The new version of App Store, optimization search rankings than what is more important

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2, Download conversion are the three major factors:

went to the year, the thought in the beginning of cattle in front of the investors. How do the second half promotion operation? How to improve product download conversion rate? For a long time to promote ROI Zeyang? How to enhance the user growth and revenue growth?

stands in the angle of CP is required to think more, catch is not equal to the conversion rate, result oriented, the search rankings and download the transformation as a whole to think, this is a year-end bonus, job promotion, the company is financing a thickness.

for App products, App Store is undoubtedly the best platform for the promotion of the application market. See so much on how to optimize the search rankings in a new version of Apple’s App Store. I think the first single, Xi, said search ranking system not for product promotion, search is the first step, the next is the user click on the download activation, the more important thing is the transformation. Second, reading too much search rankings, and ignore the download transformation, will let promotion operators ignore some more important things.

1, influence keywords ranking are mainly two categories:

ASO after the intervention, the main text relevance (subtitle, keywords).

3) external factors: brand influence, industry factors etc..

1) is the main channel quality, high precision better conversion words, so it is necessary to consider how to distinguish high precise words and poor quality of the word;

display and download is a basket of things, but also close to revenue growth and transformation of the download, App details page subtitle, comments, descriptions, videos, screenshots, some of which affect search rankings, others must download deeply affect the transformation, the two combine to speak.

other applications such as description and comment on the search rankings almost no what effect.

In addition to

keyword search rankings and download conversion factors are what?

Effect of

2) App display part: including product name, description, subtitle, promotional text, ICON, video preview, preview screenshots and comments;

from the micro perspective factors, search rankings and download conversion factor in the change has little effect after the revision, although some content becomes small, such as the protocol brush. There are some new items may have a greater impact, such as video. But it did not change so much, things really so simple.

why didn’t say? From the perspective of IOS service providers, ASO optimization, the formation of the industrial chain is the intervention of ASO (integral wall, machine brush, brush protocol). Based on the optimization part (product name, subtitle, keywords) only as a free service, of course, will not spend too much time thinking about these things, I brought you the amount of it is your thing, transformation.

The influence of

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