Each site needs to build their own specific user groups

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friends you website user stickiness? A time will come second times? If it is, then you have to create their own specific user groups. If not, then you need to consider how to build a website for their loyal user groups. General according to this observation, has a specific user group website is difficult to go beyond the. I say is difficult to surpass refers to the Shanghai dragon above, such as you do Dongguan wedding photography, people search Dongguan wedding not something else into your website website directly, since many years are so, so in this case, it is not easy to other sites you want to go beyond. Because the search engines pay special attention to customer loyalty to the website.

this is my love in Shanghai downtown search too set of micro-blog content display. We look at this account how much love Shanghai home space. After leaving Shanghai dragon love Shanghai road is not much ah friends. Before I have long been aware of this problem, so my site is generally controlled by the search engine in fifty per cent of the traffic, but by other promotion methods. In fact, as long as the content of your website is good, the other method is extended to your site for Shanghai dragon is also very good. Create specific user groups is the best way to get rid of Shanghai dragon, of course the best general is the most difficult, in some experience of creating a web site user groups to share for everyone to learn about:

why want to build their own site specific user groups? The author once wrote an article "do Shanghai dragon website will die, only the Shanghai dragon website shengburusi". It introduces an important concept, is not to put all its stake in the search engine, or you will die, you know love Shanghai so uncontrollable, if you bet on love Shanghai, every day worried, just die ah. But the judge of Shanghai Longfeng road will become narrower and narrower, especially in China alone in the search engines love Shanghai recently and the integration of micro-blog’s content, we look at


first, stick to the user

love is to stick to the user with the user often keep in touch, greeting each other, often communicate. I give you a practical example, a weight of the product is friend to do so, he went to the video website of a collection of Aerobics videos, and then upload the two, left their contact and QQ in the video. As long as people with his QQ can give someone a set of Aerobics video. The others with his QQ, he let people add the QQ group and he took a set of Aerobics videos to the people, let everyone go to his website. These users are the most accurate user, before is the QQ group with friends to communicate, what are the latest method of weight loss and some weight loss experience with email to everyone, then encourage everyone to communicate and share their experiences to lose weight around friends in the group, and then put these ideas together on the site, these are high-quality content. My friends.

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