How to use the exchange Links to enhance the relevance of the website

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the second is that we should not only value the site some advantages, such as the other side of the snapshot update speed, the PR value of the site, the site included and the chain, we should according to the website to find the correlation, for example we use the website to optimize network song words, but found that the frequency and content of the keywords network the song has less, but not mandatory to add it, this time we can use Links to increase the keyword density, so as to make it appear very natural and effective, looking for this type of website must pay attention to the key words, our goal is to find a network of songs for the content of the website, the more relevant as possible, such as a website’s content is around the network and create a song, then this site is what we need The ideal chain looking for, even if the site included and ranking is not good, we should exchange with him, because it is the key for high weight transfer.


now many friends exchange links or as in the past focus on the PR value of the site, the site of Shanghai love weights, included in the site of reverse link and so on, although these can reflect a site advantage, but only these are not enough, if it can be combined with the relevance of the website to build Links, it certainly can that the site has a better effect, to talk about how to do it:


understand the correlation for keywords ranking, so how do we make our web site with content more closely? There are many methods, here to share with you a Links by the way to further improve the relevance of the website.

In fact, the search engine to determine the net >

should be combined with the target keywords page optimization to find a site may not need too many keywords, may focus on three to five keywords distribution to the home page, the home page to optimize it, such as the words of our website title positioning is: network songs, popular songs, sad songs, English songs. So this time, we can according to the keywords to find the corresponding website, suggest that you go to look in the Links platform, it can find the relevance of the links is relatively high, and can easily find each other exchange.

website is a website related worthy of our attention, is also the focus of the user experience, such as when a user searches a keyword into the site, but did not find the content they want, then the user will immediately jump out of the page, the search engine is this page for a keyword for the correlation is very poor. Then this keyword will lose ranking; even so it is weight high website, which is why Sina, NetEase these high weight website cannot contain too many keywords, let them have a good ranking, the only thing they can do is to create a website, such as Sina, sina Home Furnishing property so, this is in order to make the site more relevant, so that the keywords ranking advantage.

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