Grassroots exchange chain want K, you did not discussThrough the Western Union, quick collection o

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collection, you can check the information after the RMB equivalent: Click: "account management – my financial", as follows:

monitor number view method: landing shlf1314 AdSense home page, click the "details" as follows:

Description: I :20016964 is fully responsible for the above content, please webmaster network allowed to publish, so that more grassroots away from this "grassroots" garbage union!!!

, they talked to me and let me put the code out. in fact, it’s almost like a cheater

, some time ago, they asked to let me put their code. I was doing 779 and I was too lazy to change. He said a few nice words, and I gave him a face to put his code. However, the integration estimate is almost 5000 100 yuan or so, their settlement standards when suddenly the account can not be landed, contact customer service said I cheated. Because I put a pop-up for my website, there was a grassroots advertisement on the pop-up page, so they were cheating. My conscience. I’ve been doing it for over 779 years. I haven’t said I cheated yet. I didn’t expect the garbage union to be like this. Ask which League will ask the webmaster to put the code of the page traffic must be sh419’s antecedents? Can’t pop in advertising,


below, I will Everbright Bank collection methods for everyone to do demo,


then enter the fill information interface as follows:

!After successful



liar Alliance: Grassroots exchange chain address: cgen2

is the original intention of writing this article is the first time I received shlf1314 advertising, had on the Internet to understand by Western Union payment, but many seem to fail, just give me the settlement shlf1314 advertising, I have my collection process in detail, can be said to be a the hard way, I hope to help novice friends like me! Now support the Western Union Bank is not much more special. For example, I live on the west gate of Chengdu. I asked all the banks near simon. I won’t support it。 So ran to eight treasure street, after many inquiries, and finally found in the eight treasures street, "Everbright Bank"!

, then click on the next step: enter the confirmation payee information, such as address, etc., because I have received the money before, so click the next prompt query, not here to monitor the code! We can try it yourself!



preparation: open online banking, China Everbright Bank, the bank card I am specially in Everbright Bank for payment, after each have rushed to run, can be operated online!, the payment of the money transfer control number MTCN

what is not said, if you agree with this statement, please click the "next", let us work together to the top dead garbage alliance.

click "view the details of the payment record" and then jump to the payment information interface, as shown in figure



copy here "remittance monitoring number MTCN:0008896000", and then landing Everbright Bank Online Banking if there is no Everbright Bank card, you can also handle in their network, specifically ask them


ok. Write it here, I was the first time to receive shlf1314 advertising fees, the younger brother of the station webmaster, webmaster network. It is earned, hey hey, can accept the Western Union fast remit the bank, say not much, say a lot less, I seem to have only around here, other >!


then click on the right to view the detailed payment record, as shown in figure

login Everbright Bank online banking, click on "overseas finance – Western Union remittance – Western Union collection", as follows:


I’m not here to send soft text, nor to AD, I just want to use facts to prove that this grassroots exchange chain has more garbage.


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