Why are some websites in front of history without WWW

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by 2008, my blog can be accessed separately via http://s.linglingfa.com and http://s.linglingfa.com. And in 2008, no matter which domain name I access, I will turn to the latter, that is, there is a "www" in front of the domain name".

, about 07 years ago, Michael F Liu called on everyone to remove the WWW in front of the domain name. I thought so. A good domain name have been carved up, all his domain names are the elders, my account (linglingfa.com) has 10 letters, front plus "www.", to direct visitors beat 4 times

keyboard, why?

however, over a year, I found that some things can not be taken for granted.

, first of all, let’s see what WWW is. When you’re used to visiting a web site, type "www."……" Did you ever think about what WWW is,


here, think of a funny thing. I give a website recently (call him http://s.abc.com) to do the revision of the time, I built a test site using http://s.ww.abc.com, the test technician let them look at the past, someone asked me: "you are not wrong? Where is the beginning of the two WW website?" I immediately big embarrassed, asked: "you don’t think that http://s.ww.abc.com, http://s.abc.com and test.abc.com in fact is a truth?" the other replied: "test.abc.com is the two level domain name, and http://s.abc.com is a domain name." I heard the storm cold.


(the inventor of WWW, Tim, ·, Berners, was later called the father of the Internet)

on what is a domain name domain name, what is the two domain name, Michael F Liu help us to explain very clear:

first of all, you have to understand some of the principles of domain name, domain name is hierarchical (hierarchy). From right to left, the domain name is from the top to the lower. For example, our country’s.Cn domain name is the highest level of top-level domain name, and http://s.abc.cn this domain name is a two level domain name. If it is www.abc.cn, this form of domain name, actually is already the three domain name.

so why are the most common domain names on the Internet now in the form of www.abc.cn?

"This is actually a legacy of history," says

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