Love Shanghai outside the chain of judgment should be how to deal with the webmaster

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in late April, Shanghai once adjusted the judgment standard of love of the chain, so that tens of thousands of individual stationmaster a surprise. At the same time many webmaster forum portal also began to adjust the original strategy, the phasing out of the forum signature, finally the chain front this move more let the webmaster to suddenly collapse. So many webmaster especially personal AdSense for a time at Shanghai dragon, even a cry.

2, to look at the blog

The importance of

as in Shanghai dragon inside the industry chain, adjust the love Shanghai really let many webmaster "loss of eight thousand soldiers, the chain once let many webmaster fascination, even the crazy chase into the number of the chain, the chain is king" also comes from this. As the attachment in Shanghai love algorithm on personal webmaster jingubang, any wind sways grass will adjust their nerves.

1, keeping the site experience

We carefully look at Shanghai

love this principle "love Shanghai judge only principle of a chain is a chain of questions: whether the user or other website sincerely recommend, whether the specific high quality recommendation meaning" from a literal interpretation of this principle, whether the means only.

before we think the weight of the blog has been ignored by the love of Shanghai, in fact, from the author in the recent several security operation network camera site situation, we still need to re-examine the importance of blog.

This is in addition to the experience of the

search engine friendly search experience, more important is to import external flow experience, that is to say the user experience. About the search experience, there would be no redundant, because this rule in Shanghai that there is a love master very detailed explanation. Talk about here is mainly the website operation experience, now a lot of personal websites and love as the sea garbage site is not much difference, therefore, when we operate a personal website, we must first master the user experience perspective on this issue, for example, content and site location, site layout optimization etc..

in the search engine market increasingly fierce market, love Shanghai in order to hold their market share, must first ensure their own search experience, so the chain judgement must come as a small personal webmaster, can from the following aspects: the adjustment and optimization strategy of

so does this adjustment we have no other way? In fact, the self practice are a bit of experience, to share with you, I think the chain judge love Shanghai is an inevitable trend, in fact, we look back, love Shanghai’s ranking rules has always been a hotly contested spot or even a military. A mess. What is in the pursuit of a higher rank, expense and industry to achieve the moral bottom line weight high website link. Therefore, we often complain about love Shanghai some time ranking website is not reliable, but this is largely due to the love of Shanghai itself to the website ranking algorithm.

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