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however, because of the high rent costs and manpower costs in Beijing, the trend of domestic Internet start-ups has spread to other cities in the country since 2013. In addition to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen these major traditional Internet start-ups, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Qingdao, Wuhan and other places have become mobile Internet entrepreneurs new place to stay. Hangzhou due to the Alibaba that the first big Internet Co led many start-up companies, one of the two taxi software once the fast company was born here. While Chengdu began in 2013, has gradually become a mobile phone game business gathering place, and in Chongqing, there are some emerging mobile Internet Co is pregnant. And Qingdao, as the most developed city in Shandong, has also begun to give birth to some Internet Co. And in the next few years, these interconnections

what is the killer application? Simply said, is a service hit the user pain points, free or cheap to continuously bring users, and then through the other high margin products to achieve profit.


in this sense, the electricity supplier and Internet companies, the final road is the same way. This is our second discussion, finally O2O and Internet, the nature of the electricity supplier should be the same, that is to free / low pain point service users, profit through value-added or high margin products.

at the end of January 2014, with hundreds of sh419 BIG to go to the United States Silicon Valley. This trip really has a lot of harvest, but also lead to a series of thinking. Just in February, just met the Spring Festival, so the subject has been wanted to write again and again postponed. In fact, came back to find the similar theme, buddy has written a lot of peers, such as why Silicon Valley will be the Silicon Valley, for example why Silicon Valley will become the cradle of entrepreneurial American Technology Corp and so on the theme, but I still want to talk about my own understanding of the relationship between Silicon Valley and entrepreneurship, as well as the domestic status quo and some technological entrepreneurship thinking.


, a WIFI technology, put forward an idea in the store to install the system, the guests entered the store mobile phone will automatically search for WIFI, so the system can capture the user’s mobile phone MAC address; if the mobile Internet with the corresponding APP can access and upload the user Mac address. So the brand can be targeted to have shopped online stores their customers to push

, where will China be the next tech Mecca?

in fact, the domestic Internet entrepreneurial atmosphere is not strong, crazy hot money and investors, a large number of blood, entrepreneurship, youth, and even far more than the United States Silicon Valley counterparts. However, this does not represent the birth of another home like the Silicon Valley as an entrepreneurial mecca. At home, the most like the United States Silicon Valley is Beijing, Zhongguancun on the ground. In this area, almost all the biggest companies in the country stand. sh419, Sina, Sohu, Tencent and so on. And with the Silicon Valley is similar to that in the periphery of this generation, but also the distribution of the country’s top university, Tsinghua University, Beijing University and other schools in the country are located in this, if only from this point of view, Beijing Zhongguancun a little shadow of Silicon Valley.

first, back from Silicon Valley, I went a lot of media buddy are thinking about a problem, that is China which area of the birth of a business place like Silicon Valley? I was thinking the same question.

, a digital marketing director with an American company with a number of well-known international clothing brands, last week asked me to explore a new O2O and mobile marketing program he envisioned.


recently with the cell related entrepreneurship App fire. The most famous is a start-up company called the Ding Dong district financing Angel melts one hundred million yuan; other similar projects include free area etc..

In order to improve the conversion rate of

I opened the Ding Dong District of App, found two I lived in Shanghai District, installed a minority of users. For example, I currently live in the area, I estimate that there are six thousand or seven thousand residents, the installation of 86 users. But it seems to be very active, and few people use real names and real heads. Look at the business, from the pet to go to the locksmith but always seems to lack of Everything is contained therein., a killer application. Each function seems to have public comment, 58 city such tycoon doing.

program is very simple, friends of the group in the Chinese have thousands of offline stores, monthly visit customers in more than one million, but the data show that only 3% to 4% of the customers under a single, while the other guests like water to and fro, unable to contact.

whether in the electricity supplier or O2O field, have low frequency low; low frequency high price; high frequency high price; high frequency low price; four can start quadrant and dimension. We can naturally high-frequency high prices and low frequency of these two excluded, leaving most of the entrepreneurs concentrated in the space of high frequency, low price and low frequency, high priced two areas. For O2O collar >

the spirit and soul of Silicon Valley should be "real innovation."". The lack of this spirit, Silicon Valley is not known as the Silicon Valley, but if not the pursuit of new technologies and uphold the spirit of innovation, the market value of Internet Co Chinese regardless of how high, how much is the site, "no way," puffiness truly confident proudly in the world of the Internet on the stage.

may be a lot of people will jump at a glance, this is not infringing my privacy?. No way, many Internet Co’s business model is not built on the value of data created by free? As long as the venture can collect data, it will be valuable. This is our first discussion of today’s O2O venture, data generated value.

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