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as the domestic market continues to adjust, the negative role of the overseas market environment, coupled with the domestic Internet environment continues to mature and recognized, the development of domestic industry portal is imminent. Since the beginning of 2008, the domestic market is a slogan for the real transformation and upgrading of enterprises, by the end of 2011, when most business entities in the domestic market is still in the original state, not do not want to upgrade, but consciousness, human consciousness determines the current stage of the journey and plan. As the industry portal, a large part of the industry portal is still in the primary stage of advertising and membership, of course, this is also a necessary process industry portal development, as the market continues to mature, industry portal site in the end how to face the market, in the face of our competitors


1: speed up the construction of internal team personnel


and abroad, but the domestic cognition is for people who do not pay attention to, of course, there is also a part of attention, in the face of such a market gluttonous, we can not sit still, cannot observe the market after adjustment, talent is a prerequisite for doing all the work. The author believes that as an industry website, the construction of team personnel must do the following:

A. complete team building: not with the logistics and marketing is to satisfy this condition, we need from the industry analysis to the decision to execute to form a series of sales personnel to feedback, can be a multitasker, but must take in market analysis to do project planning, it is not reasonable and risk a practice the highest failure rate, the number of its staff and service industry specializing in building a good team is a top priority must be to do, see in the webmaster if you do this.

B. staff allocation accurate: I also met many large companies, and even includes some foreign companies, when many companies is not productive, responsible members of various departments but can not do the best, most of the reasons attributed to the lack of the job skills of the members will grow, which leads to the not in the same horizontal line colleagues can not reach a consensus on a problem, or to understand the advantages and disadvantages of a single execution plan, this project also can not guarantee the quantity and effect.

Job specification

C. effective: Oh, this is the author of most of the problems, the staff is not some business failures bloated reasons, many problems just landed in the job specification, your work style, a style of doing things, not the standard parts, it cannot be a good assembly this is all the products, industry portals have an urgent need to solve the problem.

two: setting up core values

industry portal competition industry there has been very intense, but many can not touch the layman and feel that it, in such a highly competitive market environment, how can we protect themselves in an invincible position, it takes courage it needs a core competitive advantage, on the Internet

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