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informationIn fact, the mean chain

is a small bell (Shanghai dragon push it) to the enterprise website optimization experience, want to help the original author to everyone, please keep the link (贵族宝贝fjgwsc贵族宝贝)

is the original article, the information can be in many aspects, such as: the company’s news, recently, do a summary of the activities of some products and so on, can release the above. This is the best place to display information on the home page, so the information released every day is equivalent to the update of the first page (Title Reasonable words), then the spider will always come.

Product description

company released the product description on the following picture is simple contact, it greatly reduces the user experience, this one can be very good to use, the product described in detail, contrast can be increased with rival products (the competitors don’t add the chain oh) their own products, the core is reflected, but also enrich the products that increase the user experience, the conversion rate is relatively high. The successful case of amplification, to help push the propaganda.

, thank you for your cooperation!


5. increased customer contact

and Hubang can always communication, let customers can contact the company, understand the situation of products.


now many forums are restricted in the hair of the chain, the chain enterprise station this one can use the company to recruit staff on the grounds, in the Forum (such as: flea market, part-time) you can leave the chain fully assured, administrators generally do not delete you, get some weight high BBS a section, which left a good (once more, administrator must take you to delete posts, etc.) over a period of time your sink again. Not for the number and quality of.


use the online third party certification, some companies can go hang up all their certificates (preferably can be found on the Internet), allowing customers to understand the company’s authoritative Accreditation Authority: China network center. In a front page with this link, can be reassuring. Choose your site.

1. enterprise website every day to publish a

in the A5 forum mix so long, not to have soft, these days the site is more stable, more time, the small bell today to share some of their own experience of learning to the enterprise website optimization, today for the first time the feeble hope that we support an awesome.

third party certification

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