Dry cargo decryption case analysis of enterprise website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and competit

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Diagnostic analysis of The following


1, from the view of the optimization domain is relatively simple and clear and prominent in the ("and the king" brand keywords Hejun) makes it clear to the user, and use the贵族宝贝 international top-level domain accustomedfor user, to user memory, reduce the user cost of memory is a good experience for the user, to search engine optimization that is of great significance to the brand keywords "and Jun" ranking and exposure.

case on the website of Shanghai dragon, to share with everyone to do early in the month Yang Zi English enterprise website Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, case analysis of Yang Zi again today to a client web site to do a simple diagnosis and Shanghai dragon competition website to share, the following is a Shanghai dragon the proposal made diagnosis case at all sites of diagnosis and put forward the corresponding solutions to solve the problem. Of course, in order to secure customers following basic ideas for diagnosis of this site to share with the specific solution is not as detailed.

shown above the site of BR is 4 (i.e. love Shanghai weight) PR is 5, Alexa is ranked as the 40843 domain name age more than 10 years, included: 29 thousand and 600, 10 thousand and 1500. from the anti related data in domestic consulting industry site is the best site, domain name and age has been 10 years has a relatively high confidence in the search engine, for the general new domain name or period of less than 10 years following the site in the same circumstances, it is difficult to exceed the website ranking, from the domain name of the site is also life through the accumulation of time will be the site of bigger and stronger.

2, the basic data analysis as shown below:

as the basic diagnostic method of this website, I hope to inspire some friends:

) According to the


, a rival (the research object competition domain name: www.xxx贵族宝贝

3, URL website optimization with static web tree flat structure is more reasonable and contains the corresponding file name using the user experience, to crawl the web page search engine friendly for the better, but for the pages of its URL level reached four, can reach three to be better.

from the site structure, keyword layout, page optimization and so does in the domestic management consulting industry is doing a good website.

Study on

this site basic diagnostic proposal is divided into three parts: the analysis of the 1 competitors (the research object competition domain name: www.xxx贵族宝贝). 2, diagnostic station (Domain Name: www.sxxx贵族宝贝) basic diagnosis. 3, the basic solution was diagnosed after diagnosis, the following respectively from the three parts:

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