Have your own website to be a qualified Shanghai dragon er

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1, the construction of website


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works in Shanghai Longfeng company, the practice is not their own website, so it is. Structural adjustment in the internal site, TDK (title, keywords, description) changes are not big changes, even changes after the site was K, bring loss to the company. Another for others website optimization, website background permissions are not in your hands, every change to send an e-mail to inform each other, even friends of the chain is not convenient mail, very troublesome.


know how to do the construction site construction site within

contact Shanghai dragon more than half a year, there are a lot of understanding of the industry, but also know a lot of excellent Shanghai dragon er. These excellent Shanghai dragon Er have their respective areas of expertise, are good at art, good content construction, good keyword analysis, no matter how personality, but a common feature is that they all have their own web sites. If you want to become a good Shanghai dragon er? No website how to do it. No personally build websites, you cannot be a good Shanghai dragon er.

when the choice of the domain name to follow, the domain name as short as possible, try to select the mainstream suffix suffix, such as贵族宝贝,.Cn,.Net,. Org; if the domain name did you want to do anything better now. Hongkong is the highest cost-effective choice server server space, overseas the domestic again. Hongkong and Hongkong do not record the server, the server in China and Asia are very fast speed. In the domestic Ping server in Hongkong generally around 50ms. Overseas servers do not record, good speed, is not very stable. The server needs to record, and slow, of course does not rule out there good.

has its own website can safely to change, even if is K, I can come back. Site internal construction is to ensure every day from the home page to the channel page to the article page to update, the site structure made of tree network structure, each page must ensure that TDK is not the same. Then the contents of the full site, is on the front page and a "update" column, each update contents on the home page, and before the class capacity to open a tiled column on the home page, the content of this page will be very full, the user experience will be wrong. Channel page can do. Recommend a CMS system here, CMS. A system made out of the website of Shanghai Longfeng effect is certainly not bad, you CMS at the beginning of the site has been the site of the Shanghai Dragon into consideration.

built a website to know how to choose the domain name space

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