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advertising optimization: a design on the one hand to avoid advertising and website main content and function of conflict, affect the normal use of the site, such as several large sites covered in the half of advertising, blocking the user to choose directly links and content, not different advertising disappear automatically to normal use. On the other hand should not be set too much advertising, commercial advertising is too strong users will have trouble on the site.

users use the site feel


website: when the page opens, can give the user the most intuitive impression of the website is the website in color, color, consistent with the brand image of the enterprise; in the use of color, no special needs no more than three colors, three colors such as red, will not try to yellow and blue collocation; on the other hand the design style to meet the user’s browsing habits, such as navigation and position display part style design, style design and location registration login box, footer content design, in accordance with the needs of most users consistent browsing habits to design.

website brand: Web site in the first time the user opens the page to let users know who I am, to ensure to remind the user whether to enter the user needs the right site. The general practice is to add the logo website at appropriate location of the site, and add logo in the browser title bar.

influence the speed of the open web page: there are many reasons, to avoid self caused controllable web page open speed too slow. For example, guarantee the stability of the server, the page picture size and quantity is not too much too much, try to avoid the use of the available background color pictures, reduce the number of flash, the web page code as far as possible with a simple statement, clear notes and useless line spaces, etc..

The overall design style

site in the process of user experience optimization mainly by optimizing several aspects of the work needs to be done, according to the first experience of user login, optimize the domain is simple and easy to remember. On site: www.chinamobile贵族宝贝 and www.10086.cn, compared to 10086.cn catchy and let more people willing to login.


page width: at present the user display ranging from 17 inches to 22 inches or more, the width of the design according to the current mainstream display size setting. The design is too narrow, users will feel the page design is too wide open, users will not browse web content.

Open the speed of

when the user has to understand "who am I" "what can I do for you", then the user next step is to start using the network.

site navigation column structure: when the user know who I am, the user needs to understand "what can I do to help you, then make a clear navigation and function section of the distinctive architecture is one of the best way to answer the question.

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