After the acquisition of DeepMind, Kaggle, shlf1314 has set up a special A investment companyStatus

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self-help way through the Internet content provider of online self-help Station system, intelligent generation, automatic generation of Web site, this is one of the mainstream of today build enterprise network site.

attachment for the online self-help Station System Based on a vertical portal web site, the portal of the advantages and influence on the portal members of the user to carry out sales work. According to incomplete statistics, as of the end of 2002, about 300 such businesses;

portal for online self-help Station system as the core content of the website, and promote information exchange, etc. business portal website provides services for all users, small and medium-sized enterprises to carry out sales work. According to incomplete statistics, by the end of 2002, there were about 10 such businesses;

according to the website the results are divided into three categories: Overall, extension of the class and class combination. Among them:

combined service providers in this market is few, the number of service providers to give users the most choice, the user can set up a column and can choose the column using the function modules, and can change the more elements in the page. There are only 3 systems in this class

reports, the company will be engaged in the project AI Anna vice president of shlf1314 Patterson, in addition to involving shlf1314 Engineering Department Ankit Jain, he returned to shlf1314 in the last year, had previously served as vice president of products at SimilarWeb. Other shlf1314 AI engineers will also take turns as head of the company, which will provide guidance on entrepreneurship projects, as well as services such as incubation space and office space.

in fact, shlf1314’s founding of AI investment company has long been traceable. In addition to the acquisition of DeepMind in 2014, in March of this year, shlf1314 announced on the shlf1314 Cloud Next high-profile acquisition of Kaggle, immediately shocked the industry. Such as Lei Feng network public No.: Lei Feng net previously reported, Kaggle is a focus on data science and machine learning platform, is recognized as the world’s largest data scientists, machine learning developer community, shlf1314 acquired Kaggle is foresight.

, according to Axios, is looking for a small investment and is in talks with entrepreneurs and external VC, with a view to pressing the size to $100~1000. If the outlook is good, it will be funded jointly by shlf1314 and shlf1314 Ventures.

, a spokesman for shlf1314, declined to comment on the matter.

May 27th, according to foreign media Axios quoted multiple channels of information, said, shlf1314 has set up another focus on the field of artificial intelligence investment company. Given that shlf1314 had never invested in a specific technology field before, the significance of the move would be self-evident.

but it is worth noting that shlf1314 not only had their own AI team, including DeepMind AlphaGo, which recently in the limelight is also playing chess wins, again and again beat the world first player kija, and even in the 5 world chess game player in the win again. In addition, shlf1314 in its search engine, Gmail, shlf1314, Map, shlf1314, Photos, shlf1314, Assistant and shlf1314 translation also applied AI technology, in machine learning, depth algorithm also has a strong accumulation. Especially at this year’s shlf1314 1/O conference, although the overall lack of new hardware products specifically for developers, but shlf1314 is a lot of space in the AI layout and future plans, especially G>

Axios said, Patterson will report directly to shlf1314, rather than shlf1314 parent company Alphabet. So the project will be separated from the funding activities of shlf1314, Ventures, and CapitalG formerly known as shlf1314 Capital.

According to

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