Novice love to share several matters needing attention for promotion in Shanghai

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promotion unit is the basic component in the account, is for the keyword level, for example we can have the same properties, the location or the price of similar products are classified as the same promotion unit, so the more use of our overall grasp and deployment. And when do Shanghai dragon, such words must conduct a detailed summary, so we can improve our efficiency, because the meeting is more clear, if you want to add or delete some keywords, promotion units only need to find the corresponding line.

some wildcards must be familiar with, especially *, it can match the search results as you want, of course, also need to add some phrases, some of the long tail word, this is a very popular practice, after all, the long tail flow is small, but the conversion rate is high, thus increase sales, and to rest a lot of money for the account. In addition, remember, the use of negative words, to learn to reverse thinking.

, the first unit to promote subdivision

The use of

fifth, obvious geographical characteristics

creative description of attractive enough

second, the quality must be optimized

do the bidding promotion and publicity in reality, we must know their target customers and the market is where. In general, not recommended for the whole network delivery, best can accurately see the user, where >


The quality of

is a bright spot in phoenix nest system, we all know that Shanghai is the system used to love according to the price ranking, and the biggest improvement is the introduction of the quality of Phoenix nest. Keywords ranking is not only a relationship and a relationship between the price and quality factors, at the same time also has a certain degree. So the key words must be optimized to Samsung, Samsung and two big gap, ranking performance is more stable, sometimes the price is also more low, so it is a key.

creative description is also an important index to enhance the quality of the key words, but more is to show to the user to see. Can effectively improve the click rate, is actually a grasp of user psychology. It requires the sentence using wildcards and separate reasonable match, to ensure that each location is perfect to show.

Shanghai dragon is a word webmaster for having heard it many times, with the rapid development of the Internet, many owners of the enterprise and start a Shanghai dragon, is also part of the start of the bidding promotion. For promotion compared to get users more quickly and easily, can enhance the work efficiency, but the cost is relatively large, so many owners will choose this way. My website belongs to the Taobao customer properties, and more than one, some sites in Shanghai Longfeng, and some directly do the bidding promotion. The recent period of time on several matters needing attention for promotion in Shanghai love do summary today, are their own practical experience, I hope useful for all of us, from the beginning of the six aspects.

fourth, do all kinds of pattern matching

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