Taobao money is not easy to say love youThe private experience of making money in art shops has been

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brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

I would like to say Taobao money is not easy to say love you

          I have opened art shop has been two years, but also brought me no small gains. Shop so far, monthly income has generally been controlled at around ten thousand. Here, I will share these private experiences and share it with you.

          my collection of ancient coins, are years of private collection, also found many friends exchanges and antiques on good stuff, because itself is not practical, and high cost the store opened, not much time, so choose a well-known website to shop, I shop in Taobao first, find the friend is more sensitive to the price, and to China mainly. Later, trying to set up shop on eBay, compared with foreign customers have increased, the relative effect will be better. The monthly income was about two thousand, which was far from what I expected.

          through the circle of friends, the eyes are now collectors began to throw to the professional art collection network, so I in China and Tibet Amoy net, which has opened the individual shop. Here friends and experts are more professional, not only to make friends in the industry of experts, but also to make the business bigger, and now has formed a fixed circle of customers. For small success today, I made some conclusion, to want to open the art shop some friends is my wise remark of an experienced person, a little dedication, hehe

          first, honesty

          for their own collections to have certain understanding, promise not to sell fakes, goods to deceive customers. Collect this circle, once the reputation is damaged, it is very difficult to have a foothold. Therefore, reputation is the key to the success of a business.

later, the "handsome guy" started teaching, eloquence is really good. Speaking of his shop off the reel to experience, we watched a few successful cases. Tell them how from the difficult stage go now to buy a car life. Let the people hear is excited. But I feel that is not the point about, do not teach us these novice how to do. Of course, want to learn the experience can be, but have to pay the tuition. I’d like to go, but to my present situation, I was reluctant to spend money. Finally, let me get a chance. When the lecturer said "just said to you a mysterious gift is to tell me what you want me to help you to guide your ID number, I have got a hand up. He found me, I stood up and told him I want ID is the beauty of ge. Look at their own shop first in so many people’s appearances, really a bit does not adapt. As previously seen in the shops compared visually a lot of the poor. Indeed, the lecturer is of the opinion that the shop does not have to decoration, photo effect is not good, baby description is not detailed enough.

          two, choose a professional trading site strong shop sales of
          do not think that the most famous online shopping mall is the most suitable, professional and strong is the most powerful guarantee of profit. You can open a storefront in several well-known professional websites. I currently shop website you can also try, URL here and share with you:
1, professional website:, the Chinese collection network, Tibet Amoy network www.taocang.


08 years is really difficult, unfortunately I also joined the ranks of the unemployed. Facing the crisis of survival, is the re employment or to find another way out? I always love online shopping, watching Taobao shop business is booming sellers, it is green with envy. I wish I could find a belongs to own sky in the network. So, I spend most of my time and energy invested in sourcing, goods, publicity etc.. Unfortunately, more than a month, people still ask Liao Liao Wuji. It seems like to open shop to support their own really is not an easy thing.

returned home, see their own shops, determined to take good toss, immediately opened the shop function. Put a banner store, called the sixth season brand clothing store. Plus a sales area. The ordinary shops look a lot better than previously. I added a bit of confidence, but I know there was a very arduous journey. How to let more people come to my shop is the key.

is frustrated when see website have a Taobao exchange of experience. I immediately enroll in. Go to the building of labor force. Take my name card ready. Into the hall, a black raven’s head eyes, really did not expect a lot of the same ideas with my people. I found a back seat. Taiwan stood a handsome guy, probably is the legend of the lecturer. Before I begin, with friends around the conversation, I prepared the name card and gave it to them, like a few more secretly orifices of potential customers.

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