The site so much, where the article and the chain

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3, pseudo original tools repeatedly pseudo original. Now there are still some pseudo original software is good, of course better paid, the main function is to replace some phrases, suggested that if you use this method you can pseudo original several times, and then change the line.

2, English the feasibility is not high. As we all know, the domestic industry, and some other countries, there are many webmaster website, find these sites for translation, but when you use Google translate after will find the mess, the statement is not fluent, thought, no readability. If you are looking for professionals in the Taobao translation, is a very good method, but unfortunately, according to my understanding, the cost is too high, earn enough money to estimate the translation of a few articles.

is now a lot of people are talking about web site or experience is important, love Shanghai for the original articles and the chain scores have not so heavy, in fact, at least I think the original articles and the chain is very important, especially the small website. For example, you pick up a list of optimization, a small amount of fine, if more simply do not come, the more important point is that there are a lot of website content involves very professional vocabulary, you may not know what is the meaning of. Yes, understand all Never mind, as long as the pseudo original out on the line, but this is based on a large number of articles you can pseudo original this premise. We received a list, the intention is to make money, personal pick list may not have too much money, if every day to spend time on writing, the estimate didn’t earn money, the body can not hold on. The Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon notes and to analyze how to update a large number of original articles and release the chain


4, the chain, Taobao buy is not reliable. We can find such ads in many Webmaster Platform, what news site outside the chain, what 50 wallet included 300, I just want to say, I can make your domain site in two days found up thousands of the chain, this has no effect, but also counterproductive. The so-called news website is the station group, released the chain is not related.

5, the chain can publish tasks in the pig, but the cost is not small, the best way is to find a fixed chain and >

really, if you are in the hands of a site, the update and the chain is a big problem, if you like Feng Dongyang, executive power is very high and the style is also good, so good, if not what perseverance, so only the original article in which one can you have a headache. As for the chain, needless to say, we need high quality platform every day very regular to say, but can do more.

1, PDF acquisition. This method is actually a lot of stationmaster are in use, but there are a lot of people do not know, acquisition method is very simple, download a OCR identification tool on the line.

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