the computer very much. (after I bought the computer, I tested the operation system and various software of windows), and I like the Internet very much

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