Of Mice and Men’s James Franco Discusses On Stage Catcalls & Steamy Selfies

January 18, 2021 | |Post a Comment

first_imgYou know what pics we’re talking about. Regardless of what body parts he’s putting through the Valencia filter, there’s no denying it: James Franco is a busy man. The Of Mice and Men star stopped by The Late Show on May 8 to discuss with David Letterman his transition from performing in front of a camera to in front of an audience, just before heading to the Longacre Theatre for that evening’s show. Franco revealed that he sometimes has to resist the urge to channel his inner LuPone during matinees with student groups: “I love that the students come and watch and they’re very engaged, but they laugh at strange moments.” Turns out, they don’t just laugh, but they also catcall him, during death scenes, no less! And yes, Letterman confronts the star about his questionable selfies, asking, “Honest to God, why?!” His rebuttal? “It’s what the people want!” If you say so, Franco. Surely you’ve learned by now that we’re keeping an eye on your Instagram activity. Take a look at the fun interview below! View Comments Related Shows Of Mice and Men Show Closed This production ended its run on July 27, 2014 Star Files James Francolast_img

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