Decision on the new director of the CNTB Head Office in early July

November 18, 2020 | |Post a Comment

first_imgAt the end of May, more precisely on May 30, the competition for the director of the Main Office of the CNTB ended, which lasted 60 days.Eight applications were received for the competition, seven applications were received on time, one was received outside the deadline, point out from the Ministry of Tourism, which in the following period was reviewed by a special Commission for the evaluation of candidacies selected by the Tourist Board of the Croatian National Tourist Board to determine which of the candidates meet the necessary conditions for further evaluation.After the last session of the Tourist Council, the first meeting of the Commission for the Implementation of the Public Tender for the Selection of the Director of the Main Office of the Croatian Tourist Board was held, consisting of: Boris Žgomba as President of the Commission, also a member of the CNTB Tourist Board and President of Uniline, Barbara Mesić Commission and Chief Advisor to the Minister of Tourism, Željko Kukurin, member of the Commission, also a member of the Tourist Board of the CNTB and President of the Management Board of Valamar Riviera dd, Marcel Medak, member of the Commission, also a member of the Tourist Board of the CNTB and director of Daruvar Spa, Dragan Magaš from the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management in Opatija.Although unofficially all the candidates are already known, but respecting the election process and the secrecy of data, we will not reveal which persons all ran for the position of director of the CNTB Head Office, but interestingly, out of seven applications, one is from the Tourist Board system. one from the private sector and one from academia, while the remaining applications are from the hotel industry.Therefore, by the end of June, the commission gave each of the seven candidates the opportunity to present the work program and will then give a recommendation to the CNTB Tourist Board on the selection of candidates, which is expected in early July. Regardless of the fact that the CNTB is still headed by Ratomir Ivičić, it is certainly crucial that a new helmsman of our tourism is selected as soon as possible so that the CNTB can dedicate itself to new plans and the vision of the new director.More expertise and professionalism, and less politicsI sincerely hope that in Croatia, and thus in this competition as well, the main guiding thread will be expertise and professionalism, and not who is closer to the fire and who is pulling harder from the political side. It is important to respect the expertise and competence as well as the vision of the development of each candidate, and then in the shortlist, ie the finalists, where the little things decide, politics chooses according to the political key. Unfortunately, it is still primarily a political decision, but the candidate must first and foremost be competent and professional, and have the support of the wider tourism profession, and not vice versa.As I communicate on a daily basis with all profiles of tourism experts from all over Croatia, I am free to determine how all or at least the vast majority are dissatisfied and how they want change. To the question of how and when it will be better, I give a clear and only possible answer: That the profession, both at the destination and in the whole of Croatia, unites and asks politics to respect the profession, professionalism and business processes of the 21st century.Right at first everyone says it is impossible, because we all look at ourselves and our interests, there is no synergy and cooperation, it is unfortunately a factual situation but it is the only right way. Start from yourself, network and connect and be an example to others with your positive actions. Politics is another level, at least it should be, that facilitates business processes and it is there for us, not the other way around. A change of the whole paradigm is needed, and this is possible only if the profession unites and seeks changes, not from political connotations but exclusively from market bases, ie needs.Synergy, expertise and professionalism – must be key criteria, we can no longer afford to be different because the competition does not sleep, in fact, while we talk for ten years about changes and new regulations, tourist land… competition has already made a hundred changes.It’s all up to the people, it’s all up to you. The synergy of all tourism workers is crucial for the strategic development of tourist destinations.last_img

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